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TV series All hate Chris (2005 - 2009). Simple pleasures of life in a ghetto?

Are many ways to immortalize the name in Hollywood. The first and the most obvious - to be uncommon, talented and charismatic, to act only in good movies, to competently select to itself scenarios, not to be exchanged for nonsense, let also highly paid and to fight for effective roles. Good luck, of course, too will not prevent.

If career develops so-so, it is possible to take quantity. Some actors caught a desired mark on well-known To the Avenue of stars exactly thanks to own diligence. And still it is possible to order from the venerable biographer the biography, however, this way is good only in case your name and so at all very famous.

American stendap - the comedian Chris Rock judged that his life not so abounds with events to describe it in the novel. He arrived inventively and removed about himself favourite the whole TV series in which he told about the difficult childhood. The comedian already popular in the homeland hit the nail: sitcom All hate Chris though did not become the winner of profile serial awards, but audiences it was fallen in love, and in our country found a second wind together with the amusing translation of Denis Kolesnikov and " studio; Spirit - Bambey .

Standard Afro-American family lives in the Brooklyn ghetto of the eightieth: the father, mother and three children - the senior Chris, average Drew and youngest Tonja. And all at them as at people. Papashka Julius, to support family, sticks at two works. Mummy Rochel is more on economy, but in hard times helps the husband, however, too is not late anywhere because she has troublemaking character and in general my husband has two works and to me it on figs was not given! .

Children - everyone with the cockroaches. Tonja adores the singer Billey Ouchene, possesses boundless credibility at the head of family and adores snubbing the senior brothers though she at heart loves them undividedly. Drew, despite tender age, is a subject of desire of all neighbour`s little girls that terribly angers the senior Chris which with an opposite sex is permanently not lucky. Chris, unlike the relatives, attends not local school, but a decent institution in white area. Being the only black school student not only in a class, but in all establishment, it it is eternal receives on a zhopka from the local hooligan Caruso also drives friendship with the botanist Greg.

Chris is the most ordinary teenager whose problems can seem to the adult ridiculous, but at his age see an insuperable barrier. Study, attacks of peers, communication with family street muggers. Being the senior child in a family, Chris is forced to bear responsibility for Drew and Tonja, receiving punches from mummy and manual from the father at any deal. Nevertheless the love and understanding reigns in family, and shortage of money or material benefits is compensated by care of the neighbor and positive mood to

Who such Chris Rock and why the story about his childhood enjoyed such popularity? Before answering this question, we will understand what is a genre stendap ? Far we will not get into a jungle, we will note only that at this comic direction history long and the genre still in shaggy 18 - m in England arose a century. From where, actually, smoothly flowed to America where already in the second half of the twentieth century turned into the real and all-consuming phenomenon on television.

Many comic actors began the career in stendap - the comedy. Among them both Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy, and George Carlin, and Billey of Cristal with Jim Carrey. Like Zadornov, Koklyushkin or Petrosyan, this does not concern our humorists because they acted and act within editing, and the genre stendap assumes direct communication with audience, lack of censorship and live reaction of the audience (any to you in advance sounded snickers). More - less similar the former KVNs - chic from Comedy Club try to create something on the small scene, but also here stendap in pure form practice not all (Kharlamov and Volya more, than the others) because a certain warehouse of the personality and ability to work with the viewer for this purpose is required.

Chris Rock, as well as many comedians of Hollywood, rose in the well-known show Saturday evening on the air where it ponabratsya experience and picked up skills. Its first role in big cinema happened in 1987 - m when the fellow was lit in an episode of the comedy fighter The Police officer from Beverley is Hillz 2 . And already since the beginning of the ninetieth Rock became the constant participant of the leading Black sitcoms - it seems In bright " paints; (with Jim Carrey`s participation), Martin (with Martin Lawrence) and Shou Bernie of " Poppy;. In parallel the actor mastered Hollywood, appearing on the supporting / first parts in such famous projects as Sergeant Bilko Deadly weapon 4 Dogma and Bad company .

The idea to shoot series about own childhood in Brooklyn became for Rock really a pot of gold. After start of the first season of the actor invited to sound a mainstream animated cartoon Madagascar (by its voice Martie`s zebra broadcasts). And the series unexpectedly held on on screens of the USA of the whole four seasons, without having lost on the way of charm and freshness.

Certainly, it would be difficult to our viewer to catch all details and specifics of humour if not remarkable team of " studio; Spirit - Bambey which was very able, though not without excesses, adapted a sitcom to our realities. All characters of series received family names (father Yury Antonovich Kamenev, mother Roxana Babayanovna, children Chris, Andrey and Antonina, owner of funeral agency Omar Vasilyevich, dealer stolen Iriskin etc.) and stars unknown to our viewer and media persons of America the eightieth were replaced in the text with more recognizable. The translation so stuck to series what it is not possible to watch it in the original that who heard spirit - the bambeevsky version. Believe, it will be already not so ridiculous especially as All hate Chris - it is not always the comedy, but also an instructive story about how to survive in a big family and not to turn into the paranoid.

The most part of success of any TV show is a competent casting. Chris Rock in a shot does not appear, we only hear his comment (the offscreen text), and its teenage version is represented by Tyler James Williams, very amusing and talented fellow. Children`s parties in general extremely successful, and adults - it is even better. What the father of family which was represented by Terry Kryus is necessary. The former professional football player found in himself inexhaustible deposits of comic talent though Kryus, thanks to a powerful torso, perfectly fitted also into the " team; Uncontrollable Stallone. Let`s not forget also about Titschina Arnold who surely accompanies in a role Matrona .

Shou initially was not planned for many years, all - is about a certain stage of a course of life of the comedian. Only four seasons that allowed authors to give all the best on full but not to smear good jokes on an infinite number of episodes. The series maintain reputation from beginning to end, besides Chris Rock did not afford excessive liberties because it is about his family.

However, all roughnesses of the scenario were maleficiated in translation and in the whole show differs in a positive spirit. The joke jokes, and did not do without morals. In total - family values win each series and if Chris also receives on the zhopka, then it is, as a rule, deserved.