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Criminal drama Informer (2012). Hand over the drug baron - win a prize?

Fight against constantly growing drug traffic to America - one of the most urgent problems of the nation. Having in the neighbourhood a nursery of all troubles represented by the Latin American cartels, the USA is entangled by large-scale networks of distribution of rubbish of all grades and qualities.

And as it often happens, without having an opportunity to solve a problem in real, Hollywood prefers to remove victorious cinema on special cases, that though somehow to brighten up the overall sad picture.

different directors, including such venerable directors as Stephen Soderbergh addressed this subject in due time ( Traffic ), Oliver Stone ( Are Especially dangerous ) and Michael Bae in a dilogy about bad guys . Here and the beginning cinema-man from California Ric Romanus Waugh decided to join the known names and to picturize real history from life of drug dealers and fighters against them. A picture according to Justin Heys`s scenario ( Road of changes and Lonely ranger ) received the capacious, but dissonant name " in our hire; Informer and the leading role in the movie was played by mogutny Dwayne Rock Johnson, whose name is associated at the audience with plain boyevichka and adventure tapes, but not with a genre of the criminal drama in any way.

The successful businessman John Matthews receives the very unpleasant news from the former spouse: Jason, his son from first marriage, by nonsense and naivety walked smack in frankly crappy situation with a heap of the tablets " ecstasy;. Only agreed to take on storage from the friend a consignment of drugs as to the house the cops who tied the fellow on hot appeared suddenly. Injustice and that will judge the young man on all severity of the American laws, and in his case is from ten to thirty years of a colony.

Matthews, in spite of the fact that communicates with the son seldom, right there connects all communications and reaches the federal prosecutor which hurries compassionate to afflict daddy: the law is extremely severe to all who were put in drug trafficking. From Jason only one is required - cooperation. If the guy begins to knock on the friends smoking marijuana at parties, then to him, perhaps, will knock off term before few years. However that flatly refused the generous offer because to set up companions for the sake of rescue of own skin considers as beastliness of the highest category.

And then the father, as well as befits, stands up for the son. That is offers a prokurorsh the transaction according to which it hands over to cops of some dealer, and to his son cut off prison punishment. The problem is that Matthews is a respectable businessman and the citizen. Its only thread to the criminal world is a twice judged new warehouse worker Daniel. But the last as leaned back, decided to give up addictions forever. John`s task is in persuading Daniel and to get to a den of drug barons which in the final to substitute under sniper sights of police rifles. Risking to lose everything, including own life, Matthews ingratiates with local pushers, without knowing yet that he will soon catch sight to the powerful deputy of cartel. And then the way back will not be

the Famous wrestler " any more; Rock for the first time declared itself in big cinema when presented the mighty torso and the person to the monster animated on the computer from the sequel The Mummy comes back . To the viewer this image was remembered, and the actor was invited to a leading role in similar on a plot, but cheaper in all respects the blockbuster Tsar of scorpions . Here Dwayne Johnson still appears in credits under the nickname, but does not accompany others any more, and is in the center of a shot. However, the sports pseudonym was pasted to it for a long time because up to 2008 when Johnson played the gallant spy in the parody comedy Strain crinkles it was " everywhere; Rock - penetrative, powerful, uncompromising and bulletproof hero. One of those to whom not unreasonably designated monasteries of a new idol of a genre after retirement of Stallone and Schwartz.

Alas, during an era of domination of computer fighters Johnson could not create own cult. Times last filmstars left irrevocably, and therefore the actor was forced to hang out in a close framework of criminal actions and adventure movies, like Vedminy mountain Widely walking and Quicker than a bullet . All attempts to replace image turned for Rocks troubles. And after financially successful, but extremely silly and naive family comedy Tooth fairy where Johnson walks on the screen in leggings and with wings behind the back, many considered that here wrestling stars so finish the triumphal way. However Dwayne considered wishes of fans and gave up experiments, having joined Vin Diesel and Paul Walker`s team in the racing franchize " a year later; Forcing where to it there was a place.

Nevertheless Johnson does not give up hopes for diversification of the career therefore he without thoughts agreed to play in a picture where he should not sparkle bicepses on the sun, and firing and pursuits do not occupy 90 percent of timing. So I hurry to afflict those who hoped to see in Informer next airtight action. It is the typical criminal drama, and as it is declared by authors, based on real events.

Certainly, since Tsar of scorpions Johnson as the actor strongly grew up, but emotional scenes trouble him so far and it, alas, is evident. Dwayne in most cases or does not finish, saving a dead-pan, or, on the contrary, too tries. And in places reminds the Victorian wardrobe which about the silly woman was put in the middle of a drawing room in " style; find fault - flew . But in general all exactly, without excessive dramatic art, the benefit, we also did not wait at this stage of a sophisticated mimicry of Pacino. Confident step to a right direction.

Informer it will be remembered also by minor characters among which very talented Afro-American actor Michael K. Williams which got a role of the drug dealer Malik. Here really a tipchik from which throws into a shiver. Pleased with the emergence on the big screen also John Berntal who earlier became famous in a TV series Walking dead persons . In the last it represents violent and dishonest and thoughts of the police officer whereas in Informer it is forced to train for a new profession in the former addict and the criminal who does not manage to follow the correct way in any way. From familiar faces it is possible to remember still beautiful Susan Sarandon in image greedy for the power of a prokurorsha, Barry Peppera (agent Cooper), Rafi Gavrona (the guy not bad fitted into a role of the son - the loser) and Benjamin Brett whose appearance very was suitable for the image of the head of powerful narcocartel.

In general, very good representative of a genre. Despite poor quantity of fighting scenes, the scenario keeps in suspense though it should be noted that creators obviously went too far in intensity of emotions in the final. In total - you trust in the burdensome atmosphere of the movie more, than in rollicking boyevichka it seems Bad guys where drug dealers everywhere arrange street firefights, pursuits on highways and in general behave too impudently and openly. In Informer the reverse of the medal is shown: internal life of a criminal bottom looks like a situation of the spy movie where each word - worth its weight in gold, and one wrong movement or gesture can cost life. The world with accurate rules of conduct where strangers miscalculate instantly and go to heaven without excess talk.

In a plot the line of self-sacrifice and the family drama - a story about the father who rather late remembered the duties stands out. It is only pleasant addition to the central action, but considerably deepening the general message of the movie. Like, parents, bring up children in the childhood, still not late, differently it is necessary to express in love by phone in the prison room of appointments.