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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 17 - 18? “ Disgusting I 2 “ etc.

Habitually most part of a rolling grid of movie theaters will be hammered into the forthcoming days off with the Hollywood projects. Among them phenomenally successful sequel of the animated film “ Disgusting I 2 “ the comedy about the unlucky drug dealer “ We are Millera “ the production thriller with Ford and Oldman`s participation “ Paranoia “ and mystical history in the movie “ Revival “.

1. “ Disgusting I 2 “ (Despicable Me 2, 2013)

the Story about the archvillain to Gr and his minions which unexpectedly broke cash desk in 2010 - m, easily bypassed on gatherings of all venerable competitors, including next “ Shrek “ and animated cartoon “ How to tame a dragon “. As a result the tape took the seventh place in an annual chart, having unambiguously conceded only to long-awaited continuation “ Stories of toys “. Similar progress does not pass completely so three years later to Gr and his kompashka of small yellow companions returned thoroughly to devastate pockets of the audience: for today the cash desk of the sequel already contains nearly 750 million, and it is, certainly, not a limit.

In what, it is asked, a secret? And the formula is simple: the animated film drawn with French for the American money is simply interesting to both ours, and yours, that is both adults, and children. The first should not represent a happy look now, accompanying the child on an animated cartoon, and the second, though will not understand a number of jokes, will be happy to meet amusing zheltotely cranks without whom " again; Disgusting I “ would be one more tiresome animation blockbuster.

The plot of the sequel suffers from oversaturation from events, however this kaleidoscope of gags and sketches looks surprisingly easily. Here to you both 3D, and IMAX, and charismatic characters, and even special effects biting, though on the computer drawn entirely. “ Disgusting I 2 “ - it is the full family project which acts a little recently. So you should not pass the moment, take in cinema of children.

2. “ We are Millera “ (We’re the Millers, 2013)

Jennifer Aniston`s

any more not the girl, but almost the woman - a berry again. At this age so there is a wish to feel young again and desired therefore attention to the screen where the former star of series “ Friends “ lights at all not childly. She is a stripper with a tremendous figure, and in combination - fictitious mother. Her pseudo-husband is an enterprising dealer in a grass who ran into debt to the boss a lot of money. Children - the neighbour`s nerd who was left temporarily without supervision and the homeless child to whom excess grandmas will not prevent. And together they - “ model family Millerov “ traveling to Mexico behind solid freight of marijuana.

Rouson Marshall Terber`s movie (“ Bouncers “), certainly, will find the viewer. Despite abundance of jokes too close to the foul, the situation comedy about travel of the casual persons who are pretending to be an ideal American family, places is hilariously ridiculous, though is in most cases obscene. Jason Sudeykis, one more actor from the well-known TV show “ Saturday evening on the air “ very much tries to keep up with more venerable colleagues in the person of Steve Carel and Ad Helms (“ The Hangover “) but it does not manage to represent in a shot of the full moron yet. Aniston is good, the others - persons through passage. But after a session you with guarantee should not conjecture a plot: everything is told and shown. R rating once again was repaid financially, and platitude, thank God, not dullness therefore boringly will definitely not be.

3. “ Paranoia “ (Paranoia, 2013)

I on old men the prorukha happens. Especially when professionals appear in hands of the layman which the director Robert Luketich is in the genre elected by him. It is hard to jump from a pawn in the king, without having due experience. Luketich, behind which shoulders the whole assembly of stamped comedies it seems “ Blondes in the law “ “ Killers “ and “ Naked truth “ unexpectedly undertook to shoot the thriller about the world of high technologies. But neither traditionally beautiful Gary Oldman in anger, nor Harrison Ford shaven bare are capable to recover “ dead “ the scenario which all elements miscalculate for the half an hour ahead.

Young and very successful technician (in his role the younger brother who is promptly gaining steam " was lit; Torah “ Liam Hemsworth) largely made a mistake on work in this connection he got to a turn to the chief. The last dreams to soil long ago on all fronts of the competitor and former mentor therefore sends the guy “ the sent Cossack “. But the young man, though is glad to the had opportunities, feels that in this game his figure will be exchanged. Also begins to spin parallel intrigues that and “ official authority “ not to dirty, and it is fatter to eat a small fish.

The excellent cast is only a half of success. And if to force to hang out venerable stars on a lawn instead of squeezing out of them all they are capable of - such sad show will turn out here. Thriller “ Paranoia “ alas, only masks under a modern futuristic action. Actually it is a cliche set Alya the ninetieth, the next production detective on the " type; Wal - the street “ with outdated morals about callousness and unscrupulousness of big business.

4. “ Revival “ (A Resurrection, 2012)

the Penultimate movie with Michael Clark Duncan`s participation (“ Green mile “) died in September, 2012. And at all not that tape on which we will remember the favourite actor. Mystical history from the debutant - the director who desperately tries to find terrible in high American school though this history will hardly terrify those who watched Valeriya Gai Germanika`s TV series. More likely, will quickly tire.

At the senior the brother perishes, the poor creature was hit by the car and left to die on the road. The guy was buried, but younger as if does not trust in the tragedy, and on the contrary, sincerely considers that the brother here - here will return and will settle accounts with the murderers. Neither the psychiatrist, nor a tablet help the boy and when at school bloody slaughter begins, many sceptics are already ready to believe in anything, even in resurrection of the dead.

The low-standard thriller through passage with an obvious zakos under popular “ Shout “ only without Wes Craven`s ingenuity and for lack of young and promising stars. However, in comparison with poor “ The closed " school; even this looks as a masterpiece.

Besides greetings from Hollywood we are waited by acquaintance to two new Russian tapes though this appointment could and be missed. By mistake the muffled comedy " which got on the big screen; Grandfather 005 “ will tell about how the former intelligence agent and the doctor help the younger generation with big and light love. In leading roles famous Sergey Shakurov and Vakhtang Kikabidze, and also " were dishonored; stars “ more small, like Maryanov and Sudzilovskaya.

The second project is not better - domestic film figures threatened on the zombie - subject, having removed absolutely stupid trash under the name “ Zombi vacation “ with Mikhail Efremov and Yulia Volkova`s participation from " group; Tatu “. Pushchay fans of the black comedies " cry in a nervous attack; The Zombie by the name of Sean “ and “ Welcome to Zombilend “ they did not see such marasmus yet. But in 3D. Both pictures are recommended for viewing only in a condition of rigid alcoholic intoxication. The downtime is guaranteed.

If there is a wish for something European, that is sense to pay attention to movies of limited hire, in particular, to the French comedy “ Queens of a ring “ about a new profession of four workers of a supermarket. Or to visit a session of the provocative Israeli drama “ Six times “ . Well, or to enjoy nice attractive faces in the Spanish romantic comedy “ Love according to the recipe “ .