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Whether there is an ideal scheme of sale of a car with run?

Parting with the old car without problems, and purchase new, though second-hand, without surprises. Whether it is possible? There is a wish to believe what is possible as each of us periodically acts as the seller, as the buyer.

statistically each 5 years the motorist changes a vehicle. The reasons can be different. Someone gets more prestigious model. Someone needs transport with the best passability. There are also those who just got used to go by a new car and does not want to burden himself with the cares connected with service of the car with run. It is simpler to buy them after several years of operation other car especially as in the category / at it is possible to find without problems almost new, on a factory guarantee of a car.

When sale time approaches, one try to find the most favorable way, others use the acquired scheme, perfectly realizing at the same time that it is not ideal. Most often it is necessary to endow either time, or money. In practice it looks so: if you want to sell a car quickly, then reduce price; there is no opportunity to concede, wait for the buyer. What is the time expectation will last, nobody, but the fact that comfortable it will not be will tell you it precisely.

Traditional ways of car sale with run

Exists several schemes of sale of second-hand cars, however it is impossible to call any of them perfect. Several years ago the different way how to sell the car independently or by means of the dealer, simply was not. All know how risky was this action. Today independent sale still practices in spite of the fact that both risks remained, and time this way takes away much.

More progressive way - trade - in repayment. The motor show takes your car with run, and in an exchange (certainly, with surcharge) you receive new. Such scheme is convenient and would be quite accepted if not one but : the owner of a second-hand car loses the considerable sum on such exchange.

The same occurs in a case when you deliver a car to the commission. It is clear, that the shop should earn, it is a pity only that the motor show will get profit at your expense. The car for which you cared and cherished can be estimated at such scanty sum that it will be more favorable to be presented, than to sell.

To be fair it is necessary to tell that in some of these ways there are positive moments. For example, at independent sale the motorist up to the conclusion of the transaction with the buyer continues to use the car. He if becomes a pedestrian, then for very short time - yet will not buy the new car. Trade - in repayment is good the fact that you and without wheels you will not remain, and you will attach own car without special efforts.

the Ideal way - already reality?

If from traditional ways to isolate and clean a negative, then can turn out almost ideal scheme from the point of view of both the seller, and the buyer. Let`s say you should sell the car, but there is no time for search of the buyer, you do not intend to pay the big commission and to turn into the pedestrian, let and temporarily, do not want. Present that someone undertook the solution literally of all questions connected with sale, at the same time a payment for service established quite adequate and left the right to use the vehicle up to the moment of its sale for the owner. For the seller such scheme would be very attractive.

And how to be that who wants to buy the good car with run? If you the buyer, then for you it is important to obtain reliable information about technical condition of the car. You are not so naive to take the seller the word, so the independent expert has to be involved to the scheme, and for a guarantee of purity of the transaction legal support is necessary.

One more requirement - absence of risks when carrying out monetary calculations. This point is important both for the seller, and for the buyer. Service to which could guarantee safety of transfer of the decent sum in our ideal scheme would be absolutely useful. It is desirable that there were several options of transfer of money (as cash, and by means of a bank transfer).

So, us would arrange if in purchase and sale of a car the next moments were considered: benefit, safety, guarantees and comfort. It appears, such scheme already exists. There is a company which gives help upon purchase or car sale with run. She developed and introduced the Safe system - Trade from which all shortcomings of traditional ways are excluded. Having visited the site ReadyMotors, you can be convinced of it.

There is, however, one nuance, however, it can be considered as advantage: with the cars having serious damages, ReadyMotors does not work. In total cars pass technical expertize and by results of diagnostics receive (or do not receive) the certificate of DEKRA, and with a world name it is necessary to convince nobody of authoritativeness of this expert.

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