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What to present to the person who has everything?

Day came to an end, and I did not find the answer to a question which arose in the morning. To an important event there was not enough time. Having spent 8 working hours for thoughts, the decision I did not make.

The question was in what to present to the person who has everything?

The other day I learned that my acquaintance has a birthday soon. Besides, I am invited to solemn celebration. And considering that I always prefer to give the original gifts which are picked up individually and corresponding to a celebration occasion on my way there was a problem of the choice of a suitable gift.

Igor (my acquaintance) is the wealthy businessman at whom behind shoulders both the solid capital, and impressive life experience.

was interesting to watch its reaction to my story about a trip to France Once, considering that he there usually is each several months. And I visited Paris for the first time, executed dream of seven years. I greedily told about the impressions, and he in reply only lovely smiled. Still then I reflected, than it is possible to surprise this person. But he estimated the souvenir brought by me. It was the Eiffel Tower which turned on a support and sparkled in all flowers of a rainbow.

Respectively, news about its day the birth unsettled me.

I solved approach a question thoroughly as there was a wish to surprise really the birthday man, but not to hand it a banal gift as it often occurs. Having armed with a notebook, the handle and two days of free time, I began to act resolutely.

First step . We make a portrait of our remarkable person which has everything.

Igor. 37 years. Economist by training. The owner of restaurant, two apartments in the downtown and dachas in the amazing place (I know nothing about other possession). Is fond of tasting of dishes, tennis, collects wines. Often makes foreign business trips. Loves Croatia. Loves soccer.

It, perhaps, everything that I knew about it. There is not a lot of material for reflections, but something already appeared.

Second step . From the available portrait we write the approximate list where it is possible to look at suitable original things.

U me turned out the following option:

Literature: on restaurant business (live and learn!) on wines.

Business - gifts

Useful things for frequent business trips or travel

the Third step . We determine the sum within which we can get a gift.

Fourth step . We choose where and as we will buy a gift.

I definitely did not know where I will find a gift. Therefore at first went to walk on shops which offer the huge choice of the most various things. Having attentively studied everything available business - gifts, I decided that it is too boring. Such gifts should be given in other cases. And here more personal gift reminding to the person of something joyful was required.

of the Book - it is remarkable. But, having thought, I came to a conclusion that the person with his employment will hardly find a lot of time for reading.

Remained to look for option something, connected with hobbies.

the Choice fell on soccer.

Having spent three hours, I bought, in my opinion, that it is necessary. I got two charming beer mugs at once - that is laid the foundation to creation of a collection. Why circles? Just Igor very much likes to watch with friends football in the bar - under a glass of beer.

We celebrated birthday at its restaurant. As I also assumed, my gift did not remain unaddressed. Igor was happy and surprised. I did not expect that I will manage to find an original gift for the person who has everything. And now it had a new hobby - a collecting of beer mugs. But that two take a place of honor on a bar counter, and the bartender already absolutely knows where to pour beer when viewing a football match. So everything appeared

not so difficult.

First of all, it is necessary to think that the person loves, than does in the spare time, perhaps, something collects. The gift, most likely, should not be connected with work. The person who has everything most often has a little free time. Respectively, the gift distracting from business thoughts will be more pleasant.

Besides, try to live mentally one day his life, play those roles which it should play during the day, argue as the man of means, and it is quite probable that the answer to a question will come very quickly. The main thing - choose what will remind of pleasant hobbies, a hobby.

If a gift everything is has rather business character, then let in it identity of the person will be emphasized. For example, it is possible to engrave initials or an original inscription.

And it is possible and to surprise constantly busy person who has everything, some fervent gift. For example, to hand the subscription in an aquapark, to arrange parachute jumps, record of its own disk and many other things.

of the good choice!