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Jack is the subjugator of giants (2013). The fairy tale which remained on beans?

Film business, as well as any enterprise anyway connected with creative process - occupation risky. Sometimes you will gather a heap of stars with the eight-digit fees and you will shoot the drama with a view to the Oscar, and as a result neither awards, nor glory, only one accounts and reproaches.

Or, for example, you zababakhat the expensive superblockbuster, expecting to hit a solid jackpot in cash desks, and the viewer will tell fi also will take off from you the last shirt.

the Similar trouble happened to the recent project of Bryan Singer Jack is the subjugator of giants that turned out a complete fiasco in native hire and yielded to film company New Line Cinema multimillion losses.

In some kingdom there is a legend of the king Eric Veliky who once relieved fatherland of hordes of the blood-thirsty giants who came back to Earth on huge bean stalks. There passed time and circumstances of that fight were forgotten, byl became the fairy tale that parents read to children for the night, and mystical relics - magic beans and a crown of the empire - were buried together with Eric out of harm`s way.

Centuries passed. The first adviser to the new king, artful Roderich, dug out an ill-fated crown that allows to keep in awe giants, and those beans by means of which it is possible to get on clouds. Only trouble - seeds at midpoint fell not into those hands. Their owner was the young farmer Jack who heard about a legend, but, as well as everything, did not attach it special significance. Until, as one of grains did not sprout through its mouldering lodge and did not carry away the princess Isabel who occasionally took cover on a farm from bad weather on heaven.

In love completely in a korolevishna, Jack voluntarily agrees to participate in mission for rescue of the crowned person. Neither it, nor its satellites among which there are a nice soldier Elmont and very sly Roderich, know that on a top of a bean stalk really there is a rocky island on which huge spiteful monsters live. Believed in force of an ancient artifact, Roderich dreams to rule over giants and to take a throne. Only one villain did not consider: treachery of respect you will not win, and real miracles are subject only to courageous hearts in love Is improbable

, but the fact: the fenteziyny blockbuster shot at the same studio that once presented to the world large-scale epik Lord of the Rings at North American movie theaters did not manage to pay back also thirds of the 200 - the million budget. For the well-known company this blow, obviously, will not pass completely and New Line Cinema can quite repeat destiny of once successful film studio of Carolco which went to a bottom together with notorious piracy fiasco of Rennie Harlin Island of bandits .

It is asked what Bol? The excellent cast including young people of stars of Nicholas Holt ( Heat of our bodies ) and Eleanor Tomlison and venerable performers, like Euan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and Ian McShane. The solid budget allowed to recreate on the screen impressive views of the ultraboundary world of giants and giants look very effectively. Besides, a plot fairly clever, here to you and lyrical motive with the great princess, both magic, and secret intrigues. And even battle scenes, though cannot brag of scope Lord of the Rings but differ in dynamics, an ingenuity and competent statement. In total - Bryan Singer - not the beginner, behind his shoulders such projects as a dilogy Ickx`s People and Return of the Superman . Really, the western viewer is unpredictable in the behavior.

Drawing a parallel with other similar movies, it becomes clear that Jack is the subjugator of giants really costs investments made in it. There are a lot of examples. Let`s remember what the Hollywood cinema-men turned the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood into. Or dull screen version Snow White and hunter . And even gloomy storyteller Tim Burton fairly plaid pranks when he created the vision well-known Alice in Wonderland . But it was worth taking the literary original seriously (at the heart of the movie popular English national baizes " are used; Jack and bean stalk and Jack is the murderer of giants ) as the plan does not find a response in masses.

Perhaps according to new fashion, it was worth making Jack the homosexual, to turn giants in robots, and to stretch a siege of the lock for half an hour with demonstration of all types of smertoubiystvo? To add a dismembered body, bed scenes in " style; Games of thrones ardent speeches about rescue of the world? Apparently, it is modern public eats with big pleasure and constantly asks additives.

Waiting for epic scope and the new fenteziyny saga the viewer for some reason forgot that as the base of the movie serves the plain and rectilinear tale. These are not scales berrouzovsky John Carter (which, by the way, failed in hire quite deservedly) and especially Singer`s work - not the competitor of Sredizemyyu Tolkien. Only a story about simple and clear to the majority how the rural fellow, following call of the heart, bravely fights against superior forces of the opponent and wins respect of the powers that be and love of the great princess. Singer consciously did not begin to add to a plot of eroticism, an indifference, communism and other -isms . There are no gnomes organizing guerrilla resistance, there are no languid persons and silly pathos, but there are several successful jokes, characters and terrible cannibals pleasant to a look - giants. And PG rating - 13 does not mean that in a shot the torn-off extremities and someone`s naked body will not flash though death, it is worth recognizing, all - is a bit too much.

In other words which - who became too choosy. The similar swinish relation can lead to the fact that in the near future Hollywood will entirely concentrate on find fault - flew statements and we in tons will consume men of iron supermen piranhas 3D and the other komiksopodobny opuses differing the friend from friends only in scenery and level of professionalism of creators. Or packs to receive in movie theaters analogs twilight saga which already today cart and small cart. And old kind (and bad too) fairy tales will vegetate in expectation of that moment when the audience is bothered by an iron clang, firing and a causeless fight.

I will remind that Jack was released along with other fantastic enchanting spectacle - Oz: Veliky and Awful Sam Ramey. And against the competitor looks much more preferably because Singer managed to do also without dribbling moralising, and without the warped James Franco`s physiognomy. Nicholas Holt, maybe, also does not look as the hero capable to resist to giants, but his touching modesty and rural charm are a hundred times more nice, than some pumped over tsar of scorpions Amanda who stiffened with one emotion on a face Little Red Riding Hood Sayfred or dull Kristen Stewart as the Snow White.

So, you want - believe, you want - no, but Jack is the master of giants - it is not a colossus on clay legs, and very much even the quite good entertaining movie. Also we will hope that this failure will not give up as a bad job future plans of a film studio, and we will enjoy the fantastic worlds from New Line Cinema still more than once.