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You do not know what to present? 20 gifts for all occasions!

to Give gifts and to see pleasure in the opinion of the people receiving them - whether this happiness?! But as often happens so that before this happy moment we spend hours, and even days, in search of the most treasured gift that will light pleasure sparks in the opinion of the one to whom it is intended. To save your time, we made the TOP - 10 most popular gifts for all occasions, both for women, and for a strong half.

So if you want:

1. To please - the small gifts reminding to darlings of your feelings and helping them to reveal and get stronger.

For it: the frame for a photo from genuine leather will remind your beloved of yours to it feelings, especially, if the inserted photo displays these feelings!

For it: the weekly in leather cover will remind your soulmate of yours to it feelings day by day.

2. To indulge - gifts which allow to show not just attention, and to present what very much was not enough, but the hand was not raised against purchase.

For it: any woman will be enraptured with a graceful casket for the jewelry if it will consist of a set of boxes for small or special jewelry.

For it: what man will refuse a beer glass if it will be placed in a case from genuine leather!

3. To surprise - the gifts causing delight and admiration of a subtlety and refinement of work, the form and content.

For it: an excellent gift.

For it: a case from genuine leather with a decanter or cuff links and hairpins for a tie - a remarkable gift for men with sense of style.

4. To make laugh - the cheerful gifts lightening mood and raising a smile!

For it: nothing so lightens mood to the woman as a lovely soft toy - a sure bet!

For it: alko - chess, a flask and piles in extravagant packings.

5. To facilitate life - the gifts bringing benefit in life.

For it: lovely tea spoons in a beautiful case will delight the new owner.

For it: for the fan of meat and shish kebabs a remarkable gift.

6. To decorate the house - home decoration which is urged to introduce in it heat and a cosiness belong to this type of gifts, to decorate, add and diversify a situation.

For it: a good gift.

For it: for the stylish conservative man an excellent gift.

7. To diversify leisure - the gifts doing every day by a holiday!

For it: to make toilet and the figured mirror of an unusual form will help to see the display in an unusual surface.

For it: an excellent way to pass away free time at work, rest or at home will become pass - golf, a backgammon or checkers.

8. To emphasize the status - bagatelles which, certainly, will draw attention of people around.

For it: a remarkable gift for any girl.

For it: handles and original book holders under them.

9. To hand an exclusive - gifts which are not a shame for presenting to people with hard purses and which will be an excellent gift, both for the boss, and for the wealthy friend.

For it: presentable casket of handwork.

For it: a leather clip for money.

10. For all occasions - universal gifts which can be given at the slightest pretext and practically on any event, both to women, and men! It is possible to carry to such gifts safely various interior desk lamps, coffee and tea sets, table sets etc.

We hope, our small review helped you to decide on a gift and to choose that which as much as possible will suit the hero of the occasion!