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Retro - a horror film Werewolves of an old morgue or Where got to old kind zhutik?

Are inscrutable ways on which movies get to me on the review. Sometimes I purposefully go to movie theater to enjoy technological progress in next the rattling iron the blockbuster. Quite often I respond to requests of readers to describe this or that tape, and also quite often I reconsider classics because after series of trifling opuses there is a wish to feel a magic power of cinema again.

Once, selecting the next party of screenshots for the blog, I came across an English-speaking page of a horror film of the year one under the name The Boneyard. Certainly, official Russian name Werewolves of an old morgue does not correspond to the original at all. Moreover, during VHS era this picture traveled around video salons with the headings Burial of bones Mertvyatnik and so on. Nevertheless the most exact, proceeding from a context, can consider option which was used by the anonymous translator - Dead . The similar trouble with names is characteristic of many ancient tapes because everyone nasal a bubnilka izgalyalsya moderately the imagination.

The police investigates strange incident in the funeral house of Mr. Chen where law enforcement officers found three dead kids. The Chinese, it is exclusive by kindness sincere, fed up the captives pieces clients . When someone missed extremities at the deceased relative, swindle revealed, Mr. Chen was taken right there into custody, and corpses sent to a local morgue. Where on a table of the pathologist their awful diet also became clear.

Business was charged to a couple of cops, grown wise experience of Jersey and to its young workmate. Jersey, without holding catches and proofs, first of all asks for the help the woman - the psychic Ellie Oates. The last cooperates with the authorities for a long time, helping to open the deafest murders and to find missing persons. However recently Ellie departed from affairs, preferring to sit out within four walls and to avoid negative emotions.

At a persistent request of the old friend of Ellie everything is agrees to join investigation and listens to video of the old man Chen who tells about an ancient damnation of a sort and certain vampires which and it, both his father, and even the old man Chen lured human flesh to pray for forgiveness family sins of tercentenary prescription. To make sure of correctness of testimonies of the Chinese, police officers and the psychic go to a morgue where intend to survey bodies and to try by nonconventional methods to check testimonies of the coffin maker. But are not in time because children get up from shelves and go to have supper. All kompashka, including the local pathologist and the watchwoman, is locked in an office and bravely holds the fort. The problem is that the sting of these creatures is extremely infectious also any of live can turn into the ugly and blood-thirsty monster

the reasoned opinion that the horror - a genre stays in desolation now Exists. You judge, the most part of the latest horror films are either remakes / sequels of classical tapes, or variations on a subject. Fashionable mockumentary style in which it was removed The Witch from Blair and Paranormal phenomenon quickly became boring to public. In fact, no sound zhutik in zero are removed. As an exception it is possible to consider James Wang`s works ( Saw Astral ) and Sam Ramey ( Drag Me to Hell ) the majority is stupid the friend to the friend clones. That is why any more - less fresh idea is instantly worn out to holes, acquiring continuations and backgrounds.

In the eightieth everything was differently. The era of unknown blossoming of video rolling business urged on American kinopry on creation of low budget, plain horrors which seldom got to movie theaters, but were sold out in thousand circulations on videotapes. Exactly thanks to it such cult tapes, as The Nightmare on Vyazov Street Friday, 13 - e Zubastiki Master of dolls and other, turned into the whole long-playing series. Creation of the next series cost authors real kopeks while realization and hire brought notable profits. With the advent of the Internet and DVD the situation changed to unrecognizability, and today is simply unprofitable to be put in infinite copying of some horror film.

Werewolves of an old morgue treat those movies that never broke cash desk and did not become hits of video salons. It is a rarity, like the opus Teledead persons which even on open spaces of the World wide web is hard to finding out, buying a disk. The picture lives in appropriate places and is in very limited demand even for fans of a genre. All because the movie did not become an event, did not develop into some film series, and his creator, the director - the debutant James Cummings, soon gave up a profession.

By the way, Cummings did not get out of some hole as many present directors and before issuing a director`s debut, for many years stuck the expert in visual effects. Behind his shoulders work on such glorified samples of a genre of a fantasy and horrors, as Something (1982) John Carpenter, Cocoon (1985) Ron Howard, My Enemy (1985) Wolfgang Petersen and well-known TV series Twilight zone . In other words, as the technical specialist Cummings was down on to the business, and as for specific humour of technicians, not to you to tell me.

It is asked what reasons of absence in today`s Hollywood similar nice and at the same time horrible projects? Such impression that modern horrormeyker set to themselves the task to intimidate the viewer to an usrachka, and all available and often use for this purpose immoral means. Oppressive music, the sharp ringing chords accompanying any rustle in the dark, the warped faces of heroes, awful pictures and the sea razlivanny krovishch. The naturalism is regarded as of paramount importance: the more in a shot of the torn-off, chopped off, bitten off extremities, the better. And cinema-men are occupied by process of mutilation, but not the result - a suspense gave way to savoring of a dismembered body. Why to invent smart plots when it is possible to throw out just sharply a terrible ugly face from - for a corner or to show work of the pathologist in all beauty?

In days of old horror films were less static, more amusing, ironic in relation to themselves. Remember at least the similar cult movie " on the atmosphere; Return of living dead persons . In the eightieth computer animation was in embryo, all effect was reached by hands of tens of specialists in a make-up. Such as Rob Bottin, Ric Baker, James Cummings. In relation to To Werewolves of an old morgue it is possible to note that all monsters are executed at the highest professional level. And at the same time cause laughter, especially huge saber-toothed poodle. And small kids - vampires whose bony hands reach for you for deadly embraces? And the goggle-eyed watchwoman of a morgue Mrs. Pupenplatts with a wild hairdress and repugnant character? To you not the set of pixels, is laborious multi-day work.

I already many times repeated that movies of the eightieth differ in the unique atmosphere. It not opinion of the person who grew by them, and quite taken place point of view. Today at cinema there is at all no enthusiast left which the financial result, how many process is not so important. Sadly, but fact.