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Lost children (1987). What to do if your brother - the vampire?

of Missile defense of vampires are removed so much, as will not follow. Without exaggeration, vampires are the most popular film monsters. No zombies, werewolves or ghosts will be compared to them on number of emergence on the screen. Alas, growth of quantity considerably lowered a quality level.

The traditional image was compromised a set of frankly fuflyzhny projects therefore we are forced to address classics of a genre and to restore a good vampire name.

in the middle of 80 - x in hands of the famous American producer and director Richard Donner, the author of the sensational pictures Superman and Omen the scenario of a children`s horror story about vampires got. Well, you know, from what is poisoned at night at a fire in summer camps. Donner who just finished work on the adventure children`s movie Goofs considered that twice the bomb in one funnel does not fall, and switched to shootings of the future superhit Deadly " weapon;. But the text reasonably buried.

The plot written by three screenwriters was transferred to hands of the beginning director Joel Schumacher who also did not blaze with desire to shoot the movie for school students. As a result age of characters, and after it and the rating was tightened up, having thought that with teenage generation it is possible not only to play vampires, but also love - carrots. The result is known to us - amusing mix of the comedy, horrors and the mystical melodrama under the name Lost children .

Already elderly woman with two adult children after unsuccessful divorce is forced to move to somewhat eccentric to daddy - a chuchelnik to the coastal town Santa - Carla. The town is pretty, but frighteningly silent. In Santa - to Carla the highest percent of missing persons in staff, but single mother has no choice special.

The senior Michael and younger Sam in the first evening go to investigate local sights also get on a beach concert where the young man sinks down on the beauty with the fine name Star. However girl already it is parked also hangs out with David, the leader of a gang of hooligans on motorcycles whose defiant behavior fairly irritates not only visitors, but also locals. Alas, vtyurivshis, Michael does not sort to the ford, without knowing yet that his love threatens to turn back big troubles.

The matter is that David and his children - the vampires at night terrorizing the sleepy town. But David, obviously, did not apprehend the challenge which is thrown down to him seriously. Moreover, he suggested Michael to drink on brudershaft then the fellow himself also addressed in the vampire. Sam disturbed by dramatic changes in the brother asks for the help two boys - the age-mates keeping small shop of comics. Considering that the relative in an adekvata and on people does not rush, Sam does not want to plant to him a wooden stake in heart. Instead young vampires hunters are equipped on captures of the leader whose death in principle has to exempt all new initiated adherents from a damnation with

the Real vampires do not glint in the sun, like fresh dog excrement. They sleep in cozy grobika or, according to authors " in the afternoon; Lost children suspend headfirst as if bats, clinging ugly claws to poles. True vampires do not feel pity to the victim because they want to eat, and hunger - the bad ally of sentimentality. They are definitely not kind, but are cheerful, to them did not stick to be unsteady with a sour mine because to mourn there is no occasion - they are immortal, charming and have inhuman force. Such - cheerful, rowdy-dowdy guys - Donner and Schumacher decided to represent the blood-sicking monsters. What will quite be coordinated with classics of a genre and works of competitors (remember at least the cheerful and loveful, but killing vampire from Nights of fear ) .

Of what the average vampire is afraid? According to the version of authors of the movie - all and at once. Sharply ground pieces of wood, garlic in a firm and liquid look, holy water, a sunlight, a crucifixion and other improvised objects. The main thing, not the tool of murder, but belief that even the essence of garlick water which is let out from a water pistoletik is capable to cause to the night monster the loss incomparable to life. And who can believe so sacredly in any nonsense how not the boys who read thematic comics?

It seems to me, Schumacher made a big mistake when he made the decision to expand audience of a tape due to increase of an age rating and connection to a plot of adult heroes. Donner the Goofs proved that the genre of the children`s adventure movie stands to win also without bed scenes, without lyrical episodes and an other peel. At least, that part of a picture that tells us about adult Mike`s drudgeries, is much less interesting and amusing, than episodes with fighting boys - vampires hunters.

Here namesakes Cory Heim and Cory Feldman got leading roles. Heim managed to be lit in the screen version kingovsky Silver bullet and Feldman at that time at all was considered as one of the most perspective young actors after participation in Gremlins couple of sequels Fridays, 13 - e and above-mentioned Goofs . This couple was so fallen in love to the audience that producers also did not want to hear about that one Cory acted in a separation from another. As a result guys seven more times occurred on a shooting stage, including in the informal sequel Lost children which left in 2008. And in 2010 - m when the last film from this " series was released; Lost children 3: Thirst Heim, alas, was not alive any more - the actor which the early glory accustomed to harmful excesses, died at the age of 38 years from overdose by medical preparations.

Next goofs turned out notable, the sure hand of Donner is felt. As for adult part of a cast, here any more not everything is so unambiguous. Golden boy Jason Patrick for whom it was the third project very clearly shows that on it the nature has a rest. Okromya a nice attractive face to brag he has nothing. All his subsequent career, despite the decent fees - one continuous falling down which deification was the second Speed failed in hire including from - for the fact that Patrick did not manage to replace Keanu Reeves adequately. Starlet Jamie Gerts, object of desire of the main character, too scandalous miskasting. The girl is pretty, but where to her to roles of fatal beauties? And what is done here by Dayenn Wiest, one of favourite actresses of Woody Allen, in general is unclear. Apparently, resolves a financial issue.

Only adult with which it is necessary to be considered is a magnificent Kiefer Sutherland, the worthy son of the famous father. His film villain turned out bright and memorable.

Rumors went that Lost children were going to continue, and even specially in a final scene did not finish the main reptile that then it is effective to screw him in the sequel. However further talk business did not go. At the end of the first decade zero about a picture remembered and quickly riveted couple of commercial tapes which came at once to video. Despite Cory Feldman`s participation, these pseudo-continuations it is not recommended to look strictly because why to spoil to itself impression of the original?