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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on September 14 - 15? Riddik Intimate places etc.

consider Sequels till fall, and therefore in line we have the first autumn blockbuster of 2013 - the third part of adventures of the gloomy character by the name of Riddik. The company to the fantastic fighter will be kept by the drama with Keanu Reeves`s participation To Troy in New - York domestic tape Intimate places Canadian horror film Limb and free - the Australian picture Secret inclination from Naomi Watts and Robin Wright.

Sex and provocation became a clue of the forthcoming cinema - Wick - an enda, and oil to fire will be added by the famous master of erotic existentialism Peter Greenaway.

1. Riddik (Riddick, 2013)

B already far 1999 famous screenwriter David Tui, author of the second Zubastikov dilogies Magician Water world and Soldier Jane rushed into a fantasy genre the tape Black hole . The leading role in this post-apocalyptic horror was played by the beginning actor Vin Diesel who earlier beautifully died on hands of fellow soldiers in Rescue of the private Ryan Spielberg. For both cinema-men the tape became that a saving branch that pulled out them on the firm soil from a bog of ordinary projects. Diesel became suddenly a star with the million fees, having subscribed by two years for the franchize " later; Forcing and Tui with might and main was engaged in development of the Universe of Riddik.

Five years later the tandem united over creation of the second part which received the name " again; Riddik`s Chronicles . The director for some reason refused to continue the line with monsters, having forced the hero to battle against bad people in strange suits. A similar deviation from a right course to fans Black hole it was not pleasant, the sequel in hire failed, despite tolerable responses of critics. Also it seemed that Riddik`s history on it and will end.

Certainly, no. However, passed as early as the whole nine years before Tui wrote the scenario capable to satisfy Diesel to which is now what to choose from. New Riddik - this return to sources: the gloomy planet, terrible krokozyabra, the intriguing plot and film technologies of the 21st century. Vin Diesel so was happy to play the alien charismatic sociopath again that he personally financed a trequel when at studio monetary difficulties were outlined. Riddik - it is full comeback of the favourite hero which should fight on two fronts again, rebuffing headhunters and holding the fort suprotiv the midnight freaks who are creeping out of the earth there will be jam tomorrow.

2. To Troy in New - York (Generation Um , 2011)

Other pictures too long reach by

our movie theaters. What, however, is not always bad. For example, this biennial prescription a tape with Keanu Reeves`s participation quite could settle on figure, and nobody would take offense.

The debut movie of Mark Mann is a set of stamps modern an art - the hausny cinema ready to spend film kilometers for the image of sad and hopeless reality. The hipster with an experience Keanu Reeves, to which even in To the Matrix it was possible to shade the melancholy large-scale fights, here is at peak of the helplessness. The actor, which after cooperation with Vachovski`s duet gets scenarios exclusively through passage, not in forces to master curve hands of the director. And playing the souteneur tortured by life, Reeves shows epic fatigue at all.

The experimental drama of Mann is one of the worst debuts of the last years. Without Reeves or with it, with prostitutes, drugs, the mockumentary elements and revelations from a bottom which to nobody are uninteresting.

3. Intimate places (2013)

we pass

From the worst debut to the best. As that counted Natalya Merkulova and Alexey Chupov`s tape on the past Kinotavr where the drama Intimate places won four awards (two - for successful director`s start, the best female role (Yuli Aug) and the diploma of film experts).

Strictly 18+ because even not all adults suspect that is created behind doors of usual Moscow apartments. Sexual complexes, experiments, imaginations, for others a perversion, for others - norm or just pleasant surprise. The sex subject, on an old Soviet habit, is in the Russian cinema under an informal ban. Directors are ready to become banal and stebatsya, burn in infinite idiotic the best movies but only not to speak about sex it is serious and frank. Merkulova and Chupov (the husband and the wife, by the way) could not bring a plan to a logical conclusion therefore some subject lines are cut short. Could take for an example Woody Allen`s classics Everything that you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask . But even in it, dampish and routinely - a sad look, Intimate places provoke to reflections. And here who and than thinks - a subject of separate conversation.

4. Limb (Haunter, 2013)

Little Ms. Schastye Ebigeyl Breslin recently something became constant visitor in a genre of thrillers. She did not manage to act as the hostage in the extremely topical movie Disturbing call as in line at us the Canadian horror film Limb from Vincenzo of Natali, the author of such known tapes, as Cube and Chimera . This time the actress gets to a new trap - the damned house where time stopped.

As well as in To Cuba Natali was created by a vicious circle with many terrible unknown: the main character is in infinitely repeating Groundhog Day . In addition is a full-fledged ghost to which udumatsya suddenly to understand the reason of the unenviable position. The trouble is that even ghosts have no right to choose destiny, over them there is too an owner to which freethinking will not be pleasant.

Skillfully twirled thriller with a fair share of mysticism and several rather terrible moments. It is not a stupid slasher and not a banal story about a haunted house, and more likely one more modification Sixth sense and Others with the color and cockroaches in the head.

5. Secret inclination (Adore, 2013)

One more provocation, this time European, with world stars (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright) and exclusively beautiful views of the ocean and suntanned male and female bodies.

At the heart of a plot - the confused love square when two mummies enter the relations with each other sons. What begins as romantic communication will inevitably lead to scandal and a showdown. Mature sexuality Wright and Watts does not raise doubts, as well as the fact that the director of the movie, Anne Fontaine, latently justifies behavior of the heroes because that is natural - it is not ugly. Similar liberties are characteristic for European an art - a house especially as the final of a tape adds to a barrel of the languid melodrama a little grief and enlightenments.

This week in the Russian hire display of the Latin American drama " also starts; Underground childhood , documentary tape Salinger - about the author of one of the most famous American novels The Catcher in the Rye and also the historian - an erotic picture of Peter Greenaway Goltsius and Pelikanya " company; . If there is a wish for what more simply, welcome on sessions of the Swedish family comedy All inclusive: Vacation in Greece whereas the Thai cinematographers suggest to carry out an hour and a half to cinema together with heroes of the three-dimensional animated film To Rescue Earth .