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What is expected by unusually romantic girl from the guy? Several times I wanted

that the young man, the guy, the friend, the acquaintance - call it as you want - worked in a certain situation with me in a different way. There was it that I was even irritated by his behavior! Really he does not understand or does not know how it is necessary to do this or that? It that, did not ask itself a question, at least once: What does the woman want? At least so, for interest?

Personally I consider myself as unusually romantic girl who always is strictly estimating acts of the next beloved. Perhaps, it sounds fondly or, at least, is reckless. I do not know. Just quite often it seems that guys need to read more often romance novels that the nobility as it is correct to look after the girl!! This my opinion, agree with me or not! Of course, I do not wait for madly expensive gifts or an indispensable throw of the jacket in an insignificant pool before me, his nymph - it is silly! But I consider that the guy has to put a maximum of tenderness and caress in any action...

Sometimes there is a wish to give and give advice, orders, governed etc. I do not demand everything at once, but and necessary he has to know the most elementary. It is necessary for me not really much, but it would be desirable that the novel - namely, konfetno - the flower period, attachment, passion and a worship, adoration - passed in the beautiful, pretentious and at the same time natural atmosphere. I think, most of girls in it will agree with me!

I very much love unexpected, tender, romantic kisses from its party. It is MADLY pleasant to me! For example, I tell something, or we discuss something, and here, in the peak of my ingenious thought, he gently touches lips my temple... Oh, I instantly roll in these gushed feelings! Then a light touch lips to an ear lobe, and I become silent on a fine interjection Ah!! escaped from a breast! I so welcome it and I adore that I forget about everything on light! It works so excitingly!

Many speak about the erogenous zones most sensitive and easily excited sites of skin and body. Perhaps, the area around ears is one of my erogenous zones!.

We will talk about some pleasant moments. In any place where we would not be: at cinema, cafe, in the subway, on walk, in the car, houses - I conceal when he slightly touches my stomach... When I even not in wild spirits, am completely shipped in the thoughts or work - it the touch instantly dements me! And the most interesting how my stomach reacts! He suddenly shudders from a male hand, tries to evade from it pleasantly - the tickling feeling, but all the same waits for new touches! Well, and as for me, I already in the seventh heaven from excitement!...

I would like to advise these signs of attention to young people first of all. It will promote that the girl recognizes you gentle and tender! And also will cause explosion of new passions!.

At once it would be desirable to note some warning moments.

Fixed and long views of the girl are not WELCOMED! The girl will surely feel such views (notice - by all means), and she will have a wrong impression about you: foulmouth, impudent fool, inconsiderate goat or something like that. In addition, if you do not think to recede from conceived and continue to stare at it modest cut - at this person will arise discomfort at once that cannot be allowed of you in any way!! She will think that something not so, maybe, the spot swelled up, or it is visible a graze or bruise, she will develop a complex on a big or small breast and so on. So NEVER stare at the representative of a fine half of mankind!

Use other method better: the easy, easy, sliding and estimating look on a figure of the lady and while she unintentionally paid attention to you. It will be enough that she felt womanly and attractive! And further - already business of your personal experience... Very nobly and elegantly the juicy greeting will look of you! Namely - a light touch of lips to the back of her palm.

IMPORTANT: not a kiss, but touch! Then - again sliding look from her wrist on a hand to eyes, and you have to let out her hand. All action has to last couple of seconds. But this moment can be fine and exciting for the girl! Believe! And it only the beginning, only initial knowledge which need to be reeled up on the MOUSTACHE! Wait for continuation, and it will be, it precisely soon!