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How to create a slogan for the website?

the Slogan on the Internet.

the Main difference of development of a slogan for the website from development of slogans for other platforms and carriers that a slogan a web - the   resource; has to tell the visitor about contents and subject of the website most precisely. The trade offer (if it is present), is taken out on the second plan.

whether Needs to the website a slogan?

of the Definite answer to this question does not exist. A slogan, in the initial definition - it is the squeezed essence of the offer of goods or service.

Use of a slogan in advertizing absolutely not necessarily, moreover, a slogan can be not necessary at all when favorable, for the consumer, properties of the advertized goods cannot be described in a condensed form or when advertizing materials and without slogan are rather informative.

Therefore absolutely should not compose a slogan just for the sake of the slogan, for a start be convinced of need of its presence.

When the slogan makes sense to apply ?

the Slogan it makes sense to use strong when it can help you with the solution of objectives, for example:

- storing of the website or portal;

- support advertizing campaigns (the complex of slogans, with different appeals can be developed for placement of banners on different platforms);

- use of a slogan of the company on pages a web - representations (for repetition of a slogan of the company which is used in all advertizing campaigns in off - and it - a line).

If you came to a conclusion that the slogan is necessary for your website, it is possible to address professionals or to compose a slogan. Solved? The main thing that should be considered - the slogan has to be read and remembered, be easily original and tell visitors the contents or the trade offer of the website.

Let`s understand what types of slogans exist.

Types of slogans.

During creation of a slogan can use the following receptions:

the Use of tsitation or hints

Distinction between a tsitation and a hint: the popular line from the song, the movie or the book is considered a tsitation, and well-known expression from economy, history is a hint.

Example: We Call to a table Magnetic cards of the Baltic bank: conscious need As this world is beautiful, look!

Winged sayings usually are slightly paraphrased to please to the customer . It to be called deformation of tsitation is very effective way of creation of a slogan: It is so easy to Stop a moment! ( Kodak ), Truth - in the movement! (« travel agency; The Guide - round ).

Use of metaphors

the Widespread reception allowing to create a laconic slogan with elements of delightful incompleteness. The innuendo, according to experts, intrigues and draws attention.

Example: Orange charge ( Forfeit ), Rainbow of fruit aromas (« Candies; Skittls ).


are Distinguished by several types of figures of repetitions.

Hiazm - Your money is a paper. Our papers are money

the Joint - Show the movement of time, but time not imperiously over them (Hours Cityzen )

the Anaphora - It is noble and salutary (Demidovsky balm) Epifor`s

- Not just purely - it is faultlessly pure! (Laundry detergent Ariel )


Most often thus beats the name of goods, is a little more rare (it more difficult) - its properties. When using this reception multiple-valued phrases - mottoes - the slogans « turn out; with double or even with threefold bottom .

Example : Good hostesses love Lustre World Receiver (Telecommunication BCL communication system).

Attempt of an aphorism

This reception allows to place in the short phrase contents of the long speech of the president of firm - producer. However any aphorism assumes stylistic elegance of the phrase.

Example: If to give - that the best (« Coffee; Chibo ) .

Mistakes in the text

the good slogan not necessarily has to be correct from the point of view of language. Abnormality helps to draw attention, can make a slogan more informative.

Example: Who does not know, that has a rest! - does not meet standards, however will please youth.

How to compose a slogan? by

of the Uniform formula for creation of a slogan it is not developed yet, however there is a number of simple techniques which will help you with creation of a slogan.

In a summary it looks so:

1) Solve for yourself - what do you want to tell the visitor of the website by means of a slogan?

About the website i.e. what information on it the visitor will be able to find.

About goods which can be acquired on the website.

Or about something another?

2) Imagine the person to whom your website will be interesting. Try to describe his portrait, its habits, its interests and a manner of the speech. Having revealed its some distinctive features, it will become easier for you to understand that you have to tell the user.

3) Make the list of words which describe activity of the website. By means of this list it will be easier for you to be at loss for words for a slogan.

Having armed with these data, you can get to work.