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Thriller Side effect (2013). Where to take tablets from greed?

Stephen Soderbergh are the surprising director by right taking the place in the list of the most unpredictable film figures of the American mainstream. Having started in 1989 the provocative tape Sex, lie and video he at once received the Golden Palm in Cannes, having outlined a side among themselves and the others. And since then regularly surprises the viewer though recently in his infallibility tears appeared.

After threefold blow movies Erin Brokovich Traffic and Eleven friends of Ouchene Soderbergh relaxed a little and decided that he seized god by a beard when he undertook the screen version Solaris . Then followed absolutely muffled Twelve friends of Ouchene and across Hollywood rumors spread that supposedly Stephen any more not cake and its best days behind. Having finished the trilogy about reckless robbers with powerful breakthrough, Soderbergh outdid spitpoisons, but, probably, it costed it considerable efforts as since 2007 he began to rush about from a genre in a genre. Whether trying to please all, whether in painful creative searches.

From - under its feather that there were quite author`s and recognizable opuses, like a dilogy about Che Guevara, very controversial and frankly useless projects among which there is a drama Call girl with participation of a pornstar of Sasha Gray and the recent melodrama about the stripper Super Mike . It seemed, the director was blown off especially as he repeatedly declared that he intends to leave the world of big cinema and to be engaged in cultivation of daisies. And then was published Side effect and we learned a corporate style of old times of Stephen at once.

Emily Taylor has a sad look not for just like that. What to have fun - that, the husband in prison, work of an obrydl, the depression smothers fine rushes. And even when the hubby which federals took away in handcuffs directly from a wedding, at last, leaned back, Emily did not get prettier. On the contrary, its silent whirlpool absolutely blossomed when madam accurately ran up on the " Volkswagen; and with all the dope rammed a wall of the underground parking. Here it was also tied under ruchenk are white, but kind doctor Banks, having looked in her honest eyes, offered instead of an institution with soft walls couple of sessions of psychoanalysis a week. To it, the doctor, it is necessary to earn, and Emily besides a fine guinea pig for new experimental drugs with which the psychiatrist is supplied by enterprising druggists. That also lives.

However to the girl every day it becomes worse. Tablets replace the friend to the friend, and the poisonous fog tormenting Emily is only condensed. She nearly committed suicide at metro station, and after reception of a new dose of preparations in general began to walk in a dream. Actually, during one such somnambulistic sortie there was also terrible: Emily killed the blessed. Naturally, knife. Also went to bed.

Certainly, incident not only brought the girl on a dock, but also seriously struck at career of doctor Banks. By Emily, of course, recognized deranged, and here the psychiatrist who prescribed medicine, pinched everywhere where it is possible. From it partners in practice turned away, cancelled the contract with the pharmaceutical company and on the personal front thunderclouds were outlined. Banks first courageously suffered strokes of bad luck, but soon began to understand that it - - it with an ulterior motive. Also began to dig in the history of an illness of the patient because too everything is wonderful - izumrudnenko it develops for some, and for others - a continuous nightmare out of the blue

the Picture Side effect despite high ratings, the nomination on the Golden Bear and, in general, quite good collecting for so chamber genre as the production thriller (in our case, medical), nevertheless leaves ambiguous impression. On the one hand, Soderbergh proved as the true judge of Hitchcock traditions, having created a show intense, distinguished and fascinating (let, and not from first minutes). With another - somewhere in the middle of the movie you begin to understand where doctor Banks digs and where the conditional dog was dug by the screenwriter of a tape Scott Burns ( Born`s Ultimatum ) earlier working with the director over Infection and Informant . The truth turns out such simple and artless that rescues the movie only magnificent actor`s game and masterful forcing of a suspense. And the unexpected final is that only for those who are unfamiliar with the main principle of Alfred Hitchcock - Under a certain foreshortening black - always white .

However, not only criminal hints the new movie of Soderbergh, but also powerful is rich, though unsolved it is full, social messadzhy. Creators not unreasonably call into question trust of the nation to psychiatrists and druggists who annually extort a fantastic sum from citizens, allegedly restoring their health. Also the burning topic of the greedy companies putting on inhabitants of America experiments with new preparations and harmful practice of doctors which for a certain bribe agree to push to the patients unchecked drugs will be casually mentioned. But, alas, social implication of Soderbergh and associates interests so far as - as therefore the tape does not cause any loud revelations and burdensome thoughts. Especially at sceptics who got used to believe in world plot, gold one billion and other global secret games.

In general, the thriller about psychoanalysis are terry the ninetieth. And if to trust mass media, then Burns bore idea of the scenario the last decade. But for Soderbergh who has nothing to lose (especially after Super " Undershirt;) the picture became a peculiar break. We hope that not the last, despite promises of the director to stick. Another thing is that as it was told above, in many respects the success of the project is a work of talented performers who turned a drag about tablets, a mental hospital and murder into a watchable sample of a genre. Disposable and because to reconsider Side effect hardly will pull you, but quite worthy.

First of all Jude Law, the actor versatile caused a stir, capable both to jeer in an image of doctor Watson, and to create a disgusting type of the cool murderer on the screen ( Damned way ) . And still roles of saloon handsome men to the Englishman always to the person. And it was successful doctor Banks gradually talking, refined in manners wonderfully well. In fact, Lowe even had not to be played because his manner of communication in life is in many respects similar to habits of the character of the movie. Thank God, without so unpleasant excesses.

The second nominal star - Rooney Mara, a nu - the York starlet, senior of Mar`s sisters (you could see younger Kate in the recent thriller Blackbird and historical fighter Iron knight ) played exactly as it was possible to expect from the American " version; girls with a dragon tattoo . Non-standard, absolutely not Hollywood appearance allows the actress to receive really catches whereas her more nice and figuristy competitors (in particular, Olivia Wilde applying for a role, Amanda Sayfred and Blake Lively) are forced to hunt and wait behind such scenarios in an ambush. And Mara bypassed all on turn and, has to tell, as the psychopath Emily looks very authentically. Here indeed you believe that it could and not only the husband to get on a feather, but also inadvertently to send the doctor to forefathers.

And here Channing Tatum to which Soderbergh dumped a supporting role of the murdered husband from a lordly shoulder and the beauty Catherine Zeta - Jones is more just for decoration here. Replace them the director with anyone, and we would not notice. Not their wine, just characters confused and through passage.

To look or not to look? Of course, the first, but be ready that the intrigue is not so interesting, predictably, and the first half an hour it is necessary to be bored for a while on psychoanalysis sessions.