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For what sights the island - a hail Sviyazhsk is known?

are Two hours old - and we in the fairy tale. At first there was a small island, published the Brawler reminding the island as it is drawn by artists to Pushkin`s tale of the tsar Saltan. Then, as the bright motor ship approached a terminal point of the route, awareness of all magnificence of this picture covered us with the head. the Island - a hail Sviyazhsk is located

in the picturesque mouth of the Sviyaga River, on the high hill of 62 hectares in 30 kilometers from Kazan. Practically from any place of the island the view of a river smooth surface opens. It is still possible to reach this unusual place only on water. From the river station in Kazan the motor ship goes every morning. So far, because the construction of the bulk road begun several years ago continues. The island Sviyazhsk became relatively recently. Water surrounded it from all directions in 1956, after discovery of the Kama Reservoir. As soon as Sviyazhsk turned into the island, most of locals left these countries.

The trip motor ship departs from the mooring of Sviyazhsk in a way back in 4 hours after arrival so tourists, travelers under the own steam, but not excursion groups, will have an opportunity during this time to look and estimate all beauty of this place. By the way, tours are conducted from April to October - since the beginning and before the end of navigation. To look in Sviyazhsk validly is on what. In the tiny territory 21 monuments of federal importance find room.

History the island - a hail

Sviyazhsk - one of the oldest Russian cities. It was based by Ivan the Terrible in 1551. Since 1547 the tsar made unsuccessful attempts to subdue Kazan. And to carry out the plan for defeat of the Kazan khanate, Ivan the Terrible well strengthened fortress was necessary, the Moscow troops were cut off from - for difficulties of the message with Moscow, and not could is long to besiege Kazan.

The place for construction of fortress on the place of present Sviyazhsk was defined at retreat of the Russian troops in 1551. Ivan the Terrible`s army set up camp at distance of daily transition to Kazan. The tsar paid attention to the high hill washed by two small rivers - Sviyaga and the Pike. Around the hill the bog high waters which are not drying out later settled down that excluded a possibility of sudden attack on fortress. Here - that was also decided to build an outpost.

But to make it it appeared not so - that simply, the Russian army was in the enemy territory. Therefore the tsar enjoined to cut down all city in the uglichesky woods, for 1000 km to estimated fortress. In the winter of 1550 - 1551 work began to boil. And in April, 1551 as soon as Volga was opened from ice, all fortress was delivered on the river to an estimated site. And all in a month all city was built on a brevnyshka as the designer. Day and night 75 thousand people worked. Originally the fortified city was called Ivan - the city. Later it was renamed into Sviyazhsk.

At the end of XVII - the beginning of the 18th century Sviyazhsk reserved only functions of the first Christian city of the Kazan diocese. Other economic, political and administrative functions gradually departed to Kazan. In the XVIII-XIX centuries Sviyazhsk was the monastery town with the Trinity - Sergiyevsky, Uspensky and Ioanno - Predtechensky monasteries. After revolution in the territory of the city at different times settled down: a colony for juvenile criminals, prison, a psychoneurological clinic.

HolyTrinity Church

This most ancient construction to the Trinity - the Sergiyevy monastery, later - Ioanno - Predtechensky monastrya. Besides, it is the first cult wooden construction on a vseyvolga. The church on May 17, 1551, on the Pentecost was consecrated.

The temple was repeatedly updated. The main alterations are dated the second half of the 17th century when in the territory of long ago closed to the Trinity - Sergiyevsky monastrya with the permission of the Synod Ioanno - Predtechensky the monastery accommodated. A bit later, in 1821, the church was put on a brick socle, sheathed a yew and painted with oil paint therefore externally it does not make due impression.

But when you get inside, you understand how the outer side is deceptive. From each brevnyshk smells of old times here. Indoors the twilight and a cool reigns. From understanding that it was succeeded to touch such old times on a back goosebumps run. On an entrance to the temple there is a bench unpretentious in appearance. Locals claim that on it Ivan the Terrible sizhivat. It is not sure that this is true, but... it is surprising if this subject was preserved up to now.

The temple in honor of the Reverend Sergey of Radonezh Chudotvorts by

In 1551 near Troitsk built St. Sergius Church. Originally it was wooden. But at Boris Godunov in 1604 instead of the wooden temple it is built two-storeyed stone which was renamed into Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh of Chudotvorts. The place for church was chosen in the center of the monastery territory, between the Trinity Church making at gate and a fortification. The temple is remarkable the iconostasis written in Old Russian style. In the same place in winter time there is a shrine with the relics of the prelate Herman. In the summer she is had to the Assumption Cathedral constructed by it.

The cathedral of the Mother of God Vsekh Skorbyashchikh Radosti

In 1898 - 1906, at the Mother Superior Apfiya, in the territory of the monastery was constructed the new stone temple - a cathedral of the Mother of God Vsekh Skorbyashchikh Pleasure . The temple was warm, with two side-altars. In 1914 cathedral walls were painted. Around the temple hands of careful nuns broke a magnificent flower bed.

A chapel for the sake of regal strastoterpivets the Chapel was consecrated with

in 2004 in honor of regal strastoterpivets. Over an entrance to a chapel the icon of an imperial family hangs. Even before illumination of a chapel frescos began to be updated. In Soviet period the smoking shed and therefore all walls were black from a soot was located here. And here, after renewal of devotional life, in a chapel Seraphim of Sarov and Sergey of Radonezh`s images to the utmost, and over them the Kursk Radical icon of the Mother of God began to be shown through a soot. Besides, in our presence there a mirotochila one of icons.

The cathedral of the Dormition of the Theotokos Was put by

in the spring of 1556. In the middle of the 18th century the image of the temple considerably changed. Assumption Cathedral is the biggest church and a unique monument of Sviyazhsk. All 1080 square meters of the area of the temple are painted with the only frescos of an era of Ivan the Terrible which reached us perfectly safe. Among all frescos the image of Hristofor which is represented in the form of the soldier with the horse head especially surprises. This unique image because in the XVIII all images of Hristofor with the pesy or horse head were destroyed! Besides, it is worth paying attention to the altar image of the tsar Ivan the Terrible and the Metropolitan of Moscow Makari. All frescos were restored in 1890 - e years.

Church of Saints Konstantin equal to the apostles and Elena

Konstantin and Elena`s Church - the only posadsky church which remained in Sviyazhsk. It was built in the 17th century on the place of the wooden temple. In 1920 - e years the church was closed. In 1980 - 1990 - x it was used for museum expositions, and in 1994 it was returned to believers.

Of course, it not everything, than can surprise the traveler the island - a hail. In case you decide to stop on the island, near pier there is a small hotel. Very much I advise all who it will be casual or with excursion group to float by Sviyazhsk, to glance in this wonderful quiet corner of Orthodoxy.