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How it is possible to look at Botticelli`s pictures in a new way? Part 2

of the Politician and painting. Botticelli in the jeweller`s family in 1445 in Florence Was born

and at first mastered this craft. Therefore all its cloths are distinguished by drawing clearness. To it it was rather strong to remove a hair behind a hair in a female hairdress.

As well as at any large artist partially his life was connected with policy - with a family of influential bankers of Medici.

The chief of family is Cosimo Medici - under visibility of democracy in the Florentine republic - arranged oligarchy. That is elections proceed democratically, except one nuance: the candidacy has to be in advance approved by Cosimo. It, by the way, gave an impetus for a certain style in architecture. One of the most visible architects of that time - Brunelleski - developed especially for it the drawing of the smart palace. But Cosimo far-sighted considered that it is not necessary to irritate the people with a rich facade. Therefore externally its palace looked unpretentiously, but inside everything burst with luxury. Both the people are quiet, and wolves are full.

Its banks served Vatican. After death of the son Cosimo - Pierre - his sons - Lorenzo and Giuliano - became successors. With the Father Sikst IV trying to subordinate himself all Italy the conflict began. Sikst of IV relied on their rivals in Florence. Directly in church, during a holiday, attempt was perfect. From a knife Giuliano died. One of priests did not decide to strike a mortal blow and Lorenzo. It, wounded, managed to take out from church. Lorenzo drew a conclusion that the capital can be expanded (and to be for it quiet), only strengthening the political power. (The conclusion is drawn as in Ukraine today!) And from the banker it trained for a new profession in the sovereign of Florence. What he not really - that also wanted to do. He was a quite good poet and the musician. But it was demanded by safety. Subsequently it will reestablish communication with Vatican. His son Giovanni will become a cardinal, and subsequently - Pope Leo X. Then Medici is got into France. From this sort and Caterina Medici ( author Massacre of St. Bartholomew) and Maria Medici (Louis XIII`s mammon).

And so Lorenzo known as Magnificent was one of the main customers for Sandro.

That is everything was cheerful, but... tragic death of the brother Giuliano (friend Sandro) and death from Simonetta Vespucci`s illness (yes, yes, the relative of that Amerigo in honor of whom two continents are called) with which a half of men of Florence was in love. Brothers Medici and Botticelli - were not an exception. Simonetta, with the golden-haired head, on a set of cloths of Sandro. It is clear, that the favourite model floats in a cockleshell and on one of the most known - Birth of Venus .

Friends are patrons " too; did not disappear from Botticelli`s pictures. For example, in the picture Adoration of the magi (decorating that modest a palace) Botticelli as the magicians who came to bow to the baby Jesus represented all governors - sponsors. Little Christ`s legs were kissed by the chief of family - Cosimo Medici. And in the crowd which came to take a look at worship of tsars - magicians, the artist represented himself, the place is more modest.

Lorenzo Velikolepny as the person of wide interests, invited to Florence (to the own harm) the monk - Dominican Savonarola who was famous for hot accusing sermons. Savonarola who came to grief in private life especially was zealous in refusal of erotic and sensual images. Soon in the city fires where the people fanatically destroyed the works of art getting to this category flared.

Asceticism promotion depressing worked on Botticelli. Speak, Sandro even itself burned several sketches. It is good that originals remained with customers. When Lorenzo Velikolepny died, Savonarola raged with might and main. He entered fight against Pope. But the Protestantism which won a number of the countries of Europe, Catholicism cradle - Italy - was wrecked. To stop a dissident activity, from Rome the artful paltry idea was thrown - to test the Dominican fire: the pier, will pass through fires - then precisely sacred. We not against. And is not present - excuse. Idea of test of the rebellious monk on fire resistance it was pleasant also to his supporters. However the hero, of course, did not burn with desire to subject itself to such checks. It simply was not on the square where it near campfires was waited by crowd of the audience. He was seized deceived in the expectations public . Subsequently under sentence of Pope it was burned in Rome as heretic.

After all these depressing events of work of Botticelli it is valid darkened - both on color and on mood. Therefore you will not call feeling iridescent from his last pictures. (Though harmony level in them the same high!)

Division of his creativity into two periods turned out. Approximately as at the outstanding poet Nikolay Zabolotsky (1903-1956). Not for nothing, being in Italy in business trip with delegation of the Soviet writers he most of all admired Botticelli.

Spring Birth of Venus Venus and Mars the great number of relaxed and wonderful Madonnas (the early period) always cause feeling of a light holiday. In those things which are sated with pathos there is always some such ironical detail that it seems - the artist ozorno winks at us - his future admirers. Like, children, it is not necessary to fall into ecstasy strongly. In this life tragic wonderfully mixes up with the farce and comic. And beauty - a skillful combination of one to another. And in mixing of it " cocktail; Sandro showed the highest pilotage.

Its latest works - yes - are strict. But too are fine!

There is a similarity in destinies (yes in surnames) Botticelli and Boccaccio, (1313 - 1375) creators immortal Decameron . The writer of the early Renaissance naostrit in the parodiyno much too - church, is erotic - comical short stories, and then, as well as the artist - the jeweler (only in hundred years), bethought and partially refused early things. However the next centuries showed that nothing superfluous any, another was made. All was useful.

Yes so that on any computer websites, as various brands - all the time the images created by Botticelli are used.

As one person who is extremely respected by me told, after long wandering on the museum of Prado in Madrid it stopped near the portrait made by Botticelli. Then departed and again to it came back. It became clear that in all this huge museum with thousands of masterpieces - for some reason there is a wish to return only to this portrait. To stay with it.

Botticelli`s creations cause feeling of as in spring warm transparent tranquility. And there is a wish to be in this state as long as possible. Will not expel from the museum yet. Or will not pull out an album from hands. But even then this feeling long does not leave, raising the faint light smile not clear to others.