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What is wanted by women? The analysis of one poll of

it is useful to Conduct surveys. At least in order that it is better to understand himself and to understand that is wanted from you by others.

Walking on boundless open spaces great The Internet, came across survey conducted by one of the websites " once; What is wanted by women? . Could not but pay to it attention, and with interest monitored its carrying out. This burning question was answered separately by men and women.

the Picture was built interesting. In general, predictable, of course. But some moments set thinking.

So, What is wanted by women? according to women and according to men.

On the first place both at men, and at women appeared the answer - of love . Who would doubt. 32% and 20% from answered, respectively. But the fact that men exceed the importance of this desire a little is interesting.

They for some reason do not guess that except love of the woman want and which - what another. For example, of happiness . Happiness appeared on the second place for choice at women. Men omitted this category below. All this is explainable. Men treat life is more realistic. And happiness - concept is enough - ephemeral. It is closer for us, women.

Men on the second place delivered to money . Probably stereotypes of the " type played a role; All women are bitches. For money are ready to be on sale . I will not hide, some element of truth in it is. Women put money for the third place. So what we fluffy would not want to seem, but mercantile questions interest also us.

Almost equally in percentage terms estimated such concepts as attention and caress . Where without them? It is loved and all want. Both men, and woman.

And here the fact that men do not consider at all that women want of health (0%) set thinking. Whom do they represent us? Lifeless beings, dolls?

And one more aspect showing that at all the wisdom the man not really - that understands the woman does not guess one of the major female requirements - to have of children . The maternal instinct is not taken into account. 0%. I think and let men do not take offense at me, male egoism played a role here. The woman has to love only it, one and only.

Your place in kitchen, the woman - one more stereotype supported by men. Because the desire of career is considered zero too. And here in female answers of a pit costs on one of high places. So for equality to speak about the end of fight of the woman still about - about - very much early.

But men highly put desire of the woman to receive gifts . Well, let and think. We love gifts. Let`s not refuse. Though they also do not take the high place in female priorities.

There is such picture.

Is a pity that the website did not go further and did not conduct survey on the subject What is wanted by men? . Women could learn a lot of things about them.

not gift of men and women call opposite sexes . And through such polls, let naive and imperfect, it is possible to know each other better.

to Learn, understand and accept.

I then in the world would become much less unhappy families.

, From where all problems? Correctly, from misunderstanding.