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David Lynch and Malkholland Drive (2001). Dark side of the Hollywood dream?

David Lynch are the main mystifier of Hollywood. The controversial statement only for those who did not see its movies, sincerely considering that this rank is deserved by some Christopher Nolan. The last - only the diligent pupil trying to learn the master`s lessons. And if you completely understood a plot of the linchevsky movie Malkholland Drive from the first viewing, you - either the genius, or the idiot. Considering

that the director did not tell to the world a secret of the plan (Lynch prefers to tease the audience, style at it such), you will find in the Internet if in Google are not banned, the mass of interpretations, conclusions and attempts to find truth in separately taken movie. Even a close formation of film critics was divided into those who understood everything, but is silent, and on those who did not comprehend the devil, and hurried to accuse the director of conscious leaving from answers. Like, it is impossible to find a black cat in the dark room, especially, if it is not there.

Actually, Malkholland Drive as well as other works of the master, just demands thoughtful viewing. Perhaps, two or even three. This rebus has no unambiguous decision, but the truth for itself can be invented. It is worth straining gray substance that the present generation of public which is brought up by comics and summer blockbusters does not like to do extremely.

It does not mean at all that Lynch shot the next surrealistic drama where you will not find the ends. Who looks for, that obryashcht. The director generously scattered according to the scenario of the hint, but as Sherlock Holmes used to say, the one who wants to see sees, others just direct a look, reflecting on the. We will not slightly open a veil of secrecy too not to spoil impression. But in brief we will depict a plot because it is about the Thriller, very inventive, rich in hints and the hidden implications. Quite so, from capital letter.

On night Los - to Andzheles slowly rolls a black limousine. Inside three - two men and the magnificent brunette. Suddenly the car stops on Malkholland Drive and the driver the ruling gesture of the gun orders to the woman to leave a car. However to murder it is not allowed to come true because the same minute the night reckless driver crashes into a limousine. Killers die on the spot, and the lady, having decently knocked by the head, the unsteady gait goes towards city fires. At dawn she secretly gets into just released apartments and falls asleep.

In the morning the new resident - the naive provincial Bettie from Canada who arrived as well as thousands of young maidens stops by in the apartment, to submit Hollywood. - Andzheles it arrived to Los by the invitation of the aunt Ruth which acts in at film and promised to arrange Bettie listening. Having found in the bathroom foreign, the girl decides that that is the familiar aunt. However soon it becomes clear that the relative is not aware, and the stranger does not remember herself, even the name. Having been called Rita, she bitterly cries, vainly rummaging in own memory. In its handbag girls find a large sum of money and a strange form a blue key.

Compassionate Bettie offers Rita the feasible help in searches it lost I especially as shows interest not only in mysterious circumstances of road accident, but also in the stranger. Who could assume that something bigger can connect these two girls, than vicious passion. And a casual meeting - at all

Considering not accident that David Lynch did not shoot feature films since 2006 ( Internal empire ) I will not be mistaken if I tell that Malkholland Drive - this its most significant creation today. Yes, it is impossible to forget about early Lynch ( The Head - the " eraser; and The Person - an elephant ) about an ingenious TV series Px Twin and exceptional Blue velvet . But all these projects remained in the ninetieth, and in a new century we saw the new creator capable still to surprise, bewitch and frighten to a shiver.

It is remarkable that the picture was not showered with awards. Lynch received an award of the Cannes Film Festival for the best direction and French recognized Malkholland Drive the best foreign tape. British and Americans were more constrained if not to tell are indifferent, and were limited to the nominations. However, a bit later association of critics of Los - Andzheles (the city where there is an action of a picture) put this creation of the director on a top of a rating of the best movies of decade.

And as often happens, really standing tapes cause ambiguous reaction because the unanimous opinion did not develop even in a camp of critics in public. The last in which - that eyelids were forced not just to write the review, and to analyse material and to construct own theory of the events in a shot. Lynch literally excited all writing fraternity while the ordinary audience unprepared to a new director`s quest, especially also did not try in movie theaters, having left on sessions Malkholland Drive modest 20 mln. dollars

the Basis of general indignation were caused by a plot because Lynch in a habitual manner veiled a solution so that even his ardent admirers fell into a stupor. The artful design of reality and illusion, company fragmentary installation, a lot of minor characters which as will seem first, are not connected with the main plot at all - all this put before audience truly an unsoluble problem. In the movie unexpectedly there is not enough violence and not enough sex (though the only hot scene will be remembered to you for a long time) that is absolutely uncharacteristic for Lynch.

Traditionally the director tests thirst for non-standard persons therefore the most part of incidental characters are typical freaks. What is costed by the dwarf locked to the glass room on a wheelchair (hi from Thwin Piksa ) or the somewhat eccentric visitor of a cafe telling to the friend about a terrible nightmare that he torments him at night.

But, certainly, all attention is riveted on the main characters - beauties Naomi Watts and Laura Helena Jerring (by the way, Ms. America 1985) and to the film director performed by Justin Theroux. However, in the movie there are no casual roles, everyone who though for an instant appears in a shot, bears in himself a certain implication, confusing narration threads even stronger. For example, the mafioso performed by Angelo Badalamenti, the composer with which Lynch cooperates since Blue velvet . In the movie he says, actually, only one phrase, but as it does it! Though it could be limited also to the musical contribution, the benefit that the soundtrack, as always, turned out just improbable. Not to mention the song Crying Roy Orbison which in mystical theater of Silensio (Tishin) is executed a capella by Rebecca del Rio. This number - just small masterpiece in big.

An exceptional case when the movie is more valuable than any words about it therefore if you for some reasons did not see a picture, fill gaps more safely. And it is even good if from the first you do not manage to understand it, there will be a reason again to plunge into the magic world of David Lynch.