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How to endure a heat? Hot weather and a lack of oxygen of air lead

to decrease in a vitality even at healthy people. But more the heat nevertheless is a problem for elderly. However at observance of simple rules of its consequences it is possible to avoid.

The cardiosurgeon, the director of Scientific center warmly - vascular surgery of A. N. Bakulev, the academician Leo Bokeria shared the recommendations.

Elderly people more suffer From such weather, but it is possible to note that they already have an experience how to behave in such situation . According to the academician, for hypertensive persons the main rule is more careful approach to drug intake and observance of the " mode;. For the people who do not have these diseases I can advise a usual warm shower two - three times a day that promotes so-called rescue from a heat, but at the same time does not promote an additional rush of blood - he told.

At the same time Leo Bokeria noted that to the people suffering warmly - vascular diseases, it is necessary to have constantly at itself sedative preparations, for example, valocordin to have an opportunity to remove ekstrakardialny problems which can arise from - behind frying of weather. It is Also possible to advise to avoid stuffy places and to happen on the sun " less; - he told. In general, humidity of air not really big, and I think that the population will transfer the heat which set in now without special problems - Bokeria told.

Meanwhile, abnormally cold and hot days in the capital region will be more and more, and they can cause negative consequences for human health. Global warming of climate causes its deterioration now. Such abnormal days involve losses of the population from an aggravation warmly - vascular and other similar diseases - the doctor of medical sciences declared, professor of Institute it is national - economic forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences Boris Revich. He emphasized that in abnormally hot days in Moscow the number of addresses to doctors considerably increased, increase in quantity of exacerbations of chronic diseases is noted.

Professor gave several elementary councils which can facilitate hot days, first of all, to elderly people, reports RIA News . In - the first, Revich noted, - food. It is necessary to refuse the products demanding special expenses of an organism and meat dishes and to pass to the easily acquired food - on vegetables. Would Advise also as much as possible to reduce consumption of sweet carbonated drinks, to pass on simple and the " mineral water; - professor told. Kefir, according to him, is better than milk. Also any drinks with the minimum content of sugar are good.

Revich noted also importance of the simple, easily organized water procedures: to put the wetted cool scarf on a neck, to keep legs in a basin with cold water. Absolutely in vain Muscovites forgot about easy headdresses which in the summer our ancestors " so liked to carry; - professor considers. In hot days Revich advises the people having any diseases specially to see the attending physicians behind councils for change of the scheme of drug intake.

The general practitioner of clinic of faculty therapy of the Moscow medical academy of Sechenov Anton Rodionov recommends to be accurater with alcohol as it especially strongly works during a heat . He urges to refuse also from fast - foot, and especially food which is sold in tents on the street. Meat and dairy products in such conditions quickly spoil, the risk of poisonings increases.

Rodionov also advises not to forget about headdresses, especially to people with dark hair. Put on easy, it is desirable, light clothes. In the first days be not long under direct sunshine strongly not to burn - he told RIA News . Be more careful also with water, it did not get warm yet, temperature drops when bathing can give additional load of heart - the doctor warns. In case of solar or a heatstroke it is recommended to transfer the person to the cool place, to undo to it a collar, in the stuffy room to open a window. It is not necessary to crowd around the victim. If the unconscious person - call a " ambulance; - the doctor emphasized.

In general, physicians advise to avoid in such time of the raised physical and emotional activities.