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How to register kitchen or the dining room? Before beginning repair in a bedroom or a drawing room, most of people as much as possible useful information tries to find

. We want a visualization maximum: sketches of projects which are only planned to be carried out, and photos of real interiors.

Hardly at the small budget will turn out what is represented on the picture from the glossy magazine. However the view of work of professionals allows to take idea of the skilled designer as a basis and, having rethought, to embody it in the apartment. Unfortunately, so far as concerns kitchens, we for some reason seldom pay attention to professional projects, and just we go and we choose nice set. The matter is that at first sight all kitchens are identical: boxes, lockers, equipment. Today we will try to prove to you that the design of this room can be a miscellaneous: ahead of you waits for the digest of the best dining rooms and kitchens of the world.

For naturalness:

we Will begin a stone and a tree with

with survey of a lovely kitchenette which it is possible to call safely eco-friendly. The basis of design is made by products of natural materials - a stone and a tree. This kitchen has quite big dimensions that allows to place a working surface not with a wall, as in kitchens with classical design, and on the center. However such furniture does not eat centimeter of space. Look at a photo to article: wooden curbstones with a working surface from a natural stone gradually pass into a table-top. It is enough to add an interior with several bar stools and to pave one of walls of kitchen stone imitation - before you ideal eko - kitchen. Acid shades in a trend we will pass


From naturalness to acid shades. You think that only inexpensive kitchens the house-keeper - a class can be bright? Then look at photos of kitchen in one of los - andzhelessky country houses. It is impossible to call at first sight so saturated tone in any way differently as it sets your teeth on edge. In acid color all pieces of furniture are executed here: doors of cases, curbstones. However it is important to look at a combination of shades. In such ensemble acid color looks surprisingly pertinently, bringing a good dose of brightness in a palette of gentle natural flowers.

creatively and safely!


It is clear that the house - a country country house with a huge table zone - is not at all. But all the same there is a wish for bright spots in design. As it is successful to combine natural shades with a saturated color, having created modern design of kitchen, knows the " portal; Kitchens for nothing . Here one of the most interesting ideas of modern design: combine futurism and 70 - e. At the same time the most part of objects is trimmed with use of modern materials. Now about flowers. In spite of the fact that the basis is made by gray shades, too there is a lot of bright spots in an interior.