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Fighter G. I. Joe: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 (2013). At home among strangers, others among the?

At desire, and such handymen are, a plot of the second G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra it would be possible to find room on a matchbox label. The next full-scale commercial of toy concern - giant Hasbro is called in a fighting system with only one mission - to increase sales of products of the company, and the similar purpose in ours commercial the world always justifies means.

For those who are not aware - the first tell-tales from the " series; G. I. Joe the American company Hasbro let out in the mid-sixties under the slogan boys too sometimes play dolls . Certainly, it was talked not of the pink baby dolls, after a distinct slap whining mother and toy fighters with which future soldiers of the USA could stage tactical drills and hot fights at themselves in the nursery. The line of figures was so fallen in love to the growing-up man`s population of America that soon on the horizon the comics of the same name loomed, cartoon serials and the other media production capable to increase interest in popular little men from plastic.

Everything came to an end in the fact that clever brains decided to extend marketing campaign and in cinema. However not the tell-tales and much more famous " became first signs; Transformers nowadays turned into one of the richest film franchizes of Hollywood. And here emergence of G. I. Joe on the big screen took place with much smaller agiotage: Stephen Sommerz`s tape G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra despite tolerant financial result, it was torn apart by critics to pieces that provided to the project six nominations on Gold " raspberry; of which the actress Sienna Miller got one.

You think, it gave up as a bad job film series? At all not, on To Factory of dreams are not scattered by such ideas. Just children decided to pretend to be rags and not to gleam. And to change horses on a crossing to hell because sometimes, in rare instances, from change of the places composed also the sum can exchange. Especially, if with arithmetics disagreement. That is why got rid of Dennis Quade who signed the contract for three movies at once after the first. Which - who, like Joseph Gordon - Levitte and Sienna Miller (still), refused itself, without pressing. Also the director of the first part Sommerz at whom with " was similarly sent; Mummies it turned out far more vividly. Actually, from initial structure there were horns yes of a leg, including unexpectedly zamaterevshy Channing Tatum, silent according to the movie of Scot Ray Park and Korean Li Bin Hona. In a shot there was also Johnathan Price and Arnold Voslu who as the fates decree had to play the same character.

The world is in danger again. Having taken in anabiosis captivity of enemies of the fatherland, the Commander Kobra and Destro, gallant members of spetsnaz of G. I. Joe lost sight of artful Zartan and his assistant Fayrflaya. A mean nedobitok Zartan, having got a false idea itself Fantomas, pulled a face of the head of state and, using unlimited access to unlimited stocks of juicy bombs, plans to arrange big dietary supplement - boom. However first of all the president - the werewolf ordered to destroy G. I. Joe group on fabricated charge that then to this question not to come back.

Its plans were fated to come true only partially: the foreman Dyyuk died, but his companions - Roudblok, Flint and Lady Jay, managed to dive into a well where hid from enemy rockets. They not unreasonably suspect of deeds villainy the first person of the nation because who else in senses and strong memory could give the order to raze to the ground the best elite division of the country? And time the order is given, so or the president went crazy, or he is Fantomas. Or, as will show the simple analysis of DNA, nasty megalomanyak Zartan, the closest helper Komandira Kobry which, by the way, was saved recently from an imprisonment.

Having had in allies white nindzyu Storm Shadow, the deserter from Kobra`s team, and also having secured with support of the founding father general Joe Colton, the remains of G. I. Joe intend to break in the most indecent way ambitious plans of the opponent. And to make it in broad daylight, having killed the false president, having broken new rocket armada of Kobra and having restored the peace sky over the head of residents of India, Russia and the other nuclear powers which fell into a trap Zartana

Calculations of authors of the sequel on the fact that the native American audience which is brought up by several generations on Hasbro toys will be favorable to the movie again did not justify themselves. And it seems collecting quite good, but in the USA the picture earned only a third of total amount. What the public to which all these tell-tales are unfamiliar bought? In - the first, on a recognizable brand, the sequel always moves ahead in masses better, than the original. In - the second, on Bruce Willis which in the movie is not enough and it looks against dashing cases like Dwayne Rocks Johnson at all not kosherno. Bruce was allowed more self-irony and sarcasm, than to other members of team, but in a patriotic boyevichk its funny outbursts look somehow ridiculously. And Willis in the favourite genre so became boring recently that could not even extend on due level darling Strong nut . What to tell about war game where in the forefront the flying ninjias and men with guns, the shooting anti-tank missiles of some mad caliber.

It would be possible to give in to the general tendency and to abuse properly G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra for terse dialogues, a predictable plot, monocelled heroes and rectilinear, stupid pathos. Many and do, perceiving John M. Chu`s movie in all seriousness, including a brain for the analysis prichinno - investigative communications and trying to understand who is right here and who is guilty. And here it is not necessary to fool about. Equally well it is possible to look for a deep social or moral message and in other installations from Hasbro, including above-mentioned Transformers or recent Sea battle . Similar movies are shot for the only purpose - to attract popkornovy audience in movie theaters. That on the screen everything crashed, bakhat, fabulous blew up, fell, ran, screamed blue murder and periodically, but is exclusively epic, died on hands of fellow soldiers.

Silly, but cheerful in the idiocy and full rejection from reality an attraction. Look at least at the summit of the eight arranged with authors G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 : in comparison with it circus clowns - sad reflections of reality. Even Abrakhams and Tsukera did not dream of it when parodied Gorbachev in Naked gun and they shot the comedy, but not the semi-fantastic fighter.

Originally the sequel was wanted to be released even in the summer of 2012, but then the Paramount company unexpectedly reversed, having explained transfer of a premiere with need to improve 3D - effects. Actually the film crew had to dosnimat scenes with participation of Tatum which sharp growth of popularity after work with Soderbergh could help the project. Tatum was all the same killed, as a result, in the desert what personally I am very glad to because in comparison with Dwayne Johnson he all the same looked how a stool against a throne. From other casting it is possible to allocate Korean Hon, it strikes a heat the gestures, the benefit that the director John M. Chu was engaged in dancing pases in film series " earlier; Step forward also told to the world of Star Trek of sweet-voiced Justin Bieber. Generally, it was far from multimillion blockbusters with guns and fights, but was able to use the invoice favourably.

Main problem of the second G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra that it differs from the original only in change of a facade and couple of abrupt scenes from which really takes the breath away. All the rest still remained at the level of teenage imaginations how toy tell-tales will behave in real fight. But if you did not reach puberty yet, will quite descend for the truth.