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The seventh place in the Russian alphabet or How we treat a letter Yo?

Lighting letter " history; Yo some researchers claim that to initial lack of this letter in the Russian alphabet we are obliged to Saint educators Kirill and Mefodiy. Say, exactly they did not enter the letter Yo in Slavic writing as it was not in the Greek alphabet. Others claim that Russians in principle did not say a sound Yo but as a result of various phonetic changes in some words shock E began to sound as Yo . Nevertheless, long time in written version of these words the letter " was still put; E . Difficulties began to arise by drawing up dictionaries for foreigners. How, for example, to explain visiting Luda what in New year the Russian people decorate the room with the Fir-tree, but not a Fir-tree? By the way, from the word fir-tree once also introduction of a new letter in Russian began.

Some place names and surnames with the wrong pronunciation so took roots that many do not even assume that present Kaliningrad is the former Konigsberg that the writer Sholokhov was born in the village Vyoshenskaya, and the known Moscow station is called Savyolovsky that the cardinal famous for the intrigues carried a surname of the Broderie anglaise, and his fellow countryman who became history as the great educator - Monteskyyo.

Loss of the letter Yo in the Russian spelling led to distortion of a pronunciation of some words. So, for example, word combine operator usually say with the letter Yo putting on it an accent though by rules of Russian in this word there is a letter E and the accent is put over the letter and . There are no letters Yo in the words embittered outspread but in these words it is usually said Yo and incorrectly put an accent. And here in the word glider letter Yo in a pronunciation it is hopelessly lost, but in a certain environment gliders nazyvayet the people who are regularly smoking hemp.

A, how many nowadays in our language of the words beginning on this letter? In the last editions well-known Explanatory dictionary of Russian S. I. Ojegov and N. Yu. Shvedova the letter Yo received at last an own slovnik, having left from - under oppression of a letter E. It contains 12 words: the hedgehog, a hedgehog to shiver, miss a bit, the fir-tree, a fir-tree, capacious, capacity, to fidget, the yornik, to make mischief also a ruff. But it is much more words beginning with a letter Yo. In the dictionary of the use of a letter Yo placed in the book Two centuries of the Russian letter Yo 50 words are provided and among them there is no word of a taboo.

Lack of a letter Yo is not the harmless phenomenon. In the reform of Russian preparing now it is necessary to approve a letter E - it means to approve tradition. The representatives of not numerous publishing houses who were present on a press - conferences, and employees of some newspaper and journal editions supported the Appeal of initiative group about urgent return of a letter Yo to cultural use. The problem of a letter Yo is one of many sad parties of the relation to own language. On this example also lines of national character brightly appear: a non-obligation in implementation of strictly built rules, neglect national property, and shortcomings of national policy.

is Rules of the Russian spelling and punctuation - State standard of Russia in which 10 says: The Letter Yo is written in the following cases:

1. When it is necessary to prevent incorrect reading and understanding of the word, for example: we learn unlike uzn á I eat, all unlike all; buckets unlike vedr ó; made (participle) unlike soversh é nny (adjective) etc.

2. When it is necessary to specify a pronunciation of the little-known word, for example: river Olyokma. 3. In special texts: abc-books, school Russian textbooks, textbooks of orthoepy, etc., and also in dictionaries for the indication of the place of an accent and the correct pronunciation .

Should be noted especially that lack of a letter Yo leads to significant increase in time of reading and judgment of the text. Reading as if falters when reading to understand, the letter Yo is necessary here or not. And, on the other hand, if the letter Yo was printed regularly, then it as the dominant in the text and, as a rule, an accent in the word, would be in advance visible lateral sight that, undoubtedly, would increase reading speed. The academician D. S. Likhachyov wrote: The more in language of graphic signs, the easier it when reading as each word becomes harakterny gets a certain physiognomy, more individually... Interests of reading have to prevail over interests of the letter (one writes the book, and read 30 000 throughout about 50 years) . And now imagine to yourself, what is the time lost 200 million people reading in Russian in 50 years if they for this reason lost at least one second on one page of the book of an average format. Whether not too the high price is paid by us from - for obstinacies of certain linguists and owing to laziness of editors and editorial typists?

Letter E the hard sign, a hyphen - a dash, a colon - a dash and other features of our language bring turmoil and in functioning of the Internet. Try to open the file with the use of a colon? The computer right there will give team that the name of the file should not contain the following symbols: - *: / |. Of course, at those from us who over a year uses the computer and furthermore at those who blindly prints already the resistant habit to print not Yo, and E was developed. Well in - the first, it quicker, and in - the second - there is no need, hardly anyone - that will pay attention.

Letter Yo it will be thrown out as a hindrance both in e-mail, and at on-line conferences, and other documentation on the Internet. It is not printed by the majority of computers, does not consider the printer when listing. It is not printed by the majority of newspapers, even many working fonts in printing houses do not support this letter. And here Literary newspaper which restored the letter Yo on the pages received even a medal from society of protection of the letter Yo (is there is also it).

Of course, automatically refusing a letter Yo, we in something, probably, are not right. But life dictates us the rules, and it acquits us. So give though sometimes to think of destiny of a semy letter of the RUSSIAN alphabet.