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How there was a ball pen? At first we know nothing

about it, then we admire the new invention and with pleasure we begin to use it, later we get used to it and we let in life so that we cannot present life without it as if it just existed always. Whether you know history of it here of the invention, namely a ball pen? And she in 2008 will be seventy years old. The baby in comparison with a wheel, and it is possible to present the life without ordinary ball pen , but it is already somehow uncomfortable. And began to use it only nearly 10 years later after the invention.

The Hungarian journalist Laszlo - Iozhef Biro invented it (1899 - 1985). By the nature of the work he often was in printing house and, seeing a newspaper leaf, almost dry right after an exit from the rotational car, reflected once - and why it is impossible to fill the " tank; eternal feather some special ink drying as quickly how typographical paint? Then it would be much more pleasant to deal with a pen.

The journalist quickly understood that such ink has to be as much as possible dense. But then they will hammer system of capillaries of a usual pen. Means, for them it is necessary to think up some other writing knot.

Having consulted to the brother diplomaed by the chemist, Biro replaced a feather with freely rotating ball. The first prototype of a ball pen was created in 1938.

Before World War II the situation in Hungary became dangerous to the liberal journalist what was Biro. He had to emigrate at first to Paris where he took out the patent for the invention, then to Spain and, at last in 1940 - to Argentina. Here he found the financier who agreed to make investments in original idea, improved a design and developed cars for production of ball cores. The first products of the small factory constructed by Biro went on sale in Argentina in 1943 and were more expensive than a good ink pen.

The pilots convinced that unlike usual " were one of the first buyers; eternal feather the ball pen does not flow at rise on height where atmospheric pressure is reduced. Data about to an aviation pen reached the Ministry of Defence of the USA, and it charged to the best manufacturers of pens to get acquainted with a novelty and to adjust its release for the American military pilots.

In 1944 Biro protected the invention the patent of the USA and sold licenses to two major American companies. But those were not in time to be shaken as the enterprising businessman M. Reynolds who incidentally bought a ball pen somewhere in South America without any license began to release such handles, having made some changes to a design.

To avoid prosecution, he referred to the forgotten American patent taken in 1888 by a certain J. Laud on a marker for bales and boxes. In the system Lauda reminding the ball plastic bottles which are on sale now with a deodorant, the sprung ball with a diameter of 1 - 2 centimeter on a cylinder with paint served for drawing numbers and tags on a surface of a sacking, a cardboard or boards. Reynolds managed to convince court that its handles - the reduced copy of the invention Lauda, and Biro`s system here at anything.

When after a massive advertizing campaign on October 19, 1945 the first batch of handles of Reynolds came to large department store in New - York, for maintenance of an order in turn it was necessary to call 50 police officers. Ten thousand handles were sold out in several hours.

Biro in 1947 moved away from affairs and devoted himself to painting.