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Fantastic drama Gravitation (2013). Flights in a dream or in reality?

For present generation of people of Earth flights in space are not unrealizable dream, and even not a feat, but routine reality. We do not know names of today`s astronauts for a long time - astronauts, remembering (and that not all) only those who took the first steps.

Satellites are launched by tens, on the Moon sites under building are on sale, and the new type of extreme rest appeared - kosmoturizm . Pay money and you are a subjugator of vacuum. What here heroism.

It was Somehow forgotten that this service - both is dangerous, and it is difficult, and behind habitual messages of mass media undocked and landed there is a laborious work thousands of people. Mankind, having despaired to make fast breakthrough to development of the next galaxies, hanged in a terrestrial orbit, gradually turning it into a dump and periodically launching unmanned probes on a distant cordon. Here and a tale the end and who listened - However, on production there is everyone, and it is absolutely optional that aliens or killing asteroids were involved in process. Sometimes rather banal oversight that outside the boundaries of the atmosphere the tragedy was played. And Mexican Alfonso Cuaron was not slow to use chance and to remind inhabitants of Earth that there above it is cold, dark and lonely. Despite a tremendous look.

The first space mission Ryan Stone in a flash turned from fascinating travel to a dreadful dream. Fragments of tens of satellites carried the American orbital shuttle in chips, having destroyed all crew. Ryan and to her commander, the skilled astronaut Matt Kovalski, one may say, was lucky. Being outside the ship, they managed to survive, however further prospects of two space suits mislaid in space with a meat stuffing are very foggy. The joker Kovalski for whom this flight had to become the last before retirement in every possible way distracts the woman doctor from gloomy thoughts, but the level of oxygen is inevitably reduced, and the next efficient device is at kilometer distance.

Touch with Earth is lost, as well as the hope remains, the prompt cloud of the drifting fragments forced all astronauts working at an orbit to leave stations urgently. Actually, Kovalski and Stone remained alone - in cold, hunger and with the absence of any chances of rescue oppressing nerves. Via an hour and a half beaten satellites the globe and a couple " will round; lucky again it will appear under shelling. The only opportunity to return to Earth is to use an emergency capsule of Russians. Or Chinese. A task difficult and for the skilled astronaut, not to mention Stone who was messed up even on exercise machines. Only now repeated attempt will not be

As well as any loud project, Gravitation it was initially advertized by kastingovy drudgeries. Angelina Jolie refused the offered role twice, and Robert Downey Jr. who is breaking off between the ingenious British detective and the sarcastic millionaire in an iron prikid did not manage to find time in a busy schedule. As a result for a role Ryan Stone took Oscar-winning ( Invisible party ) Sandra Bullock, and Matt Kovalski was played by from time immemorial elegant bachelor George Clooney. In a tape there are still faceless voices and a couple of calm corpses, but from living characters only these two. What turns Gravitation in pass - the performance played in exclusive scenery.

The picture was given in the advance payment a special prize in Venice, and Dzheymskemeron hurried to call Gravitation the best movie about space in the history of cinema . Film critics did not forget to compare creation of the Mexican director with Space Odyssey The Bunk room, though, it is worth recognizing, this already search. In total - Gravitation it is strong not so much a plan, how many its masterly realization. Not without reason Cuaron waited several years for the next round of progress of film technologies that allowed it to let out the viewer in space without any long trainings and medical boards. Set of formats 3D and IMAX the technical aspect, despite indisputable professionalism of actors provided full immersion in the smallest details, however, prevailed over the scenario.

Cuaron skillfully involved eminent performers in a web them the opened cliches: George Clooney is truly cool, as well as most of the characters played by it (we will remember Danny Ouchene and so forth) and his virtue and charm equally affect both the dispatchers who remained on the earth, and the girl lost in outer space darkness. Grown wise experience and cool Matt Kovalski quietly perceives any situation. Even that of which to it not to get out live.

Sandra Bullock, zamaterev in several engaged drama movies, copes with the party at all not worse. It is clear that Jolie on her place would look too not bad, but that there would be absolutely another gravitation . Necessarily the interrelation with famous Sigourney Weaver as Ripley arises ( Stranger ) though there on the woman`s share - the astronaut fantastic adventures dropped out absolutely. Some ordinary of the tragedy Ryan Stone which remained alone with unfriendly space forces the viewer to perceive Cuaron`s picture not as science fiction (which it is) and as the realistic drama.

About Gravitation nearly each domestic critic considered as the debt to mention. That case when the bored Hollywood is so good itself that even an overdressed film premiere of the Russian military colossus in mass media Stalingrad Fedor Bondarchuk could not push aside Cuaron`s tape. That is formally a picture everything is pushed to Small Halls, making room under the next pseudo-patriotic action, but " positions; Gravitation did not reel. And it is correct, one so far on whom the nature has a rest, surely clones templates, another - breaks stereotypes and recreates something tremendous on the screen.

The Mexican visually showed that in a genre of a fantasy there is a place to chamber, deep stories, and not just massive blockbusters. And 100 million spent for the movie are clearly visible in each shot, whether it be improbable collisions in a complete silence (it to you not Star wars with their infinite explosions and to a pi - a pi in an outer space) or smart views from distance in 600 kilometers from the Earth`s surface.

Certainly, the part of subject turns is predictable and obvious: in total - on a game big money therefore the final is obliged to be hepp . Our viewer will be amused again by a branchy cranberry about vodka and an icon, but though spelling onboard " Union; almost does not limp. The Chinese piece of iron, though is made just like Soviet, but flies, devil take it! Here not to political correctness to be I would live.

Perhaps the meticulous viewer will find couple more of disagreements or mistakes, but all this a decay because Gravitation by right can count on the most wide recognition. It is the first cine flight in space which is so reliable in trifles that can contend with reality.