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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 31 - on September 1? “ Schoolmates 2 “ “ " Planes; etc.

Closing the summer plan, domestic film distributors at the end of August threw out almost all stocks on a counter. At fall it is necessary to enter fresh and well rested therefore we ask to love and favor the following debutants: sequel of the comedy “ Schoolmates 2 “ criminal drama “ Ice “ three-dimensional animated film “ " Planes; horror film “ To You end! “ and Brian De Palma`s thriller “ Passion “.

Plus we will be able to see the new movie of Francois of " Ozone; It is young and fine “ a shelter - faugh the master - a class from China and the Russian comedy “ " Pelmeni;.

1. “ Schoolmates 2 “ (Grown Ups 2, 2013)

For the first time in the career the famous American comedian Adam Sandler, the owner of several “ Gold " raspberries; and the standard of nasty taste, was solved on shootings of the sequel. Let`s tell directly, to it, the first part of the comedy " long was not necessary to deliberate; Schoolmates “ became a summer hit of 2010, having collected in the homeland of more than 160 million dollars. Thus that the film was poor as regarding a plot, and humour, Sandler is a peculiar fetish for Americans. It occupies that niche for which nobody applies - the national silly person. At the beginning of the activity Adam still gave some hopes, but, having passed away in a genre of the sortirny comedy, and remained to rest on laurels. And in the business reached certain heights: his name is a brand and the sign “ Stop “ at the same time.

The second “ Schoolmates “ in fact, repeat style and a plot of the first part. Several adult men with the families go on summer holiday where they continue to fool about, remember young years and at the same time to set on the right path the offsprings. Looking at this parade of idiots, it is necessary to smile, and in it and there is the most terrible secret of all projects of Sandler. Almost in each its movie there is at least couple of moments which steadily cause laughter in the viewer. Stupid animal rzhach. But over the years the comedian was weakened and each time it is harder and harder for it to surprise and amuse, and obscenities and nonsense do not mask under jokes any more, and are given in pure form that strongly spoils impression in general.

2. “ Ice “ (The Iceman, 2012)

at movie theaters were not shown Very long ago by gangster dramas. Dramas, rigid and bloody, but not glamourous boyevichka - shooters like “ Gangsters Hunters “. In the center of the narration - the notorious mafia killer Richard Kuklinski, on which account at least one hundred corpses. The biographic tape of Ariel Vromen will tell about how it is difficult to conduct a double life as it is easy to kill if you are able and what the real bandits in free from " are engaged in; works “ time.

Certainly, it is not Coppola and not Scorsese. Vromen was incredibly lucky that the leading role in his opus was played by the brilliant American actor Michael Shannon who a cut above all the partners, and among the last both Winona Ryder, and Ray Liotta, and perspective young growth - Chris Evans and James Franco. Shannon lived a role from beginning to end, having allowed us “ to enjoy “ the biography of the famous murderer in the smallest details. That audience, that a genre condemn, can be quiet: Kuklinski was caught as a result and sent on for the rest of the life to prison where he also died. But svyatomesto it is not be empty.

3. “ Passion “ (Passion, 2012)

After Woody Allen who of economy shoots film in Europe also other famous director - Brian De Palma, the author of gangster masterpieces " moved there; Untouchable “ “ Karlito`s Way “ and “ Scarface “. What is uncharacteristic for the master, he undertook a remake of the French tape “ The Crime from - for love “ (2010). Being a professional of the highest test, De Palma, certainly, made everything that his movie was better, brighter also than nasyshchenny. However an exceptional case when took very mediocre and dullish psychological thriller leaving more at the game of the leading performers as a basis than at the expense of an intrigue and a suspense.

Having replaced Ludivine Sagnier and Christine Scott Thomas on young and fashionable Rachael McAdams and Noomi Rapace, authors “ ate “ the last advantage, why a remake seems still ploshche and tosklivy the original. Certainly, everything is removed beautiful and able, only the creator was late with the “ Passion “ for about twenty years - thirty. Such flik were popular in the early nineties when the public in bulk went on numerous erotic thrillers. As well as most of the age-mates on director`s shop, De Palma, apparently, was infinitely tired and creates “ on the " submachine gun;.

4. “ " Planes; (Planes, 2013)

“ First of all, first of all - planes … “. It was so sung in the song and girls it is valid at anything here. Disney which remorselessly copies own creation " is about a new animated adventure of a film studio; Wheelbarrows “.

Like an automobile animated cartoon, Clay Hall`s picture represents bright, spirit gripping show, but with very mediocre and predictable plot. Having got rid of cooperation with Pixar, Disney on the fly lost all charm and originality, having packed the standard video series into a volume format. It is a pity that heroes “ " Planes; cannot brag of depth of an inner world: they are registered schematically, without special imagination if only to satisfy unpretentious taste of children`s audience. Nevertheless, for lack of the competition, the animation blockbuster has every chance of good cash desk, considering that it is the last days off before new academic year. And many parents will want to sugar the pill.

5. “ To You end! “ (You’re Next, 2013)

It is amusing if the doctor instead of the phrase “ Following! “ (quite so the name of a horror film of Adam Vingard is literally translated) would say the phrase “ To You end! “. I believe, he not for long would linger on the place. What does not kolysht ours " at all; translators “ who invent headings more often, than use the poor knowledge of language.

That to the movie, before us the slasher, sound and very generous on blood and emotions, telling about how attacks a gang of maniacs in animal masks the respectable family having a rest in a country cottage. Vingard is not the debutant at all, however his former works did not reach wide Russian release. This tape roamed much too on profile festivals and forums before got to movie theaters of America where not bad earned. As became the reason of its emergence on big screens in us.

In general, it is very live and really terrible (analog of the movie can serve zhutik “ Strangers “ (2008) from Liv Tyler). Especially frightens not so much cruelty and ruthlessness of murderers, how many absence of visible motives. We only need to be pressed nervously in chairs and to hope that the main character having experience of a survival in extreme conditions will put the skills into practice.

And it is only a third of total number of the novelties starting at cinema on August 29. The alternating cast is very various. Here new work of Frenchman Francois Ozon the erotic drama " enters; It is young and beautiful “ , one of applicants for the Golden Palm of the past film festival in Cannes. From China arrived a shelter - faugh - the fairy tale about young talent “ Master`s Pupil “ , and Swedes will try to surprise us with the picturesque criminal fighter “ Easy money: Stockholm noir “. We will be able to get acquainted with the independent American comedy “ Genital “ to estimate the new Russian tape “ " Pelmeni; from the screenwriter “ Soldier`s Decameron “ and documentary three-dimensional adventures from Australia “ Lethal surfers “ .