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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 10 - 11? “ Elizium: Paradise not on Earth “ etc.

Augustus - not only a hot fruitful time, but also time to collect stones. The South African director Neil Blomkamp, after a promising debut " will be engaged in the last; Area No. 9 “ the second movie " which is letting out in the Russian hire; Elizium: Paradise not on Earth “ in which he tries to analyse a subject of a social inequality in space scales. to

the Company to the fantastic blockbuster will be kept the French comedy “ Pretend to be my boyfriend “ criminal thriller “ Power of beliefs “ Scandinavian horror film “ Glacier “ and Russian drama “ Major “.

1. “ Elizium: Paradise not on Earth “ (Elysium, 2013)

our marketing specialists from cinema took advantage of the opportunity again, at the last minute having added to laconic heading of Blomkamp “ the explaining comment “. For those who are not aware: “ Elizium “ - the second creation of the talented director to which we are obliged by a nice fantastic action “ Area No. 9 “ four-year prescription. Then, in 2009 - the m, came to the rescue of the debutant venerable Peter Jackson whose name and money, including, played an important role in destiny of the little-known director. The picture was nominated straight off for Oscar and other prestigious film awards of the world, and Blomkamp solemnly promised that he next time when entrust it the real stars and the multimillion budget, will change our understanding about a genre of a fighting fantasy.

Well, maybe, also did not turn, but twirled thoroughly. In the near future Earth turned into real hell, an assemblage of dirt, outcasts, diseases and disasters. The powers that be, without having wished to dig in sewage, moved on space station “ Elizium “ where warmly, it is dry and flies do not bite. There, above, are neither wars, nor sufferings, nor illnesses. Those who remained are forced to survive in inhuman conditions, and rich and wealthy citizens are able to afford everything that the soul will wish. The revolutionary situation is available, and therefore on Elizium equip the lonely fighter whose task includes violation of a world order and violent return to equality and democracy.

As we see, the plot in many respects spins around the same thoughts that disturbed Blomkamp in “ Area No. 9 “. And it immensely pleases because the South African did not begin to master stupidly the budget, and brought the base for reflections under entertainment. “ Elizium “ - it is not just space shooter with a heap of stamps, and the competent fantastic movie which sets thinking, but also does not allow to start missing. It is pleasant that Blomkamp`s thirst for serious supply of material was divided not only by his protege, the actor Sharlto Copley, but also popular Hollywood stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. And if seems to you that somewhere you already saw it, be not surprised, on Earth is created " already today; full Elizium “.

2. “ Pretend to be my boyfriend “ (20 ans d’ecart, 2013)

Amusing transformation happened to Frenchman David Moreau. For the last decade he tried to master a genre of horror films twice. At first debut “ They “ then remake of the Korean horror story “ Eye “ with Jessica Alba. The first tape received quite good criticism, but earned real kopeks, the second hit a jackpot in hire, but was naturally catcalled by critics and even deserved “ Gold " raspberry;. There passed five years, and Moreau suddenly remembered that French are not able to remove zhutik, but it is the is best of all in the world (can, only after Italians) work in a comedy. So the cheerful romantic tape " was born; Pretend to be my boyfriend “ (in the original - “ 20 years of a difference “) .

Already elderly, but effective blonde Alice works at the head of the fashionable glossy edition. And here it becomes clear that the boss wants to take a sip fresh air and plans “ to scheme “ Alice on more vigorous employee. There would be no happiness, but career was helped by a typical incident - madam “ caught “ behind strange gestures with the fellow who is suiting it for sons. Having felt inflow of interest in the candidate, the editor affords fleeting weakness and continues the relations with the young man to create visibility “ pioneer dawn “. However the trouble came from there from where did not wait - the boy and really fell in love that risks to turn the successful advertizing course into a big problem.

Moreau correctly made that returned to sources. In its execution the standard plot turned into the light, graceful and ridiculous romantic comedy, and similarity of the Russian translation to Adam Sandler`s movie is more likely ill turn. At French all is much more elegant and more living.

3. “ Power of beliefs “ (The Power of Few, 2013)

does not need to be Nostradamus to understand: if Christopher Walken plays the bum - the philosopher, and Christian Sleyter - the cool cop, then business smells of kerosene. And it is absolutely terrible when both appear in the director`s picture - the debutant who for several years consulted on ordinary Internet users how it is correct to shoot the first movie.

Plot “ Authorities of beliefs “ as a scrappy blanket, it is weaved from several short short stories, each of which comes to an end sadly because such is a karma. However the plan essence not in sticking the viewer into a hopelessness of the stone jungle, and on the contrary to force to believe in the highest forces which invisibly prevail over each our act, even the small and at first sight insignificant on the scale of global history.

The idea of mutual crossing of several subject lines is worn out very much therefore, we will be frank, the director Leone Marcucci not slightly opened America. Since the time of Tarantino`s “ Pulp fiction “ in this area of innovations it is not observed. However, it does not do the movie boring or silly, just authors did not bring an idea to the logical end, having preferred to cut the Gordian knot, but not to untie. And the far-fetched final ruins impression of all project.

4. “ Glacier “ (Frost, 2012)

It already simply is not ridiculous

. I understand that Scandinavians, as well as Estonians, “ it is a little “ are late, but not to the same degree. Probably, to authors of this “ masterpiece “ it was worth getting acquainted with history of world cinema, first of all having paid attention to the tapes “ Something “ and “ Secret of the pass of Dyatlov “. Even the superficial analysis would allow to reveal, at least, percent of the 80th similarity, and we would be deprived of one more pseudo-documentary trash zhutik about that, “ as someone in the snow wood, crying, picks a nose “.

The useless waste of time is aggravated with frustration of the motive device at the operator and untalented actors of a local manner from whose howls in a shot the hand by itself reaches for the " button; Off “. I sympathize with those who will bring a small contribution and will look at this creation on the big screen. “ Glacier “ can frighten the viewer only of the fact that 80 minutes last. All the rest - to make a cat laugh.

And there is more to come film novelties of the current week. One more recent beginner, Yury Bykov, was delivered of the second work, in a genre of the criminal drama again. It “ To Live “ it was nominated for the first prize of the Kinotavr, as well as “ Major “ , starting in these days off. Both times by, but the nomination fact already cost something. However, Bykov`s seamy side directs such melancholy on sitting in a cinema hall that to recommend a picture for viewing the hand does not rise. All this Russian reality, fetid buckets splashing out on the screen, gives out in the author not of the unmasker, and the diligent handicraftsman who is sensitively trimming the sails to the wind.

Easier forms of cinema finish the list. It is the musical melodrama “ Take a step: Seize the moment “ , for greater effect removed in 3D - a format, and the third work of Ulrich Seidl from the " series; Paradise “. Now with participation of teenagers and a subtitle “ Hope “.