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Really you were not in Charming yet?

Was born and I live in a remarkable corner of the nature - a mudflow Charming the Slavic area, Donetsk region. I think what some already bothered to go abroad in search of rest, and all we have the best also in Ukraine! Namely, on Donbass!

Donbass is the revived spirituality, unique monuments history, architecture, arts, it is the unique bewitching and wild nature and though Donetsk region most often is associated with coal and metal, but in recent years its image buys new paints.

On number of recreational facilities Donetsk region concedes in Ukraine only to the Crimea. Come to Donbass, and you will visit Svyatogorye - the Donetsk Switzerland mislaid in coniferous forests and blue lakes with unique ancient monastic constructions by Svyatogorska Svyato - Uspensky Monastery in cretaceous rocks over the Seversky Donets.

You will see museum rarities - expositions Donetsk regional local history and Donetsk regional art the museums, a collection of cloths of N. Roerich and the museum of the tiny book in Horlivka, the museum of the Wood in Velikoanadolye, the museum of history and culture of Greeks of Priazovye, the museum of national architecture and creativity under the open sky in the village. Charming Slavic r - on and there is a lot more interesting... Discover for yourself Donbass tourist!

An ancient look Svyatogorska of Monastery that on the Dontsovy steep slope, represents spirituality of the Donetsk region for a long time. The first historical data on Sacred Mountains are dated back to the beginning the 16th centuries.

In Svyatogorye it is created unique the historian - the architectural reserve including 40 buildings and constructions. Here remained a masterpiece of the Ukrainian national architecture of the 17th century. The Nikolaev church on the cretaceous rock, cretaceous caves in Sacred Mountains (to 1000 m), known since the beginning of the 16th century, the Svyatogorsky Uspensky man`s monastery. In March, 2004 the Svyatogorsky monastery was given the status of Monastery.

The monumental sculpture of Artyom of I. P. Kavaleridze`s work belongs to a complex of historical monuments of the reserve (1927) . Near a monument to Artyom there is a Memorial of the Great Patriotic War which beginning was a burial the general - the major Batyuk Nikolay Fillipovich in 1943 after fights under page. The naked Valley Slavic r - on. In 1996 Blok of memory on which more than 1000 surnames of the soldiers who died at release of our edge are brought is constructed. The monument to Vladimir Maksimovich Kamyshev (Kamyshev`s oak), to the intelligence agent - the gunner who died in 1943 also belongs to the Memorial.

Now the unique territory Svyatogorya is a part of the " national natural park (NNP); Sacred Mountains . Oak groves of Scientific Production Enterprise occupy a third of its total area of the woods, at the same time some copies of an oak reach 400 - 600 - summer age.

The balneological Slavic resort with salty lakes of a karst origin which is located near Svyatogorsk in Sloviansk, has good medical base, dirt and water of lakes are curative.

In the village Charming (The Slavic area) there is a museum of national architecture, life and children`s creativity where the corner of the Ukrainian farmstead of the XIX century with the real wind-driven generator and Samana a hut is under the open sky recreated, and the rock-garden strikes with the variety.

Slavyanshchina is rich with traditions of folk art. Almost in each village there are ensembles which sing the Ukrainian national songs, transfer folk customs and ceremonies, Ivan Kupala`s holiday in the village of Raygorodok is especially known. Guests of the villages of Bylbasovka, Charming can learn secrets of the mountain Karachun, try voditsa from a curative Chaychansky well, see barrows and the Cossack graves, visit the estate of the landowner Bantysh and touch legendary centuries-old history of the Cossack settlement.

History of my village begins with the II half of the XVIII century. In 1768 the retired lieutenant Bantysh received these lands for military service and founded on the right coast of the small river the Dry End face the settlement Cheerful which began to be called later the village Charming. The name of the village confirms that the district where it was based, and the truth is very beautiful.

Having arrived here, you will be able to visit the family estate of sir Bantysh, to listen to a rustle 300 - summer oaks, to visit the house of the famous writer G. P. Danilevsky, to visit the museum of national architecture and life, to walk on a suspension bridge, to get lost in the pine wood where there are many mushrooms, to bathe in the small river Unless it is possible to list that can wait for the person in this remarkable corner of the nature!

If you sometime to us get, then will surely return!