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Fantasy After our era (2013). To what lead fatherly ambitions? There are no

doubt that mankind in the tape After our era passed the same mournful way, as the director M. Knight Shyamalan. Only if from the native planet it is possible to depart still, then favourite you will not escape from yourself, you will not disappear. can write to

On career of the Indian director the treatise About inexpediency of replication of talent to please to material requirements . Alas, Shyamalan`s talent was enough only for a priming: its filmography represents abruptly falling curve because each time movies under its sensitive management turn out more silly and ploshche.

Earth Ukhaydokav - the mother, people left the homeland in ruins and went to look for happiness to other worlds. The planet Nova Prima on whom unfriendly krokozyabra " already managed to be proved became their shelter; ursa . The monsters tracing the purpose on the fear fluids exhaled by it on - fast nashamanit the newcomer genocide. The fear smell exhaled by settlers nearly ruined them, but the fearless fighter Reydzh showed bravery miracles on the battlefield. Having corked panic in a germ, it became invisible to the opponent and cut dreadful creatures with a knife like tomatoes in salad.

There passed years. Reydzh raised to a rank of the commodore of special forces of rangers. Structure Ghost united the mentally steadiest soldiers. There also the only son of the commodore - China seeks to get in every way. After death of elder sister from paws hated urs China wants to prove to the father the devotion. However the soldier who is not knowing words of love Reydzh not too sympathizes with failures of the son and through fingers looks at progress because he spends the most part of time on galaxy border, battling for fragile independence Nova Prima.

Destiny to the father and the son test is prepared. Having sent together to exercises, they get to an asteroid storm and fall on the planet with strict quarantine - the former Cradle of Humankind. On Earth now the flora and fauna, and the main law - the law of a survival of the strongest undividedly dominates. Landing was not smooth, the father broke both legs and not in forces to continue a way. And it is necessary to go, the megatransmitter capable to throw a call in deep space is in the tail which fell off in process of falling. Having supplied the offspring with the oxygen remains, a nominal sword - a folding bed and a severe parting word, Reydzh releases China in free floating on the jungle which is teeming with wild animals, huge birds, poisonous slugs and ran away from a starprobe vehicle board ursy

To Will Smith not in the first to work in a fantasy genre. It already pacified exact Hook the alien in Independence Day killed a lot of space evil spirits in the trilogy Men in black and even tried to survive in deserted New - York after an apocalypse ( I am the Legend ) . Actually, Smith insisted on that the story about the father and the son which is thought up by him from a banal backpacking turned in scientifically - a fantastic action. He wanted that the wheel of the project had Hindu M. Knight Shyamalan, and a role of China played not who other as the native offspring of Smith - Jaden. And here the star actor is not original again, he already managed to be lit together with synuly in shots of the drama tape In a pursuit of happiness .

To Smith it is close within an actor`s profession for a long time. Having not bad pumped over a purse in rough youth, being a participant fashionable hip - hop the duet Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Smith used the stuck nickname in the most popular TV series The Prince from Beverley - Hillz and quickly outgrew a framework of the blue screen. Thanking To bad guys Michael Bae the actor became the full-fledged and highly paid Hollywood star, and soon already itself sponsored own projects. Its first producer experience was got in a picture of other known black hokhmach, the comedy Show begins from Eddie Murphy. Only for Murphy it was the beginning of the end, and Smith had everything ahead.

However this time Will`s intuition brought. Actually, he made four fatal mistakes, one for another. In - the first, it zapulit 130 million money in a banal plot. In - the second, he at the wrong time believed in own talent of the screenwriter though he still tried to avoid direct work with texts. In - the third, it trusted in Shyamalan who has last seven years, since Girls from " water; the fingers are all thumbs, and a failure with Master of elements at all could put a fat cross on career of the Hindu. And, at last, the main thing - protection the son Jaden, which in 2006 - m ( In a pursuit of happiness ) was a charming black boy, but okromya widely open eyes and a children`s spontaneity were allocated with nothing. Its teenage option lost the charm remains, and Jaden turned into the cachectic fellow without visible rudiments of endowments.

For a failure After our era there would be enough also half of the aforesaid reasons, however everything together they drowned the project in losses which threaten to seal for a long time Shyamalan and to seriously weaken producer positions of Smith. Whether the joke, in native hire a tape did not beat off also a half of the budget, having managed to reduce losses only due to the international displays including in Russia.

It is asked what was not enough? Sincerity and drive, first of all. Logicians, the thought-over plot and an intrigue - in the second. Even special effects, and those less than nothing, except for those several samples of computer fauna from which far off blows as incorrectly coupled pixels. Juvenile Jaden it is banal it is bad, visually confirming the principle well rested nature . There is an impression that in life Smith shpynyat the descendant not less, than at cinema because stars from younger are impossible, but daddy importunately tries. It, of course, it`s up to you, it is possible even to tell, family, but persistence of a patronage confuses. Like, fall in love with us black, and white Blacks are not (c).

Worst of all, that the movie - that boring and predictable from the very beginning. Couple it is disturbing - the intense moments Costa - Ricky in which Spielberg once issued the much more vigorous action " is with interest compensated by tedious dialogues and postcard views of landscapes; Jurassic Park . Smith and Gary Uitt`s history really had a quite good potential, but frankly shameful actor`s game and long ago the trembled Shyamalan`s hand destroyed a plan. To worry entirely about the fellow jumping standing - matches on the woods, it is impossible because hepp - and it is inevitable. The avaricious tear will not be shed on a cheek as it was in the picture In a pursuit of happiness where Smith spent the night in a toilet, touchingly pressing to himself juvenile Jaden. Alas, everything is pathos, shablonno and schematically as if money was not spent, and are mastered .

But most of all Smith`s ideas and the companies of the future in which the person is still the weakest link in a food chain confuse, and the advanced technologies concerned only aspect of communications. The protected by an interactive, but fragile suit, younger Reydzh runs on the woods with the syringe in a backpack and a spear as if was not Star wars Artificial intelligence and Avatar . And the idea with the visually impaired alien monster who is sniffing up enemies does not maintain any criticism.

Better you, batyanya, handed a revolver to the sonny nominal, than this stick - a kopalka. You look, and the tale would be more live.