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Film series Children of corn (1984 - 2011). The most shameful screen version of Stephen King? Considering

that Stephen Edwin King creativity enjoys stunning popularity in cinema, frankly slipshod statements inevitably occur in this wild number of screen versions. Nobody repealed the law of loss of quality in the course of conveyor stamping. it is far

There are a lot of examples, it is enough to remember, as King not without sin. In 1986 - m it with unclear to a perepug undertook direction of the movie Maximum acceleration according to own story " Trucks;. It turned out very muffledly that forever fought an okhotka off the writer though as the actor he continues to appear periodically in a shot. In addition the annals of a shame includes such amateurish and dreadful (in respect of quality, but not a plot) tapes as Night shift (1990), series Gold years (1991), pass - series Tomminokera (1993) and television movie Hopelessness (2006).

However in any ratings the last place will be held by that opus about which the speech - the well-known shnyaga removed according to the story " will go today; Children of corn . Removed and subsequently spread around to the sizes of the long franchize which lasted for 27 years. Truly, ways " are inscrutable; Togo who bypasses ranks .

Traveling around rural America, Bert and Vikki (Linda Hamilton) will come across the strange town of Getlin which, apparently, turned into the ghost town. Getlin`s schools do not teach arithmetics any more and do not put chemical experiments, in bakeries do not bake pies and biscuits, and in local church strange ikebanas from the dried-up ears " hang on walls instead of icons and crucifixions; queens of the fields . It seems that life finally left this corner of a galaxy, however careless tourists could not suspect that earlier Getlin differed in nothing from the standard remote towns of America. Until Isaak sold soul To The one who bypasses ranks .

Few years ago the boy Isaak, the leader of the informal religious movement of worship of corn fields, ordered to the associates to cut out all adult population. Its momentary rush was executed with special cruelty and cynicism, having put the fat end in the history of Getlin. The remained children and teenagers are forced to profess on pain of death Isaak`s cult though part of flock so believed in correctness of the false doctrine that it is ready to follow for mad though on the world`s end. But most of all survivors are afraid of it the right hand, the bandit Malakaya with which jokes are bad.

Bert, being not only the law-abiding citizen, but also painfully curious subject, tries to solve Getlin`s riddle, despite persistent requests of the girlfriend to leave the unfriendly place. And meanwhile riddle observes for hanging around a grief the city - researchers and plans to sacrifice them to the bloody god at sunset. Neither Bert, nor the Wicca is suspected that watch them from all bushes and therefore slowly but surely move towards test which will turn their knowledge in supernatural of

we Will be frank, the story of King on which absolutely untalented debutant Fritz Kirsch walked, it is impossible to consider as a literature pearl. In fact, it is even not a sink from a pearl, and a sample of creativity through passage King of horrors at which it is the share of one decent plot three - four custom halturka. Therefore to complain that supposedly spoiled great work it is not necessary. Another thing is that it was even possible to squeeze out a maximum of this unpretentious rasskazik if to develop the main idea about children`s revolt, to lift a two-three of social layers and to add horror. I remind, outside 1984 when R rating did not mean at all that in the movie will talk only a mat, to chop off extremities and to smear guts on the screen. All sadistic murders in Children of corn are bashfully hidden by censorship, and age limit, probably, is connected with the most seditious idea when disobedient children send the parents to heaven.

However all trick at all not in what Kirsch`s tape, despite deservedly pejorative rating of critics, managed to pay for itself four times in hire. Tsimmes is that about Children of corn remembered only eight years later while Hollywood prefers to bake sequels, without departing from cash desk. Probably, all - dreadfully devastating reviews made the business, but when the wave departed and a spear were broken, producers on the sly started in production the second part with a promising subtitle Last victim . As with a regret only the beginning of the phenomenal phenomenon under the name " became clear later, not the last, and; cloning of idiotic movies for the purpose of rather honest vymanivaniye of money at trustful fellow citizens .

Remembering that the original, at all profitability, balanced too close to the foul, creation of the sequel was charged not to the beginner, but the producer Leprekona and to the director Son of darkness 2 To David Price. Linda Hamilton, that else in 1984 - became famous for m at future husband in Terminator throughout did not begin to call even for fun, and just recruited actors from the street because timid producers allocated for the second part three times the smaller sum. What did not prevent them to hit a jackpot again. In number the second from King already nothing remained. It was scripted counting on recognition of a brand, and in it all ponapikhat and at once: spiteful kids, magic to Wood, wise Indians in jeans, the flying ears, plot with toxic chemicals and other nonsense, having decorated the picture for fidelity with a standard terrible music with the chorus howling from a week lock. It is more murders, blood has more, and even which - what mystical base was tried to be brought under a kingovsky plot, but the standard trash though, it is worth recognizing, more dynamic and terrible, than ridiculous original of Kirsch as a result turned out.

A fact of common knowledge - many famous actors of the present began the career by supernumeraries in horror films. Guess who was lit before public in the third part Children of corn left three years later in 1995 - m? Names are all known: director Anthony Hikoks (dilogy Wax museum and Risen from hell 3 ), Yugoslavian model Ivana Milicevic ( Casino Grand piano ) and the South African Oscar-winning beauty Charlize Theron who should not be represented. All these people flash in crowd whereas the first places in a trequel, as always, are occupied by untalented persons. As in fields bothered to shoot film, the third movie moved to the stone jungle of Chicago where the next series of the drama, now with impurity of magic and demons is played. A tape with the name City harvest came straight to video as on payback at movie theaters the hope was not any more.

Then Ostap, that is studio - the owner, incurred. New series began to leave with frequency of times in two years, and even annually. By 2001 when the film series finally decayed, cinema-men managed to produce four more continuations, each of which strictly surpassed the predecessor in dullness. During this time in film series Naomi Watts, Ewa Mendez, David Kerredin, Stacey Kich, Nancey Allen and Michael Ayronsayd managed to pump over actor`s skills.

However fat the corn franchize was given not by(with) the movie of 2001 " up as a bad job; Apocalypse and unexpectedly left in 2011 - m Children of corn: Genesis . That not a remake and not continuation, and a certain freethinking on the set subject, but the imagination at authors was enough only for combining blood, children, murders and an annual grassy plant.

Today the series officially are considered closed and, seemingly, do not come to anybody to mind it any more to revive. What we are entirely grateful for.