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Mysticism Poltergeist (1982). Why this movie call damned?

long before paranormal boom that happened in Hollywood at the beginning of the new millennium, we had an opportunity to get acquainted closely with such interesting and at the same time frightening phenomenon as poltergeist . This

poltergeist it is habitual to confuse to ghosts, ghosts, demons and the other substances which are installed to houses of inhabitants. While not all recognized science the parapsychology precisely knows that the poltergeist - the piece isolated and low-studied.

Acquaintance took place in a tape of the director Tobe Hooper of a sample of 1982. Picture Poltergeist at very modest budget made furor in North American hire, having got following the results of a year into ten the most cash tapes and having made film companies MGM multimillion profit. No wonder, a producer of a picture was Steven Spielberg whose intuition for monetary projects always worked unmistakably. By the way, another, already director`s, Spielberg`s project - well-known " became the champion of 1982; Alien so Stephen guessed twice. Not without reason this American director and the producer for many years was considered as one of the most influential businessmen of Hollywood.

However, despite financial success, several profile awards, including three nominations on Oscar, and recognition at the viewer, Poltergeist brought to the creators not only money and glory, but also misfortunes. Touching upon a subject of the novel and frightening phenomenon, authors drew upon themselves numerous troubles though nobody decided to connect directly the plot of a tape and the tragedy which happened to actors. Eventually, it could be only unpleasant and casual coincidence.

A happy family Frilingov lives in the modern suburb - a congestion of cottages, identical on style. While mother is a housewife (Dzhobet Williams) copes on economy and lures three children, the head of family Steve (Craig T. Nelson) pushes to compatriots great American dream. That is, literally, does to itself neighbors, working as the realtor in local firm - the builder.

Dreams of bright future come to an end where the silent horror in separately taken house begins. At first from the TV in a wall of a cottage creeps something liking to move furniture and to bend tableware. Then telepeople carry away the juvenile daughter Carol Ann, whose scared voice on that side of reality parents from now on hear from the zombie-box. Average Robbie to death is frightened of the clumsy tree growing behind a window, and the senior Dana after kidnapping of the sister prefers to spend the night at girlfriends.

Parents do not give up. They even ask for the help the famous parapsychologists who fill a drawing room Frilingov with electronics and wait for manifestation of the poltergeist. However expectations will surpass the most courageous imaginations: the dreadful monster who dragged off the girl in the other world does not intend to release it without fight. He will force inhabitants of the house to be afraid of own shadow if only to them the real fighting young woman - the psychic with own effective focuses does not come to the rescue Steven Spielberg on an example showed

how the banal plot can become classics of a genre if to be able fascinatingly to tell a story. Movies about damned houses appear on screens regularly, but only the few from them, and Poltergeist including, could break through to the widest audience. Here to you both typical family drama, and realistic special effects, and mystical riddle of the past. Competently forcing an intrigue, Hooper`s tandem - Spielberg created an ideal sample of an entertaining horror, terrible and interesting at the same time.

However did not do also without incidents. Later half a year after a picture premiere the actress Dominique Dunn who played in the movie the oldest daughter Frilingov tragicly perishes. And though her death was everyday manifestation of human egoism (Dominique strangled own fight - the friend out of jealousy), and at all not a consequence of paranormal events, incident could not but cast a shadow on already taken place blockbuster.

Certainly, such trifles could not stop producers from transformation of a tape into the franchize. Nevertheless decided to wait a little with the sequel: continuation with a subtitle Reverse side left only four years later. The problem is in that, as Hooper, and Spielberg considerably grew cold by then to To the Poltergeist . Hooper was engaged at shootings of series " Equalizer; and with might and main worked on continuation of the Texas slaughter by the " chiansaw; and Spielberg carried out the first calling on Oscar together with the drama Flowers of the lilac fields . As a result in a director`s chair seated the little-known Englishman Brian Gibson, and the producer - the layman Michael Grace managed shootings.

Despite participation of all familiar faces (the died Dominique Dunn accurately removed out of history limits - her character, allegedly, studies in other city), a plot sprawled in more liquidly genre cliches. From all cracks of a poperla telepathists, clairvoyants and other sample elements, from - for whom the sequel turned into tiresome repetition of the original. The picture collected the far smaller sum in hire (but still made for creators the doubled profit), on a habit received the nomination of film academy for the best visual special effects and together with it and the first Gold " raspberry;. The third grade, of course, not marriage, but in 1986 - m against Strangers Cameron and Flies Kronenberg of the second Poltergeist looked kutso and again. Neither you imagination, nor worthy realization.

It seemed that on this very spot it is possible to draw a line. But damnation had to finish a cycle. Creators were not stopped by the stubborn facts: at once after shootings of the second part two participants of the sequel, actors Julian Beck and Will Sampson died. And though the reason of their death was too trivial (cancer was found in Beck, and Sampson was weak on heart), journalists did not fail to inflate from a fly of an elephant. Deification damnations of the Poltergeist there was a death of young Heather O`Rurk which did not live four months up to a premiere of the last part of the trilogy. Rumors went that use on shootings of the original of the real human skeletons made angry spirits. Anyway, loss of the main character not only affected the third movie (the part of scenes had to be shot with the doubler, and the final turned out crumpled and as if torn off), but also the franchize in general. Was decided not to experiment any more, and dreams to shoot television series based on the movie and remained on paper.

The final of this history came in 1992 when during an earthquake in Los - Andzheles that house in which the first acted Poltergeist razed to the ground. Perhaps and in this event there is no mysticism, but, knowing all mysterious circumstances surrounding this movie, you prizadumatsya necessarily about vicissitudes of life.