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What to drink in the summer?

Solid part of our working day it is diluted habitual liquids: work - coffee - work - tea - work. Let`s say in a cold season it is pardonable. A cup of hot tea in the cloudy winter afternoon - a trifle, and it is pleasant. But the summer for this purpose is also given us to rejoice to richness of paints, aromas and tastes. And all these sad workers to replace drinks with a palette bright, motley, tasty, juicy juice.

And should indulge itself not some suspicious drinks from packages and bottles, and live juice with live vitamins. In the course of conservation more than 40% of biological value of fruit - vegetable, drying " are lost; exterminates practically all vitamin C. The freezing works more softly, and all - will not receive absolute advantage any more. Live juice... it is live. Everything that can give you, - will give in each droplet.

Statistically, orange juice - the most favourite. And not for nothing. It is the best source of vitamin C. It also strengthens blood vessels. It is recommended at atherosclerosis, a hypertension, liver diseases.

In live tomato juice there are a lot of lemon, apple acids, plus oxalic. They are important for a good metabolism. But are important only in freshly squeezed juice. Fresh tomato juice is a sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. At conservation or cooking of acid from organic turn into inorganic. The benefit is not brought at best. In the worst - can be one of the reasons of stones in kidneys and a bladder.

It is better for cores to choose grape juice. It prevents formation of blood clots. It is considered that the effect of it is not worse, than from aspirin. The cardiac muscle is also well strengthened by apricot juice. It brings excess liquid out of fabrics. But it is necessary to remember that in it there is a lot of sugar. It is better for diabetics and persons interested to grow thin from it to refuse. At diabetes mix of juice of Brussels sprout, carrot, salad and juice of siliculose haricot is very much recommended. Currant juice is also very useful to diabetics. He acts practically the same as insulin. Besides, this excellent all-strengthening means. Sudorific and anti-inflammatory.

Pear juice will be suitable for improvement of digestion and work of intestines. In it there is a lot of cellulose and pectinaceous connections. It will help and to those who have blood circulatory system diseases. Juice of a pear can be used and as a diuretic. At diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path plum juice is recommended. It brings water and table salt out of an organism.

Smokers let will stop the choice on apple juice. It cares about respiratory organs. Brings slags and nephroliths out of an organism. It is useful at an anemia as contains a lot of iron.

Also cherry juice is rich with iron. Folic acid also is its part. It strengthens walls of blood vessels. However, cherry juice is not the best option for those who have a stomach ulcer and the increased acidity. It is necessary to refuse also cowberry juice. It is contraindicated at a duodenum ulcer, diseases of kidneys. But cowberry juice - the best doctor at fever, catarrhal diseases, gastritises with the lowered acidity, gout, rheumatism.

Each mother nursing has to drink carrot juice surely. It improves digestion, helps to keep strong and healthy teeth. Also juice from tubers and leaves of turnip will take care of teeth and bones. Entrust beauty of hair to cucumber juice. He fights against splitting and a hair loss. Mix of juice of carrots and cabbage will be suitable for clarification of an organism. Do not add salt to cabbage juice only at all - it will become harmful.

Any juice something yes is useful. So the best - in a variety. And here you should not abuse juice. And if good motives order to drink to you still a glass three, all is better - to stop and consult with the doctor. In order that any valuable element of juice did not go to waste, it is necessary to remember the unique rule. It is better to drink juice right after preparation, minutes for 30 to food. So neither vitamins, nor minerals will be lost, and all this will better be acquired.

At the menu of many restaurants there is so-called fresh juice now. That is, freshly squeezed. So why don`t you order instead of lifeless the cook - Coca a glass of fresh juice? In different institutions will be able to offer you both acquaintances orange and apple, and unusual juice from sweet paprika or ginger. The pleasure is expensive. But, believe, for the sake of it it is better to save on excess cake.

Do not torment an organism with overseas fruit. At their juice, certainly, there are useful elements. But it is much bigger useful in vegetables and fruit - compatriots. Those which grew in one with us climatic conditions.

More often sniff to solar fruits - in aroma the main indicator of advantage. Perfect chemical fruit which are beautifully decorated, but it is absolute without signs of a smell and taste, to us to anything. I pound from them any. Treat the choice of fruits creatively. With soul. Feel that fruit which you want exactly today. And - pleasant a sokopitiya!