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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on September 21 - 22? Doomsday 2013 Jobs etc. Sad September mood to us the American comedy " will help to brighten up

; Doomsday of 2013: An apocalypse on - Hollywood in which stars play themselves and do not hesitate to be ridiculous. The company to this picture will be kept by the newly-baked biography Jobs: Empire of temptation and new work of Luc Besson Malavita called in honor of Robert De Niro`s dog which once again should play the aging mafioso.

among novelties also French animated film Magic wood dramedy Dear Frances domestic children`s movie Private pioneer and Belarusian romantic comedy This love! .

1. Doomsday of 2013: An apocalypse on - Hollywood (This Is the End, 2013)

Generation of next in the person of the most active characters present Factories of dreams offers the option of the Armageddon in which there is no place to despondency and grief. When there comes the End of All Real, it is better to be in the company of the famous sinners, than to vegetate on streets of devastated Los - Andzheles on which attendants of an adova and Lucifer with huge personal belongings walk about. Somewhere pastures of Heaven in the distance loom: with a grass, a booze, cool parties and an eternal soundtrack of Backstreet Boys.

Seth Rogen and Iven Goldberg decided to obstebat properly thirst of Americans for epic apocalyptic movies. And that all events on the screen looked plausibly, participants of this buffoonish project prefer not to hide behind others names - James Franco, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Emma Watson, Jay Barushel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera, Rihanna and some more the celebrities flashing in episodes. Representing himself, the Hollywood stars play the fool to the full extent, without forgetting it is beautiful to go to the world other and to struggle with the universal evil because the party in which - that eyelids was successful so that the fuck-up knocks at the door a leg.

The most part of characters of the movie is obliged by the glory to the leading comedy dramatist of the country - Dzhuddu Apatow. However, Rogen outgrew the status of the pupil also for a long time is capable to work independently that this tape powerfully and confirms. In America obscene jokes about masturbation, a grass and rape Hermione conceived effect of a land mine of the slowed-down action - in three months of hire the tape paid off three times, having easy overcome a hundred-million boundary. Our viewer is hardly shone by full immersion in a subject because it is for this purpose quite good to know creativity of all above described persons and to be a judge of similar humour - uncontrolled and sometimes absolutely incorrect improvisation.

2. Jobs: Empire of temptation (jOBS, 2013)

Attempt without delay to picturize untimely deceased Steve Jobs`s ascension initially smelled slightly of infamy. And news about the fact that under the legendary leader of the Apple company will make up Asheton Kutcher pulled down the last hopes at all. Perhaps, the movie would be more pertinent during lifetime of Jobs whereas now this ambulance on a hand the hand-made article seems untalentedly grouped a slide - show without which we could do quite.

Oppressive haste runs the show under the leadership of the little-known director Joshua Michael Stern: life of the ingenious perfectionist Jobs is crumpled to the sequence of take-off and falling alternated by drama scenes which most part - an author`s invention. Certainly, the genre of a biopic of subjects is also difficult that it is necessary to stack the whole life in rigid timing, however history of cinema used to know much more successful tapes. Let`s remember at least Social network Ffincher and The king speaks! . Stern tried to embrace immensity, at the same time is total having forgotten Jobs`s lives about the last years. Kutcher, thank God, looks adequately, but only it is not enough his enthusiasm for success of a tape. Complexity of the personality was lost pleated a cliche and stamps: creators as if picturized article from Wikipedia, missing what was appreciated most of all by Steve Jobs - details and trifles.

3. Malavita (The Family, 2013)

Once very talented director and the screenwriter Luc Besson turned into the French Uwe Ball now: the most part of movies which its producer hand touches is a commercial trash. Besson adores sponsoring sequels (it already planned three parts " at once; Carrier and the third Hostage ) also does not shun to invest money in everything that can theoretically pay off. Sometimes shoots, flies to milk more often, in most cases critics do not leave from movies and a stone on a stone, but Besson also does not think something to change. Though Malavita - quite good attempt to remember the past.

The tape tells about a mafia family (in the original the movie is called Family ) which head is forced to disappear from being companions on evropa. The modest writer Blake is actually former boss of mafia to which for maintenance of a tone the federal program for protection of witnesses is written out. Only the American gangster on pension is not that status with which it is possible to live in silence and tranquility. Especially as all members of this close-knit family, including the wife and two children - teenagers, are capable to guide in the provincial town of it to rustle in comparison with which Chicago 20 - x years - a sandbox for kids.

While Besson inconsiderately wedges the American crime in the native province, the producer Martin Scorsese suggests De Niro to comment in a shot on its party in Good children . The faultless set of bessonovsky stamps known to us since Taxi this time works on all hundred, including thanks to the invited Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer. The last already had to be she is married to mafia so the episode with the blown-up shop is only a good tradition, but not new focus.

One more project with the French color is an animated film of the debutant Jean Christophe Dyussant Magic wood (2012), a sob-story of the boy living with the father in the wood. Drawn in style of the Japanese animation, Magic wood (in the original - Day of crows ) represents the classics, ready to the use, capable to outdo multimillion Hollywood animated cartoons in which behind tons of computer special effects and 3D any more not to sort common sense and fresh ideas.

Among film novelties and Dear Frances (2012) - new work of Noah Baumbakh, director Greenberg and scriptwriter Matchless Mr. Fox and the third Madagascar . Again Baumbakh involved the actress Greta Gerwig with whom duet really turned " in the movie; Dear Frances in the best female film project of a season. This mix of the comedy, drama and melodrama will force you to remember the best years Woody Allen, and stylization under is black - white cinema and simple, but such sincere, the humour is added to a picture of grace and grace which so is not enough for the main character working in dancing troupe.

Close the list of film premieres of Thursday September 19 absolutely exotic opuses - the screen version of the book of Mikhail Seslavinsky Private pioneer: stories about the childhood (2013) and romky of Belarus This love! (2013). The first it seems as is attempt of revival in domestic cinema of the forgotten genre " long ago; children`s movie though by experience of the last Jumble this invention seems impracticable. Our neighbors amused dynamic and places with the ridiculous comedy about two Muscovites, the looking for adventures on the nice fifth points. Unexpectedly successful film start of the skilled television director Stanislav Nazirov beginning career in series Beauty is not happiness .