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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 24 - 25? Percy Jackson Death Tools etc.

From summer remained few days, the era of seasonal blockbusters comes to an end. Finally we should return to the fenteziyny world of Ric Riordan together with the sequel Percy Jackson and Mora of monsters and also to test for taste of prospect of the new teenage franchize about fight against the otherworldly forces of evil Death Tools: City of bones .

nobody decided to Compete to two engaged Hollywood projects therefore the makeweight to them will show on anything not applying dramas and comedies from Spain, Canada and France.

1. Percy Jackson and Mora of monsters (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, 2013)

Hollywood is keen on creation of the various fenteziyny worlds and film series now. Success Lord of the Rings improbable popularity of the franchize about Harry Potter and an agiotage around Twilight only stir interest of both parties (authors and the audience) in new screen versions. In 2010 producers paid attention to Ric Riordan`s story about the boy Percy Jackson who actually is a descendant of Ancient Greek god Poseidon. At the time of shootings the writer managed to produce six novels about Jackson, and also began a new cycle of books from the " series; Heroes of the Olympus and Successors of gods . Generally, at Riordan on mythology of ancient Greeks specifically demolished a roof though there began a man with quite sane detectives. And now writes what well is on sale.

However no lists of best-sellers and popularity of the book saved the first movie shot by the famous children`s director Chris Columbus ( Home Alone ) from full-scale fiasco. The picture was torn to pieces by critics and the viewer very was skeptical about new film series, without having allowed a tape to pay back the 95 - the million budget. More - less tolerable financial results the picture showed only outside the USA that as a result gave a reason for creation of the sequel. And you know what happens when remove continuation of the unsuccessful movie?

Percy Jackson and Mora of monsters the second is based on the book of the same name, in a series, that is till everything goes one after another. This time to the senior and the successor of gods who lives among same " now; people X as well as he, it is necessary to grab the Golden Fleece and other divine fetishes from which holds apart Riordan`s worlds as a stomach after aerated water liter.

The grief of the new screen version is that it is not better than the movie of three-year prescription at all. And in something even more silly and ploshche that destroys all attempts of producers of film series to outdo Potteriana in dust. Here so, in comparison, you understand: in the fairy tale not only special effects of intergalactic value, travel at the other end of the world and various artifacts, but volume, living, sincere characters are important.

Heroes Percy Jackson perhaps, absolutely others on paper, but at cinema they do not cause resolutely any positive emotions, is more often - irritation or boredom. As a result all epic with rescue of the Golden Fleece and numerous fights with monsters cannot brighten up absence of the main thing - originality. Percy Jackson it is so secondary and weak in itself that any tricks of masters of computer animation not to rescue it. Aabsolyutno the equal and not memorable faces of actors which in twenty are forced to play thirteen-year-old ruin all good intentions of creators at all.

2. Death Tools: City of bones (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, 2013)

If Percy Jackson - entertainment for the audience grieving for Harry Potter, Death Tools Harold Tsvart is a breath of fresh air for fans twilight saga . This time under review Factories of dreams one more got writer - the certain Cassandra Claire who was once muddling J.K. Rowling and Tolkien, and after a couple of legal claims about plagiarism decided to be engaged in independent creativity. Its child, a series from five (in the future - from six) books Death Tools tells about the tribe of twilight hunters who struggle in parallel reality with demons, ghosts, vampires and other evil spirits. Reminds nothing?

In spite of the fact that Claire planned to be original, ears Twilight stick out of each page of its book (kopipast - a habit infectious). And in the movie the difference is not felt at all. Unless ugly faces all unfamiliar (so far) and plot it was improved besides vampires other representatives of otherworldly fauna. The only thing, than the new franchize can brag in peak to Stephenie Meyer`s screen versions is a large number of successful jokes (big in comparison to zero, it is natural) and fancy special effects, the benefit that monsters and creatures nasty in a shot increased and means of fight against them often not the most humane. Ah yes, forgive, nearly forgot about the performer of leading party - Lily Collins, the daughter of the world famous musician Phil Collins. The girl ripened for roles more adults, than her charming Snow White from Tarsem Singh`s version, and looks very vigorously (besides, in comparison with a sour mine of Kristen Stewart).

Focused on girls - teenagers, and also those women who those see themselves all life the tape beats the cap fits, providing to our attention a new glamourous love triangle for which participants it is necessary to naperezhivatsya much. Over the past few years Hollywood several times tried to pass on a beaten path Twilight but only Death Tools have real chance to become the new youth saga. The simple, banal chewing gum flavored with several successful hints and film quotes, a two-three of charismatic characters and diluted with competently put action. And where exactly this world slides, we, apparently, learn from the sequel City of " ashes; which is already planned for 2014. Honestly, who could doubt that the female audience will make to the movie cash desk?

And now about those to whom nothing shines in the monetary plan, that is other debutants of a present film week. First of all pay attention to the Spanish it is sports - the criminal drama Scorpion In love , put according to Carlos Bardem`s novel, the elder brother famous Spanish actor Javier Bardem. Both relatives participate in a picture though Javier has a role of the invited star, besides the terry bastard. The plot spins around the young man - the neo-fascist who together with others newly appeared Aryans wets on dark gates of color emigrants. The guy dreams of sports career, but for the sake of it he should choose - or to continue to play the fool and bring up in itself a wolf, or to forget about the past and to become the present scorpion stinging opponents on a ring, but not in life. The strong drama, it is sensible played and well put. It is a pity, not a mainstream therefore the number of sessions is limited.

It is recommended to admirers of the French humour not to miss the movie Mad teachers with participation of the famous comedian Christian Clavier ( Asteriks and Obeliks ) . On a plot the director of the educational institution which is promptly sliding down employs a little, to put it mildly, non-standard teachers to increase progress and to improve indicators of the forthcoming USE. These teachers are so inadequate that nobody will just want to remain for the second year. Though some copies are amusing, for example, the new teacher of French or the full laid-back person (Clavier) who teaches nothing at all, and prefers to lie at lessons in a hammock and to smoke a grass.

In limited hire it will be possible to see the three-dimensional " version also; Parallel worlds Juan Diego Solanas, film almanac Invisible world , devoted to the Brazilian city San - Paulo, and the Canadian independent drama Under pressure .