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Why shock-absorbers are necessary?

to understand why the shock-absorber is necessary, try to do a bit of traveling without it.

I. What is shock-absorbers and why they are necessary?

Auto makers in every way try to increase comfort of passengers. In it plays a considerable role tryasuchest bodies which is tried to be reduced in all available ways: thought up rubber wheels, rubber and polyurethane saylent - blocks, springs - springs - pneumopillows and even the sprung seats.

All this quite not bad works, but at what here shock-absorbers? Really, at anything. The shock-absorber serves as a damper - that is, extinguishes fluctuations. It is possible to draw such analogy: try to shake a small weight on a thread and look how long it will shake, and then try to do the same in water. The difference is obvious, water worked a damper. In a suspension bracket of the modern car it is impossible to do without shock-absorbers, otherwise it will be simply impossible to go from - behind a constant of a vertical swing which to extinguish shock-absorbers and are called.

II. That is, shock-absorbers are necessary for comfort?

Yes, but not only. Faulty shock-absorbers significantly increase a brake way of the car, worsen its stability on turns and when braking, and also quality of coupling of tires with the road. Why so? Everything is quite simple. The serviceable shock-absorber promotes continuous coupling of tires with a paving, at faulty a wheel " all the time; jumps up up to total loss of coupling in such jumps that it is especially dangerous at turns - can unexpectedly take out the car out of limits of the road or develop.

III. How to diagnose the shock-absorber? it is the best of all than

at the stand. By the way, process of diagnostics of shock-absorbers looks quite curiously: the car is arrested to the special platform and begins to be shaken differently - differently extensively. Such diagnostics gives a final sentence whether it is possible to go by the installed shock-absorbers or them it is already time to change. Or even it is time to change long ago. If there is no opportunity to come around on such stand, it is possible to diagnose and by own efforts.

In - the first, it is necessary to examine the shock-absorber. When oil smudges - the shock-absorber the goner are visible, replacement is necessary. But it is incorrect to think that the dry shock-absorber surely is serviceable, it at all not so.

In - the second, listen to a suspension bracket, the shock-absorber can knock. If you are sure that the suspension bracket in a full order, and knocks is, almost for certain responsible - the main character of this article.

In - the third, it is possible to shake the car for a wing, to look at damped oscillations and to tut-tut. I pound from this any - the car will shake only at finally dead shock-absorber if it though somehow works, then will pass this test even in a terminal state.

In - the fourth, it is necessary to estimate quality of driving. The test is subjective, it is difficult to make some recommendations, besides experience of driving this car that was with what to compare is necessary. The author of these lines suits such test approximately once a week, estimating the speed limit of passing there is nobody turn on a desert site of the road on the way from work and for work. As soon as at a speed of N km/h begins to take down the car in this turn, shock-absorbers admit served the.

IV. Why it is impossible to go by faulty shock-absorbers?

In general, a question this strange, you change oil in the engine when it is necessary. Or almost when it is necessary. Too you change brake shoes, likely. And so, shock-absorbers - the same expendable material as blocks and filters, only with big service life. However, all these admonitions do not lead to anything, our person can be convinced only additional expenditure from his own purse.

Let`s try to look from this party. The dead shock-absorber together with even a small imbalance of a wheel (and ideally balanced wheels do not happen) results in intensive uneven wear of the tire, reducing the term of its service several times, and even tens of times, depending on quality of operation of the shock-absorber and degree of an imbalance of a wheel. How many there are tires for your car, you for certain know. At the same time learn the cost of stupichny bearings and work on their replacement - they break too.

The dead shock-absorber results in the accelerated wear of all details of a suspension bracket.

For example, for only several thousands of kilometers it is possible to put the basic bearing of a rack out of action. The dead shock-absorber results in the accelerated wear or even to breakage of brake mechanisms. Perhaps, it sounds strange, but the resource of brake shoes and disks depends including on whether shock-absorbers normally work.

At last, the dead shock-absorber can lead to not planned body repair, and it is necessary to you? To understand that it not just words, keep in mind that the shock-absorbers which are worn out for 50% significantly increase a brake way (see test results at the end of article).

Several meters can seem insignificant size. To solve to you, have only in a look that these meters at road accident mean a difference many times of the cost of body repair, and sometimes - accident which could be avoided, without speaking about life and health.

V. What service life of shock-absorbers?

Shock-absorbers as we already found out, - an expendable material. The term of their service depends on shock-absorbers, quality of production and service conditions. In particular, it is undesirable to go quickly in the winter at once, shock-absorbers these can kill if it is not one-stage, then very quickly. They are desirable though a little to warm up, having passed 1 - 2 kilometer with a small speed. A certain average service life of shock-absorbers makes 30 - 50 thousand kilometers. More than 70 - 80 thousand kilometers shock-absorbers serve extremely seldom. At the same time they can be dry, perfectly take a test on kach and in general, to pretend as if perfectly work if you have a quiet style of driving, but by all means will bring in a critical situation.

VI. Test. All carry out by

tests, and we than worse? The Toyota Camry 1994 car in SV33 body acted as experimental. Measuring devices: GPS and roulette. Test essence: measurement of a brake way from 100 km/h on the same site of the road and measurement of speed of limit passing of turn. About 10 measurements before replacement of four shock-absorbers were carried out. Before replacement wear of forward shock-absorbers made about 50%, back - about 55%.

............................................................ before replacement............. after replacement

the Brake way from 100 km/h, m................... 51,4...................... 47,3

Speed limit of passing

reference turn, km/h........................ 84........................ 101

Here such pies. Especially the difference in turn passing speeds impresses.