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Who such James Brown?

Disko is James Brown, hip - hop is James Brown, the rap is James Brown too. You understand about what I? Listen to these rappers, 90 percent of their music are I .

From James Brown`s interview to Associated Press agency, 2003 This person is known to

for the whole world. Many will read James Brown`s creativity, the great singer in style a rhythm also now - and - the blues, a gospel, a soul.

James Brown`s songs were sold out in million circulations. It one of the few who gave to the world more than 900 compositions.

He was born in Tennessee on June 17, 1928. And though it had very difficult childhood, he was able to find forces to write a song and to execute them. And not just to execute, and gave them life. In those days live songs were very necessary, and it was caused by the fact that at that time to the black population the relation was not really friendly.

Its songs pulled together people. And Brown`s performance before white audience since 1970 - go years became result of it, it began to win the hearts of the audience with great success, going on tour over the country.

At the end of 1940 - x began to sing in a gospel - groups, learned to play on keyboard and shock.

Acted in many Black clubs about a rhythm - and - blues group Famous Flames . Thanks to a powerful deep voice quickly moved forward in number of the most popular performers. Signed the contract with " firm; King which in 1956 published its first best-seller Please, please, please (Please Please Please).

Already by the end of 1950 - x years Brown was recognized king a rhythm - and - the blues, capable to alone collect the many thousands hall of the audience (during that time at stadiums only collective galas - concerts could arrange notices). Tours in England and other countries of Europe also had huge success.

In 1960 - x years there were classical things of Brown: Think (Think), Prisoner of love (Prisoner of Love), You - mine (I Got You), It is the man`s, man`s, man`s world (It`s a Man`s Man`s Man`s World), Cold " sweat; My feeling (I`ve Got the Feelin`), etc. the musician`s Concerts steadily attracted with

thousands of the viewers, each his performance turned into powerful show during which the performer as if the skillful preacher in church, came into emotional contact with the hall.

Its music is really magnificent and original. Today its songs are rehashed by many modern performers.

In memory of James Brown Spike Li will shoot the movie. To shoot the movie about the great person is just honor. You, probably, listened to one of its famous songs I Feel Good . However, it is excellently executed? Its music and songs sound in movies. (All famous movie " Tuxedo; - in hl. roles Jackie Chan).

Its songs a huge number of times won ratings among performers against a rhythm - N - the blues.

of 116 of its compositions rose in Torahs 100 national bottoms - a chart of the USA, at the same time 98 of them broke in Torahs 40 R &B - singles, and 17 became hits number one.

In 1960 - x years there were classical things of Brown:

1. Think (Think).

2. Prisoner of love (Prisoner of Love).

3. You - my (I Got You).

4. It is the man`s, man`s, man`s world (It`s a Man`s Man`s Man`s World) of

5. Cold sweat (Cold Sweat)

6. Tell loudly: I am black, and I am proud of this (Say It Loud I`m Black I`m Proud).

7. My feeling (I`ve Got the Feelin`) and many others.

In one of interview of 1980 - x years the veteran with pride spoke: I wrote down about 800 songs. 83 of them were sold out in million circulations. Others are sold out with a circulation of 700 thousand, 800 thousand, 900 thousand... Is such which eight, ten, fifteen million copies are sold. I wrote down the song Please, please, please in 1955, and it is still republished and republished .

In 1986 one of the first it was elected the member The Hall of glory fate - N - a beater .

In 2004 at 76 - the summer musician cancer was found. However, despite it, James Brown treating diseases with humour did not cease to give concerts and to go to rounds. The talent of the musician was recognized by all. Still during lifetime in the State of Georgia the monument was established to it.

The great musician died in December, 2006 in one of hospitals of Atlanta at the age of 78 years.

James Brown was awarded by a prestigious award of Martin Luther King for the merits before music. Martin Luther King is the famous public figure supporting the rights of black Americans in 50 - x years; James Brown helped to break interracial barriers the music, and he managed it.