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Die Hard: Good day to die (2013). Last dance of John Makkleyn? As if so to begin

from far away that to offend nobody. Perhaps, since that moment as it was decided to remove the fifth part of the well-known combative franchize in Not rubber. And it is a little in Ukraine which, actually, Hungary that, however, for most of the western viewers - same.

The fatherland immediately started because coming to Bruce`s capital Jonah Makkleyna Willis is to you not advertizing of one bank on billboards to stick. It indeed abruptly.

The workmate of fairly grown old John Makkleyn tells him the very unpleasant news: the son of the best-known cop New - York not only inexplicably appeared in Moscow, but also managed to ring out in the Russian tyuryaga. Makkleyn, being the known plug in each barrel, takes vacation and tears Aeroflot to the capital of our homeland that the powerful charisma to get out the offspring. But, it appears, Jack Makkleyn does not need protection at all. Moreover, he all fibers of soul hates a papashka, especially when that interferes with dangerous special operation. Yes, Jack grew up and turned into the CIA agent whose current task includes release of the political dissident Komarov for which the gang of bandits of the official Chagarin hunts.

Komarov in a sleeve has an ace - a compromising evidence on the Russian politician. Therefore Chagarin has against him a grudge and other sharp objects. But still nearby Makkleyna (now senior and younger), that is easy to reach him not so-. Mosquitoes promised that will hand over the former partner in business with giblets, only the folder with documents should be got. And the folder that in a chest, that is the safe. The safe that in a duck, more precisely, in the bunker in Pripyat. And Pripyat who is not aware - the next point to epicenter of the Chernobyl accident. There now a post-apocalypse, but the safe - that iron, he does not care on radiation.

Makkleynam was not succeeded to hold a needle in egg. The daughter Komarova, having kept company with enemies, the father credited for own mercantile needs. Also took away to Ukraine, having left to Americans horse-radish without oil. You think, John and Jack so quickly gave up? Not here - that was. They steal the wheelbarrow to the full filled by the gangster weapon and in one night reach from Moscow to the Chernobyl hell. Where final fight with traitors of fatherland, big dietary supplement - boom and a showdown of fathers and children is necessary to them

In former years adherents of the Soviet anti-Hollywood promotion would consider so obvious demarche as a striking example of the rotting American kinoprom. Why to abuse when it is possible to rejoice? To organize such magnificent funeral to one of the most popular and long-playing American fighters - it some holiday. And the main thing, the hands, without any evil intention, one good intentions. It is no secret, that other film series live until it is possible to squeeze out of them though kopek of money. And, in spite of the fact that the fifth Die Hard showed the worst results in the franchize, having conceded to the previous movies in all respects, producers do not intend to let out Makkleyn in circulation and seriously discuss an exit of the sixth picture in 2015.

Coming back to euphoria connected with participation of narrow Moscow small streets and authentic domestic persons in the new Hollywood blockbuster: after a premiere ardor was replaced by despondency. And it seems cold war ended, and outside a century 21 - y, and a cranberry still branchy. The meticulous audience managed to note both clumsy numbers of cars, and the alternative scenario of Chernobyl, and other art mistakes as, for example, night moving from Moscow to Pripyat (it does not matter that there nearly 1000 km on a straight line). Generally, lay down with interest is enough. Thanks though, the Moscow police officers do not run in caps with ear-flaps with a star. And for the pool from rain water in the center of Pripyat - too thanks. Separate.

Somebody this time mocked at characters of the novel of Roderich Thorp the Skip Woods, extremely uneven screenwriter at whom is also obvious good luck ( Bloody Thursday 1998), and very mediocre works. In particular, this companion is responsible for backs - off about the Glutton, and also, attention, the author of absolutely idiotic screen version of a popular computer game Hitmen . Apparently, the last tape served as a decisive factor for hiring because action Hitmena too partially happens on the territory of Russia. Only nobody considered a difference - that there was an experiment, removed and forgot, and the saga about Makkleyn is a brand, almost the quality mark and the business card of Willis. Recently agents, apparently, at all do not allow to read to the actor scenarios, being limited to only sums of the fees. We take from eight signs and a point.

Someone was sincerely pleased by the fact that in our roles - ours. Or Germans. Or Yugoslavs. Well, national team of Europe. However, by the voice in the movie only Yulia Snigir, not God knows what star of local flood speaks. And yes, all of them are bad. The image of good Russian in Hollywood is a drunk astronaut on ISS, the militiaman - duboly or, at best, ill-matched representatives of emigration.

But god with it, with localization. On the place of the Russian bandits and corrupt officials there could be Chinese Mujahideens, the Arab skinheads or the Jewish Islamists. The difference, especially from the point of view of studio bosses 20 - th Century Fox is small. The trouble is that all movie is a one continuous garbage, a cheap trash and a throwing of beads before pigs. Without stinting graphics and the picture (though the operator - the alcoholic is obviously given by constantly shivering hands), creators in general ceased to pay attention to logic and common sense. The fervent sarcasm of Makkleyn gave way to old man grumbling, picturesque villains turned into schematical targets, and dialogues of percent on 90 consist of the cliches which set the teeth on edge. As if and not Die Hard it at all, a hit of an era of video salons and the first private cable channels, and just one more mediocre boyevichok with Willis. The last annually flashes in a two-three - the four of pictures and absolutely forgot that better it is less and better .

And if to address our favourite culinary terminology, then instead of refined food to a table served vinaigrette. A mash from hastily stuck together episodes seasoned with modern technologies, which in the cult oldskulny fighter at all not the place. Clear business, for staginess and to please to the IMAX format (for which the viewer paid twice more expensively). And all this in sugary sauce of deranged morals about formation ottsovsko - synovy feelings.

It, of course, is lovely and touching that Makkleyn - younger runs now and wets reptiles together with daddy, only where humour? Where self-irony, healthy scepticism and recklessness? Where, oh, damn, John Makkleyn, which four movies in a row hard died ? Truly, it is not simply good, it is the excellent moment that the franchize set horses. And nobody will begin to cry. Because about the dead - or it is good, or nothing.