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Criminal drama Effect of a humming-bird (2012). London - paradise for bums and Catholics? Whether

It happened to you to kill very much? And to green little men? All right, do not hesitate, the little squirrel - that was seen by all. And here to the character of the movie Effect of a humming-bird performed by the British actor Jason Steytem it was carried to naklyukatsya to the flitting tropical birdies. And it at all not laughter for the sake of, just at everyone the nightmares.

The gallant soldier Joey Smith was that until left service in Afghanistan. Absence without leave does not paint the citizen of the United Kingdom where the most drastic measures are applied to deserters. But Joey made in the war a mistake which cannot be corrected or prayed for forgiveness at god. Legal life in London to it is ordered, as well as communication with a family. Now he is a simple bum who has a bottle, a box for a lodging for the night, free lunches from the conventual Christina and the warm associate in the person of the homeless child Isabel.

One night the lane where Joey lives, as usual, visited collectors of the taxes . Joey flared up for what there was a bit and is almost killed, but in time was on the lam and will of a case got to the apartment of the wandering gay - the photographer who left till October in Big " apple;. The destiny presented being the commando chance: he on the sly lives on a hut in Soho, puts on in expensive belongings, goes on " Mercedes; also uses others credit card. But Joey in a shower not the thief and not the gigolo, is also time to return to it to life, to recover from attacks of the flying humming-birds and to cease to wash down nightmares vodyary.

To the Caesar - Caesarian therefore the soldier gets that job which he is able to do. He works on the Chinese mafia, knocks out debts, explains on the broken fingers of the requirement of the boss and lives in grand style, affording secret charity in relation to the former colleagues on slums. He also unburdens the heart to the conventual whose arrival regularly feeds beggars. Also gives it expensive gifts because it likes it and all here. But it is impossible to take and become here so good. It is impossible to live at the same time on conscience and to continue to sin vigorously. The circle will become isolated, and someone should be paid wholly Admirers of the British robust fellow and the new hero of fighters Jason Steytem rendered

To Effect of a humming-bird Stephen Knight cold, purely English reception. They got used to see in a shot of elegantly cool and eternally unshaven handsome which joking scatters crowds of opponents, scorches atilt from all types of weapon and skillfully stacks villains. The traditional image of Steytem is cloned from the movie in the movie, and we already forgot that once the actor professionally did swimming, participated as a part of the national team in the Olympic Games and even earned additionally model of men`s wear. Today Steytem strongly is associated at public with weight identical on style and execution of actions, since Carrier (2002) and finishing Parker (2012).

Judging by reaction of the audience, Steytem nearly on Hamlet threatened. And that, to Gibson after Deadly " weapon; and Mad Max it is possible, and to it is not present? Actually, its image practically did not undergo changes unless a droplet of dramatic nature added also tragedy. The hostage of destiny - villains, the soldier who is not knowing words of love . Perhaps and not the Prince of Denmark, but almost king Lear. And also defender professional and carrier rolled into one. An invariable strict suit with a tie, the shaved skull and a grin, which not to sulitvraga of nothing good. His hero still dexterously waves fists, covers with a back of the disadvantaged, makes strange, but sincere romantic acts and leaves on a decline, having beautifully finished mission. What Bol, it is asked?

Claim one, but solid: Steytem does not pull. So far, certainly. Like the colleague from shop Dwayne Johnson who similarly decided to try the hand in the criminal drama Informer Englishman constantly nedo and feather . We see the habitual uncompromising fighter, the loser with dirty locks of hair and a compassionate look of the beaten dog. The hand instinctively breaks extremities to the opponent, shivers, hitting the bottle from the acquaintance since the childhood a label.

Both absolutely artificially and false its final dialogue during which Steytem vainly presses from himself a tear though it would be simpler to strain off waters from a piece of granite sounds. Nobody wants to feel sorry for him because, in - the first, he is a bandit, though charming and conscientious, and in - the second, the member of team Uncontrollable . Slay sobbed in " too; Rocca and Rambo but during an era of the eightieth mighty filmstars were able to afford sentimentality. To speak in any case if Iron Arney walked about on the screen in family shorts, went with a stomach on the ninth month. And Jason has only a little cry in a chamber and all - failure of collecting, angry responses, a wave of excrements on the favourite actor. And he tried, it is visible.

Not especially also the fact that the expert on the London bottom Stephen Knight who for the first time decided to direct with own hand the text not too tried to diversify events helps. Men definitely will lack hand-to-hand fights and company cynical humour of Steytem, and women will be extremely disappointed with the romantic line with the conventual from whom by definition to you it is not necessary to wait for anything intelligible and festive. Especially as the hero is extremely inconsistent in the claims: he as if in words not love, but rescue of soul looks for, and in practice seduces the Lord`s attendant. At the last, however, the skeletons in the cupboard the whole platoon, but unless it acquits her? The lyrical motive at authors obviously did not turn out though you will not refuse to Pole Agata Buzek self-control - she with firmness holds the fort suprotiv so charming and brutal British macho.

It is curious that at the budget only two million dollars Stephen Knight`s drama in America collected pathetic 36 thousand. And here in Russia where fighters with participation of the actor (and at all a genre in general) in honor, the picture nearly paid off. Certainly, because all went on the fighter, without expecting that the tandem of the English cinema-men will play such a dirty trick. Ideal the drama in Knight`s statement is an excessive copulation of coincidence when everything becomes to the best, and what to the best - does not become. In other words, Steytem was got involved not in that fight, and therefore a sin to complain about conditionally broken ribs. Nevertheless to the actor not to occupy talent, we still remember and " Revolver; and The Robbery on Baker - the street where the British managed to be beyond a habitual image.

Effect of a humming-bird - attempt which will go to offset, but a critical milestone in career of the Englishman will not become. Here it is necessary or to stop specifically at nothing at all to cease to wave fists in a shot, or, by an example of the senior companions, to ryaditsya in the clown and to break off a template as the Jolly-boat a hot-water bottle. Jason made a small, uncertain short step and stumbled. And does not plan to play the tragedy still any more, preferring to drive in with iron blows the name into the anthology of a combative genre: next year he is going to visit a skin of the former military, agent on fight against drugs, the bandit and the villain. And a theatrical stage is provided against a rainy day.