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Blackbird (2011). What for a bird so clumsily nests?

First and, in fact, most important question: why blackbird? Why not a blue jay of Ali pink flamingo? If the English word " is unfamiliar to our translators; deadfall (a trap, a trap) whether they have the moral right to invent heading?

However who offhand remembers how actually are called In the jazz only girls ? And if in essence, then Blackbird - this working name of a tape which unexpectedly got accustomed in hire of several countries (for example, in France).

But we will distract from difficulties of the translation, the benefit that for the rest the picture of the Austrian director Stefan Ruzowizki pulls on quite decent criminal flik where there are all necessary elements of a genre: the noble villain, the fatal beauty, the near, but honest guy, compassionate parents, the annoying girl - the cop and a lot of losers which are not fated to live up to final credits. This opus in style the movie - noir became for Ruzowizki the first experience in Hollywood after the world recognition of its adventurous drama Counterfeiters (2006). As it often happens, the first pancake turned out not absolutely pancake, but something very similar in texture and edible on taste. Though according to venerable film critics, the Austrian did not need to climb on the territory which is trampled down by brothers Cohen so zealously.

Edison and Lisa, the family the brother and the sister, got up on a slippery path when robbed a provincial casino and jerked at full speed to border with Canada. However on the way they were so keen on money that did not notice cattle on the road and beautiful somersaults laid down in a snow-covered ditch. Having killed at the wrong time passing by the police officer, Edison suggests the sister to be divided not to draw attention. Naked Lisa, that is in pass - a skirt and on heels, has to fall on a tail to some passing poor fellow, and her brother goes deep into a thicket.

The last kilometers - the longest. The girl easily enchanted Jay passing by who left places of confinement yesterday, but already managed to do a lot of mischief repeatedly. Once perspective boxer and the Olympic prize-winner, it was caught by a hand in contractual fight and fairly rang out on plank beds, having disgraced the father, the local sheriff on pension. The guy not too is eager for the forthcoming conversation in the bosom of the family, but he has no place to move, and here the half-naked maiden who is obviously eager for continuation of a banquet gets into a cabin. And while Jay vtyurivatsya on the tomatoes, the brother of his casual girlfriend naturally wets all who occur to him in the path.

All paths conduct to the house of parents of Jay where all honest company has to meet on the eve of the American Thanksgiving Day and notably celebrate a holiday. It is asked who is fated to eat up a turkey next morning and to whom - to finish life on cold snow?.

A blackbird - he is not simple. In the sense that where here Ruzowizki and where numerous loans from similar pictures about the criminals who are torn abroad, without bottle you will not understand. No wonder that the Austrian director was deservedly bent down by critics under a plinth. It is distressing that the bright and original European talent, like his many predecessors, got stuck in the bog of the Hollywood mainstream. It seems and the budget at the movie small, but who on its place would refuse to work with such actors famous for the whole world how Eric of Bang, Olivia Wilde, Chris Kristofferson, Sissi Spacek and Trit Williams? Yes any Austrian, except for Schwarzenegger, would hang for such casting. Vot and Stefan, like the hero, laid down on a ring if only to sweetheart almighty studio bosses.

However, we will be honest, the plot though is not new, but keeps in suspense. Sagging in the middle at the expense of the muffled lyrical line between the leaned-back boxer and the dissolute robber, the scenario is logically distinct and convincing in trifles. Let`s take, for example, the main villain. Eric of Bang is surprisingly good as in images of national avengers ( Munich ) and as the thorough bastard who has the code of honor - not to kill children and women, but - as waters to drink the others. The finished cynic, his Edison honors family values, though tests badly hidden vicious thirst for own sister, and an incest, let also contactless, can hardly descend for advantage. In due time the brother replaced to the baby the father, and therefore psychologically truly continues to play his role to the last gasp.

With motives of the maiden - beauties (the people on the Internet actively discussed Olivia Wilde`s breast which flashed for couple of seconds) everything is not so transparent, and here authors made a mistake, having attributed to this character slightly more chastity, than it is reflected in a cunning face of Lisa. It is possible even to tell that the character Wilde got the most inconsistent and windy that, however, happens to women continually. There would be no children to it to give birth and become staid, fatherlessness and a continuous walking children`s trauma, but is not present, she efficiently sleeps with the casual stranger, turns out him soul and in passing plans to turn its native home into a secret address for the brother who did not get used to leave living witnesses. French speak, the femme fatale. We are people simple, things we will call by the names - the bitch heartless.

Charlie Hunnam got the most straightforward character: the rural robust fellow with one, but it is crystal an honest crinkle. He neither in sport did not manage to nakhimichit, nor in deception life far off does not see. Yassen a stub, after a vacation even on hemp you will rush, and here nearby such miracle in pass - bikini 69. Here the fellow also floated as a candy on the sun. And love at it at once serious, to a coffin. The benefit that it holds blow and itself will pile being able. He uses this only useful property to the full extent, than rescues the final from a tedious showdown. Not the hero, not the bandit, the simple American citizen, though in places behaves as cattle with fists, for as suffers without measure.

What is done here by Kristofferson, Spacek and Williams? As well as it is necessary at their age and an experience, decorate with the names the poster and honestly fulfill the fees in the status of the invited parents. Professionals it is visible at once: an avaricious mimicry, pauses according to Stanislavsky, a tear and an emotional anguish at the right time. They perfectly smooth aggressive youth, but nevertheless cover more, colorful, but static. And here provincial police madam (her Kate Mara, elder sister Rooney Mara played) Ruzowizki filched from koenovsky Fargo . It is so obvious that does not even demand proofs.

It is not excluded that maneuvering in different film distribution under different names, Stefan Ruzowizki`s tape just tries to hide obvious: the odnorazovost. To lecture authors, in principle, there is nothing, but also the praise would be excessive. The talented director soothingly chose smaller of the evils. It could remain in the homeland and hope that sometime, in the near future it will be noticed again and will caress in far America. Or to swallow the author`s principles and beliefs and just to go down stream.

It floated, of course, beautifully, it you will not take away, but the show did not turn out. Blackbird - from those movies that are remembered by details, but not the general exposition.