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Why plastic windows, but not wooden?

Any normal house has to have without fail walls, a roof, doors and windows. Whether you wondered sometime for what the person needs windows?

First of all, certainly, for lighting of the room, nobody wants to pay spare cash for the electric power if at this time behind a window there is a free light source.

In - the second, windows are necessary for ventilation as negative and harmful substances of which it is necessary to get rid gather in the closed room in air sooner or later and it is always more pleasant to person to breathe fresh air.

The third factor which justifies existence of windows in the house the pleasure a look, and in this case an indispensable condition - windows beautiful, modern and pure is considered just.

For a long time, throughout existence of many generations people used as frames for windows wood that in our, modern century, is not absolutely justified for many reasons. All know that the tree perfectly burns and therefore at ignition of the house, first of all, wooden things including frames will be subject to fire. And as wood allocates a large number of heat, will extend fire it rather promptly.

One more important factor of irrelevance of manufacturing techniques of frames from wood is what is warm - and sound-proof properties of a tree are very far from an ideal that, finally, leads to loss of heat in the house and to existence of excess street noise.

The tree is a material which was created by the nature, and it did not provide a possibility of use of wood as material for strong windows. Therefore it is no wonder that wooden frames rather negatively react to low and high temperatures and humidity and, respectively, can quickly crack under the influence of sunshine and get out of an initial shape and color.

As a result in order that though somehow to increase durability of a tree, it is subjected to expensive processing by a varnish and subsequently constantly look after him by means of special expensive means.

Plastic windows exclude all listed above wood minuses generally from - for the fact that the material used here is specially created by the person for prevention of all above-stated negative sides.

Having stopped at the PVC windows, the owner of the apartment has to choose only once correctly firm which will be engaged in production and installation of windows, and after that it will be possible to forget about any operational problems which can arise.

The only thing that will need to be done, so it only sometimes to wipe windows. That, by the way, in a case with plastic most conveniently and simply.

The fact that in most cases when in the winter in the house it is cold, windows also are also guilty of it is known to all. Here it is possible to speak also about weak materials of window frames, and about low-quality installation, and about bad quality of the design.

The PVC plastic windows together with qualitative double-glazed windows possess magnificent thermal insulation, and all fabrication stages of a design pass under a fixed look of skilled professionals.

Also there is a wish to tell a couple of words about experts who before the conclusion of the contract absolutely free of charge leave on object to remove measurements from all window openings. Of course, apparently, that, for example, if production of windows happens in the same multi-storey building, then and windows in most cases have to have the identical sizes, but everything is not so simple. If to look narrowly more attentively, then each window has subtleties which and the specialist in measurements needs to catch. After that, using the data obtained at measurements by means of special receptions it is possible to make so that heat so necessary in the winter did not leave the house.

One of the most essential merits of plastic windows is their sound insulation, and this factor perfectly rescues city dwellers from foreign sounds of the street.

The fact that PVC is almost not subject to fire and at ignition allocates the smallest amount of heat, does plastic windows almost safe at the fires.

Before production of plastic windows the customer can act as the real designer as there is a possibility of the choice of a form and practically any shade of rich color scale.