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How it is correct to choose and register kitchen?

Before beginning repair in a bedroom or a drawing room, most of people try to find as much as possible useful information. We want a visualization maximum: sketches of projects which are only planned to be carried out, and photos of real interiors. It is unlikely at the small budget the fact that on the picture of the glossy magazine will turn out. However the view of work of professionals allows to take idea of the skilled designer as a basis and, having rethought, to embody it in the apartment.

Unfortunately, so far as concerns kitchens, we for some reason seldom pay attention to professional projects, and just we go and we choose nice set. The matter is that at first sight all kitchens are identical: boxes, lockers, equipment. Today we will try to prove to you that the design of this room can be a miscellaneous: ahead of you waits for the digest of the best dining rooms and kitchens of the world.

For naturalness:

we Will begin a stone and a tree with

with survey of a lovely kitchenette in the wooden house under the name Eco Perch. The building both outside and from within most of all reminds a chalet - a rural lodge in the Swiss style. But we will not begin you to describe all advantages of this dwelling, we will note only a zone for preparation and meal. A design basis - a natural tree and minimalism. The wall near a working surface is pleasing to the eye not abundance of cases, but fine texture of a tree and in only couple of accurate shelves. On one of them jars with spices are located, and on another found the place of a spoon and a shovel from a tree. The working surface from a gray stone passes into a table - a rack. All cases including wind, are located below and executed from a tree. It allows to keep the general idea: maximum of space and natural materials. Acid shades in a trend we will pass


From naturalness to acid shades. You think that only inexpensive kitchens the house-keeper - a class can be bright? At first sight, at kitchen los - the andzhelessky country house designed by famous Bruce Bolander, so saturated tone lime which it is impossible to call differently as it sets your teeth on edge . In acid color all pieces of furniture are executed here: from the refrigerator and curbstones to a support under tableware and large bottles for vegetable oil. However it is important to look at a combination of shades. The working surface is sustained in heavenly color, and window frames - snow-white. All other space is occupied by huge windows behind which crowns rise. In such ensemble kislotno - lime looks surprisingly pertinently, bringing a good dose of brightness in balance of gentle natural flowers.

Let penguins on the kitchen!


It is clear that with two-meter windows all have a house not. But all the same there is a wish for bright spots in design. As it is successful to combine gentle shades with a saturated color, having created modern design of kitchen, the Brazilian DJ and the collector Peele Marques and the " portal know; Kitchens for nothing . Marques a few years ago got the new apartment in San - Paulo. The man collects decorative toys therefore creation of an interior in which lovely knickknacks would be the center of composition was the main task of designers. And professionals managed it. On transition from a drawing room to a kitchen-dining room: a barrel with Chanel No. 5, a fine doll in black on a table - a rack, and snow-white shelves of kitchen decorate figures of charming penguins. Let`s depart from a decor and we will return to a combination of flowers. The drawing room is issued in azure tone, and here walls of kitchen have a tsinnvalditovy shade. Furniture - black and white, but plafonds of a saturated green color. You will tell, it is too bright? We will ask: but unless not stylishly? And you will not be able to argue with it. Forgive to

walls: kitchen in the loft

the owner of the loft to become almost unreal

In Russia: it is necessary to make too many investments in purchase of such housing, reduction the room in a normal look and its contents (mainly, payment of communications). But nobody forbids to dream! The kitchen in industrial style (with huge air ducts under a ceiling, snow-white columns and a wooden ceiling) is decoration of the loft on one of streets of Budapest.