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Fantasy Black hole (1999). Who thought up Riddika?

Once talented screenwriter, the fan of exotic plots and a genre of a fantasy David Tui, after writing of texts to such known tapes, as Zubastiki 2 (his debut in cinema), Magician Fugitive and Water world decided to pass into the status of the director.

Formally its first movie the fantastic thriller " is considered; Remarkable trip (1991), however gained Tui`s recognition thanks to two following projects - To Arrival and To the Black hole .

Black hole became for Tui the same, than for Ridley Scott Stranger : a guiding star and the movie which for many years ahead defined activity of the director. To tell more precisely, for the next 14 years though nobody excludes that, despite relative failure of a trequel Riddik the franchize will be continued and will get one more - two continuations.

The spaceship traveling on suburbs of a galaxy unluckily gets to a strip of a meteoric rain. Shelling in only a few seconds puts key knots of the vessel, and also the captain who was peacefully resting in anabiosis out of action. The assistant Karolyn Frei who recovered from a dream manages to drop the ballast and to minimize losses of staff at a crash landing on the unknown planet.

The pathetic handful of survivors is faced by two pressing problems. The first is connected with an intolerable heat of the local desert, lack of water and visible prospects. The second question on the agenda - the intergalactic recidivist Riddik running from hold of the ship to which to kill the person - what once again to blink. The hired headhunter Jones which with the prisoner is connected by personal scores had to look after Riddik.

However, the fugitive also does not seek to get lost in the desert. He just does not want to sit on a leash. The settlement agreement between the hunter and Riddik is reached in time: local polar night approaches the planet that promises not so much cold and hunger, how many horror and death. In the dark on a surface the terrible and gluttonous monsters who were in time to try out human fleshes on the example of party of geologists creep out.

Riddik and the company break to the starprobe vehicle left by geologists. The way though the neighbor, but is covered with hordes chupakabr with long claws and sharp teeth. Only weak light of small lamps, pernicious for monsters can rescue unfortunate kosmoturist. Having scented taste of blood, krokozyabra close ranks. Ahead a saving capsule, but whether people of Earth will manage to reach it?.

Initially David Tui wanted that Riddik was a woman. Probably, remembering success above-mentioned Stranger in which the title role of the captain Ripley was played by Sigourney Weaver. But, thank God, replaced orientation to incredibly charismatic American (by the way, too, as well as Weaver, the native New - York) Vin Diesel. The last the director looked after at Spielberg in the military drama To Rescue the private Ryan where Diesel played short, but very bright party of the American marine of times of World War II.

As previous tape of the director, fantastic thriller Arrival with Charlie Shin`s participation, it was accepted in the homeland without special delights, Tui preferred pseudo-scientific to pass from a genre of a fantasy to military operations. Reasonably believing that an action together with the shaven head of Diesel glinting in the sun and predatory alien creatures will please audience of America more. The director - the screenwriter did not disappoint own hopes this time: the project was approved on hurrah in the majority of territories, but the main thing - paid off in North American hire. And though then, in 1999, the creator did not plan to develop history in breadth (first Tui in general intended to destroy Riddik in the final), positive financial results immediately allowed producers to lift a sequel subject.

It is asked, than it Black hole hooked on the viewer? Rather inexpensive fantasy (the budget of the movie made modest by the standards of 90 - x 23 million whereas the same Water world cost creators in 175) acted by the principle the cheaper, the better . If Peter Jackson took the best from native New Zealand, then Tui preferred to show the back of Australia - the adust lifeless steppe. Poor computer special effects will hardly be able to compete with left the same year Matrix - several minutes of space flights, couple of planetary frames and clumsily traced monsters. Rescued authors only the fact that the most part of action of a picture occurs at night therefore from experts in visual fears it was required to outline contours of dreadful beings only. The rest was finished thinking by the viewer.

Dialogues of characters do not shine with a scenario delicacy too, Tarantino can sleep peacefully. Typical chatter of survivors after a space disaster: all of us will die who here main and where all got to . Considerably recovers action only opposition of the hunter Jones and Riddik and presence at a shot of the black Muslim performed by David Keith. All other persons, including Rada Mitchell who played the last survived crew member - the cardboard and types through passage boring and not memorable.

And, undoubtedly, the greatest luck grabbed by Tui`s tail participation in the movie of a rising star of a genre Vin Diesel`s action became only (in girlhood - Mark Sinclair Vincent). The mighty torso, the disarming grin and smooth skull of the actor made on audience indelible impression, and the character invented by screenwriters Black hole was a typical bad guy on which good girls peck. Unfortunately, Diesel so grew into a type that since then only and does that copies this image from the movie in the movie, with little effort zakolachivy millions of dollars in film series Forcing and Three X . All its attempts to break off vicious a circle of a cliche came to an end with fiasco, including the cash, but weak family tape Bald nurse: " special task; and chaotic fantastic fighter Babylon N. E. . But as Riddik the actor feels quite at home though during shootings in To the Black hole Diesel managed to injure a shoulder and to get injured on an eye (carrying special lenses thanks to which eyes of his character shine did not take place completely).

Having become well-known, Diesel without ceremonies requested the eight-digit fee from producers, from - for what shootings of the sequel without delay did not take place. Only five years later the actor managed to find consensus and again to get into a skin of the intergalactic criminal. However powerful comeback did not come out: continuation under the name Riddik`s Chronicles it was noticeably weaker than the original and in hire failed. In 2013 - the m the hero was remembered again, having let out the third part with the capacious and laconic heading Riddik . Having considered mistakes Chronicles creators of a trequel returned to sources: on the screen there were various monsters again, and formats 3D and IMAX added to a picture of volume and staginess (and also prime costs).

And on it history, most likely, will end what and we congratulate Diesel on. It is already time to finish career of the combative muscleman and to come to qualitatively other level.