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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on September 7 - 8? Fuck-up 2 Lovelace etc.

the First autumn portion of film premieres of 2013 almost half consist of sequels, the part from which seems to me absolutely optional. If continuations of a razzing action Fuck-up we waited from the moment of a release of the original in 2010 - m, to new adventures of new heroes of the tapes I spit on your graves 2 and / / About 2 the relation which was alerted if not to tell indifferent.

Pure as novelties it is possible to consider the biographic drama from life of pornstars Lovelace the fighter with participation of Washington and Wahlberg Two trunks and Russian comedy 12 months in which Artur Smolyaninov, Ekaterina Guseva, the singer Ivan Dorn and " are engaged at key roles; our everything Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

1. Fuck-up 2 (Kick - Ass 2, 2013)

Who could think that Mathew Vaughan`s picture with so dissonant name not only will become megapopular with youth, but also will inspire creators on continuation? History unsightly superhero without superabilities brought public of a sample of 2010 into rough delight. A role was played also by an obvious parody hint on numerous nowadays comics, and incredibly stylish picture, and, by itself, raunchy and, to put it mildly, obscene dialogues. In fact, Fuck-up - it is quintessence of an action and foul language, such teenage option of Tarantino and Rodriguez which is richly flavored with film quotes, charismatic characters and special effects.

Vaughan, as we know, refused to work on the sequel therefore the tape was entrusted to not too zvezdaty American Jeff Uodlou behind which shoulders of loud projects it does not appear. The structure of young performers did not exchange, and here in adult sector there were essential shifts - instead of Nicholas Cage and Mark Stronga on the screen Jim Carrey and John Leguizamo will appear. Carrey, by the way, refused to advertize a picture, having referred to the violence level, unprecedented to his measures. However, for Mr. Pingvin even pair of broken ribs can seem something outstanding. We were ready that the second Fuck-up also naporisty, than the first will be even more rigid.

The project, of course, on the fan especially as the sequel it is obvious more weakly than the original, though is puffed up very much. Uodlou`s failure is obvious - in America Fuck-up 2 swept obviously worse and the first reviews of optimism do not add.

2. I spit on your graves 2 (I Spit on Your Grave 2, 2013)

Spitting on graves - typical representative of a genre eksploteyshn muv which basis is made by violence, sex and other components irritating public morals. What makes related Stephen R. Monro`s tape with the aforesaid Fuck-up only there is neither humour, nor parody elements. Everything is serious, as in Chelyabinsk.

Three years ago cruel and bloody drama, remake of a cult horror Day of the woman (1978), did not manage to interest audience, having deserved indifferent criticism and sickly collecting in film distribution. Everything is simple: Day of the woman so dropped out of the general outline that the picture was forbidden to display in the majority of territories, thereby having created this low-standard opus smart advertizing. A remake - the child of a mainstream, ostentatious medley from pain, tears and tortures, similar ill fame did not get (times not those), aposy did not cause a stir.

Sado - mazo is not much, the director solved and bungled the sequel in which there is no word about the heroine of the first movie. The similar principle was professed by authors of popular franchizes of the eightieth when each new part - only a variation on a subject. It not continuation, but repeated entry into the same river, only allegedly other legs. Without having behind soul sensible intention at all, Monroe went on an extensive way - to strengthen, deepen, expand. This creation - an exceptional case when each pixel of the screen broadcasts with an adult rating of R. To men to look strictly contraindicated because it even not torment porn and macroshooting of the processes which are created in the meat grinder. Only at the exit - at all not ground beef.

3. Two trunks (2 Guns, 2013)

the Icelander of the Spanish origin Baltasar Cormacur, as well as is necessary to the film figure from the country whose cinema is absent, has a set of forms. It both producer, and screenwriter, and actor with the director rolled into one. We remember it on a role in the thriller Reykjavik - Rotterdam . His talent of the director was shown in the criminal drama Smuggling . Continuing favorable cooperation with Mark Wahlberg, Cormacur invited him in the following project - the fighter about robbers Two trunks . The company to the former rapper will be kept not by anyone, and Denzel Washington so cocktail had to turn out explosive.

However in practice there was everything not as it was planned. And it was planned initially that two guys (whether cops, whether bandits, you will understand) will be played by a sweet couple of comic characters - Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson ( Uninvited guests ) . While there was a crossing, horses were replaced, and the cart was left as is. And stallions rushed, only diversely: Washington habitually began to play the drama and serious fight with enemies, and Wahlberg who did not thaw from friendship with a teddy bear builds a hokhmach and diligently mows under bad guys . When someone jokes inattentively against someone`s impenetrable physiognomy - it is guarantee of bad payback. But an action at Cormacur cool: a mustache blows up, flies, shoots and burns with blue fire. Zhivenko, but for one transient evening.

4. Lovelace (Lovelace, 2013)

Nothing is as profitable as game on passions human. Therefore never Hollywood will be able to brag of profitability at the level of the pornindustry. Sometimes echoes of shadow business reach also mainstream projects: Milosh Forman in the mid-nineties picturized the biography of the founder of " magazine; Hustler Larry Flynt, Stephen Soderbergh invited in the movie the operating pornstar Sasha Gray, and here documentary film makers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman revived Linda Lovelace whose " from a non-existence; Deep throat (it is not a metaphor, but the name of a cult porntape) forced the world to look at opportunities of a female organism differently.

Two interesting facts. In - the first, Lovelace (alas, died in 53 years in road accident) vainly tried to break own record of popularity. And when did not leave, went over in camp of opponents and began to brand furiously the industry which made it well-known. In - not Amanda Sayfred, and even not Olivia Wilde, but the notorious starlet Lindsay Lohan was the second, first candidate for her role at all. However refused its services because Lohan has too stormy real life - alcohol, drugs, courts.

Certainly, authors of the movie interested not socially more - a psychological portrait stars and its biography in all tasty details. From here and R rating, and zakos under the melodrama though very quite good biopic could turn out.

The few Russian directors can brag of the fact that their movie was not simply thrust under a plinth, and is hammered with iron boots there. So was with the previous work of Alexander Barshak Fairy tale. Is - pathetic attempt to revive children`s kinopry. However Barshaka hooked and here on the agenda the new opus - Twelve months , again about modern Moscow, where miracles come true . It is difficult to understand why in the movie with a rating 6+ the desire to inflate a breast to the third size appears, but it the world to authors seems. So it is not the fairy tale, children should not be dragged on a session and it is better to pass. Absolutely.

One more sequel - a horror film " finishes the list of premieres; / / About 2 about a demonic videotape. And the first movie not a masterpiece, though was shot originally and inventively. Continuation is simple operates idea, and without any invention. Besides, it is recommended only to fans of a genre and will hardly give those pleasure.