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Exeq: tablet or Smart TV?

Among producers of gamepads and portable video game consoles wide popularity in Russia were received by the Exeq brand. Active development of a brand allowed to show this summer bright novelties and to update already existing lines of products. Today we learn that the company this year presented. the company released

this year five new tablets, updating a line of the existing products.

Differences of these tablets from last gadgets of the company - original and bright design, a powerful stuffing, intuitively clear functionality and the acceptable cost. In tablets dual-core and quad-core processors disappear from Rockchip firm. Devices support 3G - networks, GPS - navigation and Bluetooth. Besides, among novelties there is a tablet with the capacitor display with the ultrahigh permission. One of bright representatives of novelties is the Exeq P - 822 tablet. It is a convenient and heavy-duty gadget which is equipped with a dual-core processor and a superpowerful graphic cursor on four kernels.

The device works under control of the latest Android 4 operating system. 1 it is also equipped with the Wi module - Fi and 3G. For transfer and reception of data with other devices the tablet is equipped with the Bluetooth module. The touch Exeq P - 822 screen has permission 1024768. The tablet can be used also as means of mobile communication as he is able to accept and send telephone calls. The cost of Exeq P - 822 on the Russian counters makes about 6800 rubles.

Besides tablet novelties, Exeq presented products in absolutely new direction, namely - Android Mini PC. These are the gadgets connected to any monitor having HDMI exit, and thanks to this connection turning the monitor into the modern computer. The range Android Mini PC from Exeq is presented by two models: Exeq DM10 and Exeq DQ20.

Android Mini PC Exeq DM10 - a device which turns the ordinary TV into full-fledged Smart TV, under control of OS Android 4. 0 and on the basis of the Cortex processor - A8 Allwinner A10.

Exeq DQ20 - is more powerful device thanks to which the monitor turns into Smart TV on the basis of a dual-core processor of Cortex - A9 Rockchip RK3066 and under control of OS Android 4. 1

Both devices have a RAM in 1 Gb and own memory in 4 Gb. Devices have the built-in Wi - Fi the module and are applicable for work with the Internet. Complete with both gadgets there are wireless controllers of management - Exeq DM10 is added by a wireless mouse, Exeq DQ20 - the wireless keyboard. The cost of Exeq DM10 makes 2600 rubles, and Exeq DQ20 - 3500 rubles.

It is possible to get acquainted with all novelties of the Exeq brand on the website www in more detail. exeq. ru.