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Comedy of horrors Tasty rubbish (1985). What yogurts are least useful?

During the Russian era of VHS which, by the way, came later, than in the West many foreign movies existed in the market under several headings. The cause is there was a total absence of control over activity of underground translators and owners of video salons quite often swindled with names to tire out more audience on the same movie. to

Even terry classics sometimes got that to tell about opuses through passage with which often just finished space on videotapes. So rare horror film of 1985 The Stuff the director Larry Cohen was on sale in booths, it was shown in video points and rolled on the first private TV channels under several names at once: Weight Tasty rubbish Feature and even Deadly dessert . However, we will not write off all fault for translation brotherhood. Eventually, they only included the rich imagination, aspiring as it is possible to pull out more precisely from a banal English mot a movie context. That case when efforts went to waste - a product turned out that is called inedible. In all possible meanings.

The watchman of a certain extracting enterprise on round found strange white weight in snow. Without honoring the mother`s precepts, it pulled from a floor any muck which on taste suddenly was sweet like cotton candy. Did not pass also few months as incidentally found yum-yum got into tenacious paws of marketing specialists. And already in half a year counters of all shops of America were captivated by a new brand about which it is crazy and is old, and mlad.

Sellers of cottage cheese slices and ice cream writhe in hysterics. Whether a joke, their sales fall daily, and sacredly the place is immediately filled with hundreds and thousands packages Features . The recipe of a novelty is unknown to anybody, as well as is unclear from where all - this unique product gets on tables of Americans. The conglomerate of the enterprises decides to use services of the industrial spy, famous in narrow circles.

However the spy does not manage to open a secret of a popular dessert. Moreover, all who were involved in examinations and checks of mysterious weight unexpectedly evaporated. Left, retired, went to Hawaii or it is banal wrapped flippers. Signatures stand, the product is on sale more, and the people and in a mustache do not blow that frequent consumption features causes accustoming worse than heroin dependence. Worst of all, that sooner or later weight leaves the eater`s body, leaving behind an empty dummy. And judging by popularity of a brand, the New World is on a threshold of a global catastrophe

Idea, by the way, quite to itself standing. Such grocery apocalypse when the nation destroys itself, choking in dithyrambs to a tasty grub. Be on Cohen`s place the director with straight arms, for example, John Carpenter, the plan could develop into the interesting project. But Cohen, being the true representative of craft Hollywood, also did not seek to hit the ceiling. To it was to master enough the budget and to give the next product of the category " on the mountain; B to which place in a recycle bin. Rescued the director only the fact that he was not an upstart or the impostor, and the taken place screenwriter including working at television over popular series Colombo . However, did not consider Larry that his literary trash which is successfully used within soap detective operas for a cine format was too primitive and unartful.

Authors of the movie did not decide completely on mission. Whether they wanted to frighten, whether to make laugh, whether to warn. Poor social implication alternates fatally unhumorous jokes, and the type of the emetic weight which is creeping out of the person is only capable to spoil appetite to the inhabitant who peacefully have breakfast yogurt. From a picture for kilometer blows to a fragrant plowing byudzhetnost : such parody trash, it is lazy beating the nation fast - foot. So the name of the movie reflects not only a plot, but also an events essence in the screen: nonsense.

Nevertheless, at desire, it is possible to see a set of hints on modern society of consumerism in a tape. Here to you and a collusion of the producers trying to learn a confidential formula of a popular product. And a herd instinct of the zombie masses buying not that it is pleasant, and what on a TV set is advertized. And greed of the businessmen ready to feed to the compatriots anything, even some crap flowing from the earth if only to fill the pockets. And, certainly, brave fight for a right cause when well informed minority vainly tries to bring to reason the stupid guzzling majority.

Tasty rubbish ruins straightforwardness of supply of material and absolutely a modest contribution of a cast whose names will hardly sometime begin to shine stars on To the Walk of Fame . However, the couple of the famous persons in a shot nevertheless flew. In - the first, Danny Aiello, the nominee of the Oscar and the participant of such tapes as Hudson hawk Leon and Last Don . In - the second, Paule Sorvino which the viewer knows not only according to numerous criminal series and movies, but also as the father of the winner Oscar of Mira Sorvino ( Great Aphrodite Woody Allen). It is visible that professionals have a rest on an equal basis with other part of a film crew, frankly without straining, but also without merging in a trash.

Here also it turns out that at all obvious shortcomings Tasty rubbish represents a rare comedy horror film with more - less decent casting (the leading man Michael Moriarty, by the way, the numerous nominee of the prestigious teleaward Emmie ), foolish scenario and extremely careless realization. In fact, it is possible to blame for a failure and it is necessary only Larry Cohen which top of career is the script for the dynamic thriller Cellular (2004). And Tasty rubbish deservedly is based in the heading something, looking like film stuff and to viewing it is not recommended. Unless, for the sake of interest what can lead general hobby for doubtful fermented milk products to.