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How to increase refrigerator service life?

After delivery of the refrigerator to the house check its completeness, existence of the warranty card and quality of work. Refrigerators transport only in vertical position.

The refrigerator cannot be operated in the crude room where relative humidity of air is higher than 80% (when a ceiling, the walls, a floor and objects which are in the room become covered with moisture). It is the best of all to establish it in the dry, well aired room, in kitchen - in the most cool place inaccessible for direct sunshine, far away from heat sources (a plate, the battery).

Optimum ambient temperature for operation of the refrigerator - from +14 to +32 C. From - for high external air temperature the refrigerator begins to consume more electric power. If temperature in above +32 C, temperature in the refrigerator can become insufficiently low. There is a danger of defrosting of the frozen products.

Do not use the adapters and extenders which are not calculated on the power of this device at connection of the refrigerator.

Councils. you store

of the Bottle with hard liquors in the refrigerator only in vertical position.

Do not put in the refrigerator easily evaporating, flammable liquids, substances and drugs with a pungent smell.

Do not install heavy objects on the refrigerator, do not lean the elbows on its door.

Stack products on shelves in the closed vessels or wrapped in plastic bags, and in the freezer - on the pallet.

Do not allow contact of vegetable oil or fat with plastic parts of the refrigerator and a sealant of a door.

How to help the refrigerator to save the electric power?

Open a refrigerator door as seldom as possible and for the shortest time.

Take care of that the air heated by a back wall of the refrigerator freely circulated, otherwise the refrigerator will be in working order longer and, respectively, to consume more energy. The ventilating grate in this regard should not be closed nothing.

Do not put warm food in the refrigerator, let`s it cool down.

An important condition of good operation of the refrigerator - regular (at least once a month) removal of ice and the snow cover which are formed on the freezer evaporator. Do not allow formation of an ice crust more than 5 - 6 millimeters thick, otherwise it will prevent cooling of the frozen products and will become the reason of increase in an expense of the electric power.

If a product stale, the refrigerator does not correct it. only absolutely fresh products suit

For a freezing. Before putting them in the freezer, pack into polyethylene bags or into special containers so that to block air access. It will prevent loss of tastes of products and the moisture which is contained in them. On parcels write the name of a product and date of a freezing.

Thanks to free air circulation in the refrigerator in its various zones various temperature is established: from 0 C directly under the freezer to +7 C in the lower part of the refrigerator which is usually separated by glass.

It is desirable to place a fresh-killed meat, a bird and fish for short-term storage on the top shelf. Here best of all also cheeses and butter remain.

Fruit and vegetables store in the lower part of the refrigerator - in special capacities under glass.

Solenye and marinades well remain on the lower shelf.

Wines, fruit and mineral waters are best of all stored at a temperature from +4 to +8 C in a special compartment on a refrigerator door.

Excessive cooling of some products worsens their tastes.

Cleaning and defrosting of the refrigerator. by

If in the freezer formed a thick ice layer, let`s it thaw. For acceleration of process of defrosting it is possible to use the hair dryer or a heater with an air stream. You watch that the air stream extended evenly and arrived in the freezer from the outside. Do not put heating devices in a chamber at all.

Never delete snow " fur coat; or ice sharp and firm objects, it is so possible to damage walls of the evaporator and to put system of circulation of coolant out of action. Hit of coolant in eyes at emission can lead to a serious trauma.

For washing of an internal surface of the refrigerator (except for a door sealant) use warm water with an easy disinfectant. Never apply any powders or acids, for example, chemical solvents.

Wash a door sealant with clear water then dry wipe.

Wash the evaporator and regiments with warm water.

You watch that water did not get to the temperature switch or to system of internal lighting.

How to get rid of an unpleasant smell in the refrigerator?

Can rub freezer walls with garlic or liquid ammonia and, leaving for work, to leave the freezer open. It is possible to fill a layer of rice grains on a freezer bottom - they will absorb unpleasant smells.

The cooled meat and fish, sausages and other perishable goods are stored in close proximity to the evaporator.

The refrigerator should be washed out and aired carefully at least two times a month.