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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 3 - 4? RED 2 Smurfs 2 etc.

imperceptibly entered Summer a final phase, and the stream of film novelties does not weaken. On these days off we will be able to see two long-awaited sequels at once. In - the first, old man fighter RED 2 with Willis, Malkovich and Hopkins`s participation. In - the second, second part of the family " project; Smurfs again with Hank Azariah and Neil Patrick Harris`s attraction. Considering

that pictures are directed to different segments of audience, especially hot competitive fight is not expected. Nevertheless other debutants of domestic hire especially should not hope for collecting. Though vampire drama of Neil Jordan Byzantium and Italian thriller The Best " offer; Giuseppe Tornatore are quite worthy our attention.

1. RED 2 (Red 2, 2013)

Is all bases to believe that Dean Parizo`s sequel is not fated to surpass financial results of the original movie of Robert Shventke of a sample of 2010. Despite the grown budget and strengthened inflation of ticket price, continuation of adventures of old men - robbers did not inspire North American audience. And to spit! Same Bruce! Malkovich! Unique Anthony Hopkins and stunning Catherine Zeta - Jones! One Helen Mirren of what costs and if together with Mary - Louise Parker? Generally, to devils of too choosy Americans, they for a long time nothing is understood in sausage scraps .

For those who in the tank, I will remind that RED - it is the cheerful parody to spy thrillers which key persons involved are the CIA agents who were drawn. The Hit pilots both floors will show the master - a class and will allow to light. As the friend the friend, and young and impudent, among which the new imported Hollywood star Li Byon Hon. To Willis very to the person self-irony, especially after the unsuccessful finish with the fourth Die Hard and Malkovich and Hopkins just break doors from loops the charisma and Stanislavsky`s system which is surely embodied in a shot. A plot at RED 2 such not to distract from sarcastic humourous catchphrases and dynamic pursuits and firefights. That is any. Any epicism, any serious ugly faces and mumpish pathos - the simple, spectacular, comedy fighter about spies - old farts. And an exceptional case when continuation - is not worse than the original at all.

2. Smurfs 2 (The Smurfs 2, 2013)

you want Smurfs? Them is at me. Little fantastic men in color scale of FC Zenith once thought up by the Belgian artist, with arrival of computer technologies found the second life in Hollywood. The amusing cartoon characters speak now in English though they habitually use the radical word smurf in the majority of the phrases. What it meant, but to children (and even some adult) this show was to the taste, having allowed the first movie to collect in world hire, no more, no less, more than half a billion dollars.

Smurfs 2 with which the director Rajah Gosnell similarly manages, traditionally do not seek to jump above the low-growing head. The rate still becomes on provocative humour and the leading stars of the project - once serial ( As I met your mother ) the actor Neil Patrick Harris and the flashing master of supporting roles Hank Azariah who the second time should represent the universal evil in a face of the magician Gargamel. Action of the sequel is taken habitually out to Paris (to osmurfet as it is original) where small prankishes are forced to resist to the magician, his court red cat and two counterfeit to Smurfs by means of which Gargamel hopes - to catch primary sources.

It is not excluded that high taste will be trampled again, and cash desks of movie theaters are overflowed by persons interested to continue acquaintance to generation of the violent imagination of Peyo. As we know, does not disturb one another, differently Michael Bae with the transformers for a long time would beg in Adam Sandler`s company.

3. Byzantium (Byzantium, 2012)

I again about vampires. However this time not anyone got down to business, and the creator well-known Interview with the vampire Irish Neil Jordan, on which account several prestigious awards (An Oscar, the BAFT and the nomination in Cannes) and the known works at cinema, it seems Mona Lisa We are not angels and series Borgia . Byzantium - it is history of two krovososok, mothers and daughters (Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan) living on light two centuries and surviving thanks to the gift / damnation.

The name of a tape - at all not sending to the empire, but only the name of decrepit hotel which from an easy hand of vampire young women turns into a luxurious brothel. Love and blood - the tandem pursuing subject since Nosferatu however recent Twilight and other rubbish fairly impaired a little reputation of a genre. Thank God, Jordan returns us to sources, not seconds without doubting that the subject of immortality and sacrifice is still capable to awaken interest in the audience. Its corporate style, well-known to film fans even since brilliant fenteziyny mystification In the company of wolves (1984), it is fully shown also in Byzantium . The director is still keen not so much on a subject component how many psychological aspects and visual metaphors therefore to admirers of modern trends Alya Stephenie Meyer is not recommended to watch the movie strictly. Vampires on the sun do not shine, do not give birth to children, do not fall in love with werewolves - any nonsense.

4. The Best " offer; (The Best Offer, 2013)

In each fake there is always an original share the slogan of the new movie of Italian Giuseppe Tornatore says. What as well as possible characterizes this opus created under the influence of the western thrillers with obvious swing on overseas audience. With the same good purpose in a picture invited eminent stars, like Jeffrey Russia and Donald Sutherland, however between The Best " offer; and New movie theater Paradizo (a prize in Cannes and the Oscar for the best movie in a foreign language) lies not only an abyss of time though to accuse the hand is not raised by Tornatore in self-copying.

On a plot Rush - the owner of the auction house with a characteristic name Virgil (Vergil if you want) whose passion to works of art borders on painful dependence. And when the mysterious girl appeals to it to realize a big collection of rarities, the judge of female beauty is compelled in which - that eyelids to communicate with the client blindly. The riddle which can cost life so carries away the hero that he is ready to cross line and to involve itself in dangerous game.

Dealt with a basis of film distribution, it was necessary to tell a couple of words about the novelties which were less engaged. Among them there is the American comedy of two-year prescription Let`s make the child from the screenwriter of a dilogy Piranhas 3D and romkoma Good luck, Chuck! Josh Stolberg. Probably, to Stolberg bothered to take dictation any nonsense, and he decided to remove quite vital tape about simple human values - a family, children and love. In a shot you will see nothing new, but in general the movie is quite good, though is infinitely secondary. However, as well as our life, all this already and once happened to someone. It is pleasant that the point of view of the director was shared also by quite taken place professionals - David Arquette and Alan Tyyudik though the most part of names in a casting is unknown to the wide viewer.

Besides at domestic movie theaters it will be possible to look at the next interpretation of the classical Shakespearean drama - the musical Romeo and Juliette productions of New Zealand to estimate Schoolmates in Italian and to look / listen to the Australian musical melodrama Goddess in which on leading roles the famous Irish performer and the former soloist of Boyzone group Ronan Kiting was lit.