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What is promo codes or How to buy on the Internet at a discount?

If you like to make purchases in online - shops, then for certain before payment of the order you saw the field enter a promo code and a form for its input. In this article I would like to tell what is promo codes and as they allow to save on purchases in the Internet - shops.

First of all, widespread mistake: do not confuse promo codes and coupons. These are absolutely different tools for shopping.

Promo codes (code words, a coupon code, a gift code) - a symbolical combination which gives bonuses and is used at payment of orders in the Internet - shops. Promo codes are given by shops for involvement of new users or to urge on users to make a repeated purchase. The effect of action instant, that is after use of a promo code in a basket at you is recalculated a total amount. Promo codes are free and give the chance to save on everything, beginning from purchase of clothes and to the order of air tickets or hotel booking.

As work promo codes.

the Effect of use of codes well illustrates Wildberries shop. Wildberries enters a top of shops in the RuNet and offers thousands of the most different goods.

Step 1. We find a promo code. (Fig. 1)

Step 2. We apply a promo code.

Pay attention to the price before application of a promo code (Fig. 2) and later (Fig. 3).

Economy on purchase of one pair of shoes turned out 35%. As you can see, everything is simple, available and honest.

Still examples of use:

Coherent - shop of electronics, computers and household appliances. (Fig. 4)

of Lamoda - one more popular clothing store and footwear. (Fig. 5)

Options of promo codes

1. A code on a discount. Using such promo code, you receive a discount for goods in a percentage or money equivalent. For example, -35% or 1000 rubles as a gift.

2. A code on delivery. Using similar codes, you will be able to save, and often at all not pay for delivery.

3. A code with a gift. Such look codes very often use shops of cosmetics. Using similar promo codes, you can receive, for example, a set of samplers free of charge.

Where to take a promo code?

the easiest way to receive promo codes - to use the specialized websites. For example, website Promkod. ru (Fig. 6) is daily spread by tens of new codes and actions to shops. Using such website, you will relieve yourself of need to trace news of shops in information searches about a discount. Plus, very often comes across an exclusive.

The second option is to check social networks or a mailing group from shop. Sometimes codes can be found there.

How to use promo codes? 7 simple steps on the example of the website Promkod. ru.

1. We find the necessary shop.

2. We choose the necessary code which gives the maximum effect.

3. We open a code, clicking the picture to show the " code;.

4. We copy a code in the appeared window.

5. We choose the necessary goods in shop and we add them to cart.

6. In a basket we use the code copied earlier.

7. We receive a discount.

As you can see, promo codes - absolutely reliable, easy and honest way to pay is less, and to buy more.