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Trash as construction material or What it is possible to make of garbage?

Yet nearly the whole world continue to complain about environmental problems, in particular about the huge number of garbage which accumulated on the planet and bearing real threat to a state of nature and human health, the Land of the rising sun showed the surprising decision again. Japanese developed

and realized, probably, the most original of all existing the project on waste recycling. Municipal solid waste is exposed to mechanical and heat treatment on special technology. As a result from garbage press briquettes which go for construction of islands.

A striking example of application of such method is the Japanese city of Kobe which extended at the expense of the artificial islands along the coast built of the strongest material which once was contents of usual trash cans. And the gain of the territory made 10%!

It will be useful to tell that unconventionally the conceiving and creative inhabitants of the planet quite often use garbage for creation an art - objects and quite functional constructions.

In Spain, for example, on one of squares of the capital the whole hotel constructed entirely of waste towers, and in the same Japan Sayaka Gants`s designer does tremendous sculptures of the found garbage.

Export and utilization of garbage in Russia and Europe: past and present

About separate collecting waste which became the rule in the developed countries of Western Europe for a long time Asia and America, in our country only begin to reflect. But whether always we were in ranks lagging behind in this question?

In the Middle Ages in Europe the problem of export and destruction of waste was much more important, than in the Old Russian cities what the fact that the diseases storming on the planet did not harm our ancestors as strongly as to inhabitants of the Old World demonstrates at least to. We in general were orderly persons and neatniks. You do not trust? In vain! In Paris in the 14th century the law on which to pour out of windows directly on streets slops and contents of chamber-pots was issued followed only after triple exclamation Be attentive! I pour out! (it is obvious that earlier it was done without preventions). And in the 17th century (three hundred years later!) Louvre was still regularly left by rich inhabitants just because there it was impossible to be from a stench which was carried from the decaying waste. And how to you old kind England where all kitchen garbage, as well as the collected excrements were thrown into the burning fireplaces? On one of the tourist websites in the description of the Spanish capital it is told about insufferably heavy smell standing on its old streets. It is possible to present what there was created once if to consider that the stench remained still.

In the middle of the century before last in England thought up a way of fight essentially new for those times against waste - them it was decided to burn. For this purpose even for the first time the special plant in the history was constructed, however, certainly, nobody the harm done by a smoke and ashes to environment concerned.

Today in the world the problem of deterioration in ecology therefore system collecting and utilization of MSW - among actual tasks very much is particularly acute. Europeans use a half of all waste as secondary raw materials (for example, at plants). If to return to Japan with which we also began conversation the picture looks even more attractive - 90% of garbage are processed there, and experts try to find all new ways which will increase efficiency of utilization of MSW. In our country only 3% of waste are processed. The truth It should be noted that the situation slowly, but improves. Now, besides the enterprises of housing and communal services, specialized private firms which field of activity - collecting and garbage removal work in many large cities of Russia. Means, representatives of business began to understand that it is possible to earn from it, doing at the same time good for the city and people business.

One more extremely useful habit of Europeans and Americans - sorting of garbage. For example, in some cities of the USA on streets multi-colored containers are installed, and each of them is intended for a certain type of waste (green - for organic chemistry; blue - for thin plastic, paper also flew down etc.). Citizens of many countries even gain certain income from cleaning of garbage! The matter is that some goods are on sale with the pledge included in cost from the buyer for packing which can be overworked, and in case of return of a container to the seller the buyer receives money.

As you can see, solutions of a problem there is a lot of, it is important to choose effective. What, we hope, and the Russian housing and communal services will be engaged soon, borrowing foreign experience or offering own interesting practices.