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The zombie - the melodrama Heat of our bodies (2013). Dead, modest, in love?

So far the screen version of the best-seller of Seth Graham - Smith Pride and prejudice and zombie continues to slip (the latest poor news about the project are dated May, 2013 - go), Hollywood decided to undertake another literary meshap (mix of genres). It is about the picture Heat of our bodies Johnathan Levin on a novel of the same name of Isaac Marion, it is free retelling events Shakespearean Romeo and Juliette .

the Success of a tape, undoubtedly, will urge on the American producers whose heat sharply besieged a financial collapse of the fantastic blockbuster Cowboys against newcomers where also in an equal proportion genres of a western and a fighting fantasy were mixed. Tape Heat of our bodies removed for 35 mln. dollars. surely collected more than one hundred millions in world hire, having strengthened in the market of a position of young actors: Englishman Nicholas Holt ( Jack is the subjugator of giants ) and Australian Theresa Palmer ( Bring me home ) .

The next apocalypse divided the population of the planet on live and dead. And if the first habitually plant trees, raise sons and build houses, then for some reason is not lain by the second on the place. Streets of megalopolises were captivated by walking dead persons that forced the few survivors to be fenced off by a high concrete wall. However, the structure of the zombie is non-uniform too: is usual trupak - peacefully grazed mertvyak mobbing those who will dare to cross survival zone border and are skeletons absolutely lost types, whose flesh finally decayed. Skeletons are more dangerous and more bright corpses for the present it is not enough of them, but ranks are constantly joined.

Sluggish corpse on a name P (the guy forgot the full name) - not such, as all. He not just moves on a location, but thinks, communicates gestures and low with the friend The M and even equipped to itself something like a shelter in the thrown airliner. On the plane P listens to old plates and dreams of the better life. His thoughts are interrupted only during hunting for people because P, first of all, the zombie, therefore, should be eaten. In one of such sorties it gets acquainted from nice Juli, whose ex-boyfriend it methodically skhrumkat. The eaten brains fight - the friend allowed P to fill the memory with foreign memoirs. Unexpectedly for itself(himself) it saves the girl from inevitable death and brings on secret apartment .

Having a little communicated with P, Juli understands that this dead person - special. He speaks and understands that it is answered. Its physical processes are slowed down, he tugovato thinks and he does not feel pain, but deeply inside live, just his heart fights very much - very seldom. The warm feeling which flashed in a breast P to the stranger became the catalyst of unprecedented changes in a world order. And very may be that it not only who is fated to return from a next world. If, of course, live believe in a possibility of such wonderful transformation to

A that, amusing idea to retell the Shakespearean tragedy language of a zombyatnik. Though from the known thematic horrors there was only here a surroundings whereas the song is sung absolutely about another. What very close makes related Heat of our bodies with notorious twilight the saga where the main character suffered from a permanent attack of a necrophilia too, cajoling the vampire. Let`s note also that young Theresa Palmer is extraordinary similar externally to Kristen Stewart. Thank God, the Australian looks much more vividly and is able to represent on the charming face much more emotions, than a star Twilight .

The zombie by definition - a walking piece of meat. But if to use this term not in literal value, and as a metaphor, then unexpectedly it becomes clear that the apocalypse already came. How many such half-dead people surrounds us daily. Outside they look quite live: they speak, communicate, feel physical and emotional pain, but whether they live? People are porters, security guards, controllers, employees of offices, workers Daily carrying out the same way from work home and back, mechanically eating, exchanging nothing the meaning phrases, going down stream. Flesh which is born and dies, leaving behind a blank space.

Our hero in the unreal world of dead persons is surrounded by those zombies who that during lifetime that after death, do not seek to stand out from the crowd. And P as if Danko with the burning heart which is pulled out from a breast is that guiding star for which other will go, not such special and not remarkable carcasses . This almost philosophical image just does not match Shakespearean Romeo at all though the lyrical component at Johnathan Levin is fundamental. Eventually, the love heated the zombie`s heart up to the critical temperature, sufficient that he forced hours to tick in the opposite direction. Love - to all the head, even in the next world.

We do not know why and that became the reason of a global catastrophe (though it is rumored that the writer Isaac Marion received the order for creation of background). In fact, it is not so important because former horror films already managed to offer tens of versions of a similar outcome - from epidemics before invasion of newcomers. Authors of the movie are not concerned by destiny of millions as it was in recent To War of the worlds of Z here all history turns around two hearts in love. However, Juli is just able to afford to have feelings to the walking dead person, and P, perhaps, never and did not test anything similar. He died to such young people. Here to you and one more characteristic difference from Twilight which heroes do not hide the carnal desires. At Stephenie Meyer the sexual aspect is the cornerstone of all plan whereas Marion prefers to use a power of love figuratively. Though, of course, will not do without kisses, all - the audience is eager not only unifications of souls.

At Levin it turned out all on slightly - slightly, but nevertheless it is more melodrama. And even the scene with a balcony under which wanders unfortunate P will remind us of the well-known play again. And how many interesting film quotes creators of the movie used? The collecting any stuff of the zombie, undoubtedly, will remind the WALL-E robot, and crowd of the skeletons terrorizing both live, and the dead, something are similar to monsters from I am the Legend . Not to mention that all zombichesky the part is rewritten from classics of a genre, beginning from Romero and finishing with popular series Walking dead persons . And still before us not a horror, but the simple history entered in alien scenery. If you want, the perverted " option; Beauties and monsters one more classical drama.

It is not excluded that Marion used lines of himself because the writer is known for the secluded life, despite young years. Perhaps therefore Nicholas Holt`s character also turned out such volume, convex, live. Though you should not belittle merits of the English actor too, he joking played sugary and pathos Robert Pattinson from whom bears all road falseness.

All - the world changed, you did not notice? If earlier communication of the young person with the werewolf or the count Dracula was unambiguously perceived as unnatural, then now it is fashionable to cross youth to various forms of otherworldly forces and monsters of different caliber. Demand for similar works steadily grows and where demand, there and the offer. But approach of team of Levin is closer to us: they had enough step not to roll a picture in horizontal position, and to make the story the most innocent so clinging for live.