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Youth comedy Project X: Seized (2012). And of what party you dream?

On youth it is accepted to lower all dogs now. Well as, degradation of morals, degradation of thought and consumer relation to life. In vain you wait that now I will cite as an example the modest excellent student - the virgin which can parry aggressive attacks of the public.

In any way not, dear, actually the truth such is that behind these difficult maxims there are simple and clear delights of life: sex, drugs and fate - N - a beater. And youth at all times identical.

The simple nerd - the senior Thomas notes a birthday. More precisely, plans a party on so significant event. Such tusa that the earth shuddered, and neighbors poveshatsya at themselves on cottages. The only problem of Thomas is that his rich snobs - parents do not divide intentions of the offspring. To speak in any case if the father considers the son as the terry loser, and age-mates simply also do not know about his existence. In friends at the guy mad pepper Costa, the dude without complexes and brakes, and also well-fad and well-mannered Jay Bee goes. Ah yes, still the charming blonde Kirby, but with that at Thomas all decently, the usual Platonic relations without lewd feeble efforts.

A party on a nose, and friends are in an anticipation. So far compassionate parents distribute the last TsU (the house not to hang around, new Mercedes not to touch, drink only cakes with gingerbreads), the oddish witness of the forthcoming festival of Deks removes guys on a video camera. Their campaign in a supermarket, decoration of the pool inflatable rubber aunts and, certainly, visit to the dealer in a grass at whom children for fun pinch the toy garden gnome. It still will backfire them.

Time has come, and on a backyard of a mansion of Thomas the people stretched. It turned out that the expert Costa managed to zafutbolit the announcement of the forthcoming party even in the Internet, therefore among invited every hour it is less familiar faces. Thomas strained by possible tragic consequences of so large-scale festivities cannot relax in any way, but alcohol and a grass, eventually, will make the business. And then the party will develop into an epic enchanting spectacle when any more nobody and anything is able to control process. Everything as it is necessary, with naked maids, police, the mad dwarf, beating of neighbors, the fire, chaotic sex and the car in the pool. And you as wanted, birthday - only once in a year!.

The pseudo-documentary stylistics gradually fascinate new genres. If at the beginning of zero were shot by shivering, generally horror films, then now fashion reached also a fantasy ( Chronicle ), criminal tapes ( Patrol ) and even youth comedies. Movie Project X: Seized issued a debut in big cinema the Englishman with a name and a surname of Nym Nurizade, authentic for Foggy Albion. And at once wrote down himself in a pantheon of the film figures capable to make a candy of shit: the budget of a picture made 12 mln. dollars, modest to any measures, and world collecting exceeded one hundred millions. First of all, from - for absolute hits in expectations of target audience which missed raunchy teenage comedies in " style; American " pie; and Superpertsev . With only that difference that Nurizade surpassed all the predecessors.

The real break in career the tape became only for Oliver Cooper, the performer of a role freaky Costa. The beginner at once, and twice, was nominated for a popular youth award of MTV channel (as best comedian and villain at the same time). Cooper with a shame lost to little girls (Jennifer Aniston and Melissa McCarthy), but was hardly upset. In 2013 - m the actor was lit in a small role in the third Bachelor party also acts in several projects at once at once.

Actually, from Bachelor party " Project X; most of all also borrowed. No wonder, considering that one of producers of a tape is Todd Phillips, the author of all trilogy. The teenage option makes related everything with the adult version, beginning from raunchy style of the narration and finishing absolutely mad heroes whose adventures are also far from reality, as well as Phil, Styu and Alan`s adventure. Agree, many would dream to appear on the place of Thomas and his friends, to join such mass orgy, but in life similar parties, as a rule, if happen, then the entrance on them is ordered.

In this regard there is a wish to throw a solid cobble-stone into a sanctimonious kitchen garden of opponents of the movie at once: companions, envy silently. Those who in school days were not in time or could not provide themselves with impressions on for the rest of the life burn from hatred in reviews now. Like, both the humour stupid, and is a bit too much boobs in a shot, and useless - drink an example for younger generation, smell, strike, fell the parental house and you will become a star of all school.

It, of course, not an example for imitation, but it is worth understanding that Phillips and the company achieved dream of many seniors and students which, looking back, and nothing to remember that-. One abstracts yes examinations, boring wine parties in a hostel and routine of lectures. This baize about the many thousands party developing into disorder, creators of a tape operate not as censure, and it is rather as that experience that the son of mistakes difficult. Eventually, the morals in a tape are available obvious: next morning all characters should rethink made at night and to face responsibility for the acts. Just everyone sees what wants to see, ignoring the conclusions drawn by authors.

If to be honest, then everything that occurs in a shot - it is extreme degree of insanity, absurdity and grotesque rolled into one. The Skromnyaga Thomas who under the influence of hallucinogens shows a middle finger to the helicopter with reporters. The reckless Costa altercating with cops and suggesting to the leader of news to dress up in fitting and to visit its next party. And even the fat man Jay Bee flying on the blown-off trampoline because prospect to break all bones - nothing, in comparison with effect which will be had by this idiotic act on crowd drugged by tablets, sex and beer of youth.

Whether comedy it? Everything depends on a review foreshortening. If you in a trend and regularly visit similar actions, quite perhaps, many moments of the movie will seem you facts of life. That to whom for a long time for thirty, this action will remind bacchanalia of times of decline of the Roman Empire more likely ( Kaligula ) . On the Network the expanded director`s option in which it is much more shameful shots, than in the theatrical duplicated version walks. Both points of view have the right for life because one want to repeat, and others are neighbors, police, parents and other people which such holidays - as a bone in a throat.

Advantage of the movie any, and even more - repetition of the same tricks can seriously affect your health. Dance, young " so far; it is sung in the song, and we will consider therefore " Project X; as quite successful experiment on a reconstruction on the screen of total teenage madness with all unpleasant following. Upas you god to consider this opus as the guide to action. But also to tell that the movie is unambiguously pernicious for fragile consciousnesses of youth - means, to talk nonsense in " style; computer games promote violence in real . And heroes of the movie made the choice consciously, without assistance. It is just necessary to remember that the head is not a box with an opening where beer, and the unit with which it is necessary to be on friendly terms is filled in.