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About what pity cries?

you like to feel sorry for yourself? And the friends, children, parents, husband? Yes? Then I am forced to upset you: you spoil to yourself life, in vain take away from yourself and others forces, time, energy. Why? Because pity is a shortcoming. A splinter which prevents to live with pleasure. It is possible to suffer - that it, only all the time something disturbs.

Than pity is bad? It does not allow to look at

on a situation objectively. does not give

, and all. You are in a situation and feel sorry for yourself, are sorry. Not only that you touch old communications, memoirs, offenses, situations as a pack, so you also share the compassionate opening with others. ( As to me with it it was good, and it, a reptile At that time was, and we were able to afford, and now ) .

It in general crime! A crime against, darling! Why? Because you spend the precious energy given you for activity (taken, collected, received), for empty things. That is, you at the same time create nothing concrete, do not receive result, do not gain experience. As a result you appear at an empty trough.

Pity is not creative.

With its help cannot create anything. That to check it, try minutes of pity to yourself, or at those moments when someone complains to you, to talk about a solution which caused this pity. Nothing at you will turn out. Hardly you will be able to refuse to enjoy to yourself pleasure in pity. And the complainant will take offense at you, having called ruthless it will be developed and will leave, having offended in the best feelings.

Second experiment. Such minutes begin to create something, to develop, solve. You feel with what work it is given? That is the same.

And further - that?

Here at us two exits.

First. It is possible to throw everything and to revel in pity to itself: to reach depths, to cry at ease, narydatsya, nastonatsya to satiety and then as one my reader speaks: To Make a start from a bottom and to emerge for bright and cheerful life!

The second. To do something. To hammer the day to the full that there is no time left for pity just. However, there is a high probability that a little later than you will be covered still by a big wave, is proud called by the DEPRESSION!

A new view on a depression.

By and large, the depression is no other than pity to itself. It is not necessary to throw in me stones. I will prove it now. Present the depression. Presented? What thoughts wander in your ingenious head? What images? You look forward or touch the photos which are mentally rubbed from time?

You want that you took out from this state? It is unlikely. Perhaps, you also declare it. But, most likely, with pride and grief you say that it my cross and it is necessary to bear it all life . Well, or something like it, same pathetic and touching.

No matter, as that state in which you so kindly stay is called, rolling in the most compassionate feelings to itself. Important HOW from it to come out the winner. And for this purpose it makes sense to ask itself questions, to look for the true reason of a depression.


, why to me this state?

that good I receive from it (my favourite question)?

if I am afraid (99% that the pity reason to - fear!) what?

what will change because what I stay in this state?

is helped by it to me? (If an affirmative answer, throw everything and steep in pity. But only for a while!)

As soon as questions take a turn: What can I make? - means, there comes the second phase - constructive. Means, you on the way to recovery . It is necessary to formulate accurately the plan and to begin to work. Only do not put off. And that, who knows, again will tighten you to the abyss.

Whether ended?

in principle, a good sign is the ringing voice at conversation with you.

One more good criterion can become a stream of ideas and offers (surely constructive) which will pour from you. Means, you said goodbye to pity.

Finally. I Will tell

a seditious thing. It is possible to get rid of a depression FOREVER if:

to learn to ask the questions which are finding out the true reason of today`s disgusting mood;

to learn to see a positive side in any phenomenon. Absolutely in any;

to begin to work IMMEDIATELY. There was a desire, idea, incentive motive to the movement - forward! Do not postpone for a minute!

It is possible to pull out itself from a bog. Even if you had only one opportunity - to drag itself for hair.